Wednesday 20 March 2013

Wake up and smell the oranges!

Standing room only at FTIR workshop

The Quantitech workshop on FTIR gas analysis at AQE 2013 was completely full, with many attendees forced to stand outside the entrance. Commenting on the appeal of this event, Dominic Duggan of Quantitech said: “FTIR can measure almost any gas in almost any application, so anyone with an interest in three or more gases will need to know about FTIR.”

About half of the workshop attendees were British based, with the remainder coming from all over the world, and each attendee was provided with an orange to peel during the workshop, so that real-time air analysis could be demonstrated.

Quantitech’s second workshop on new sampling technologies for dioxins, particulates, mercury and heavy metals was equally well attended, with especially high levels of interest shown in the G4 automatic isokinetic sampler.

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