Friday 15 March 2013

Virtualisation in automation

We have had a number of releases on training tours on both sides of the Atlantic. This is another one.

HardwarePT, the industrial IT division of SolutionsPT, has announced a road show in conjunction with fault-tolerant server and high-availability software specialists, Stratus Technologies.

Road Show dates and venues:
•16th April at Manchester United FC
• 17th April at Newcastle United FC
• 18th April at Silverstone Circuit,
• 23rd April at Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork.
• 24th April at Croke Park, Dublin
Recognising that manufacturing and utility companies are becoming ever more reliant on the availability of their IT systems and replacing physical infrastructure with virtual machines, the road show, entitled ‘Availability Virtualised in Automation’ is set to illustrate how manufacturers can ensure application availability on virtualised platforms in today’s world

HardwarePT’s expert panel will be on hand to deliver advice on availability solutions and virtualisation technologies designed to deliver assured uptime for the plant IT environment.

Robert Dinsmore, Product Manager at HardwarePT, said: ‘Things are changing so quickly at the moment.  We are seeing more interest than ever from our customer base who want to understand where virtualisation may fit into their Industrial IT strategy.  As we know with Industrial Automation the availability requirements can be different and these seminars are all about looking at how these can be met while leveraging the benefits of one of IT’s hottest trends’.

The roadshow is scheduled to run from the 16th April to the 24th April 2013 and is taking place at some of the most prestigious sporting venues in the UK and Ireland, including the famous world class Silverstone Circuit and Manchester United and Ireland's Croke Park. 

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