Wednesday 13 March 2013

Reliable and convenient process monitoring

 In the display visual mode, the user
chooses from several different
options: analog, digital or illustration
Modern machines and plants are becoming more and more complex. Keeping track of things so you can react appropriately at just the right moment is not always easy. Although all measuring values, status messages, interference signals or exceeded limits are collected in a central location, immediate recognition of situations calling for a fast reaction can be expedient not only in the control center but also on site. That is convenient and also increases process safety because prompt reaction can prevent unplanned machine or plant downtimes or the production of faulty batches. User-friendly measuring equipment with flexibly programmable displays opens up practical options.

The eye is surely the most important human sensory organ because we can easily assimilate and utilize data that we perceive within split seconds. Baumer has implemented this insight in new process measuring equipment and developed a display suitable for CombiSerie sensors which enables the user to register relevant data quickly, reliably and at a glance, regardless whether it is installed at the device on site or separately from the sensor. So you don't have to analyse the measuring values first; instead the display tells you when you have to react and/or intervene. The convenient display can currently be used for pressure transmitters and temperature gauges, more sensors will follow. Since the display functions as a stand-alone unit, it can also be combined with other sensors that provide an analog 4...20 mA output signal and retrofitted easily.

Customized alarm management
In practical operation the CombiView display basically functions like a traffic light circuit: A clear signal indicates to the staff whether action is required. One look is all you need to see that everything is in order at a gauge. You can choose between many view options or program your own messages in your desired visualization mode. Basically, there are a lot of possbilities. You can select the background color, for example. "Red" is suitable e.g. for values that call for fast reaction. A green background could signal proper operation. Different alarm levels can also be graduated according to color. This change of color, possibly combined with flashing functions, ensures reliable visual perception of important data. Error, warning or alarm messages can also be programmed directly at the device via touch screen or PC using the FlexProgrammer software. This can be performed while the process is running; even subsequent modifications can easily be implemented.

Because tastes vary and the representation of measuring values should naturally be adapted to the respective plant's requirements as well, the display is flexible also in this regard. Digital as well as analog representation of the values is possible, e.g. as a scale with pointer, bar or column diagram, and the various representation modes and illustrations can be combined as desired (see pic). Because the display can also be rotated in two axes by up to 360°, it is visible and accessible from almost any location. The display is 80 mm in diameter so it is easy to read even from a larger distance.

Robust "FlexHousing" housing technology and precise measuring values
Like Combi-Serie sensors, the display is also encapsulated in robust stainless steel housing. Featuring a hygienic design and protection class IP69K, it withstands even the toughest conditions so it can be used even where machines or plants are cleaned regularly, e.g. in the food industry. The currently available temperature and pressure gauges come optionally with or without a display. Thanks to the modular system, the display can be retrofitted any time; the "sensor cover" is simply replaced by the display.

The new series not only meets the highest requirements with respect to robustness and hygiene but also offers outstanding features in terms of flexibility and precision: The CombiPress pressure gauge has an operating range from -1 to 400 bar, withstands process temperatures from -40 to +200 °C, and operates with a precision of greater than 0.1% of the measuring range. 4...20 mA, 20...4mA and 4...20 mA HART are available as output signals. The temperature gauge offers similar features. The CombiTemp covers measuring ranges from -50 to +400°C, is available with a fast-reacting measuring tip and achieves a precision of greater than +/- 0.1°C. The measuring value is output either as 4...20 mA, 4...20 MA HART or via Profibus.

Both sensors are available with ATEX 3a, FDA as well as EHEDG approval. Depending on the version, they meet protection class IP67 and/or IP69k requirements. Different electrical and mechanical connection options ensure easy process integration. Thanks to the modular system, which will be expanded by further sensors in the future, customized solutions are possible for different industries. They offer the user not only the required process safety but also make the equipment more user-friendly.

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