Wednesday 30 November 2022

Water level sensor is smart.

A new water level sensor, the OTT PLS 500, which combines robust reliability and accuracy with the advantages of smart sensor technology has been introduced. Building on decades of experience, the redesigned PLS 500 retains key elements of the trusted, robust, and reliable OTT PLS, while enhancing the sensor to be intuitive and user friendly.

The OTT PLS 500 is a vented water level and temperature sensor with a stainless-steel body and a robust ceramic pressure cell for improved accuracy and reliability. As a smart sensor it includes built-in QA/QC and metadata to verify sensor performance and validate data. This means that the sensor is ideal for extended deployment in remote locations. 

“This new technology is all about long-term accuracy and reliability,” explains Greg Koch, Global Product Manager, OTT HydroMet. “The PLS 500 is fitted with a humidity sensor and an inclinometer to provide insight to mitigate condensation in the vented line and sensor movement or misalignment. The result is a smart sensor that continually checks itself to ensure that measurements are being taken correctly, with the ability to raise alarms if necessary.”

In addition to pressure (water level), the device also measures temperature to facilitate the automatic compensation of level measurements based on variation in water density. An important feature of the PLS 500 will be a new capability to conduct data processing to improve the efficiency of data reporting and eliminate manual data post-processing/ analysis. For example, the probe will be able to automatically undertake internal calculations such as averages, minima and maxima, as well as discharge calculations from either a user-defined rating table or an ISO 1100-2 exponential formula set-up via SDI-12 commands.

Communication with the PLS 500 has also been enhanced, with the standard/simple communication protocols of SDI-12 or Modbus RTU (via RS-485). Neatly summarising the main advantages of the PLS 500, a Device Beta Tester with the State of Colorado Natural Resource Agency said: “The metadata and sensor flags are a game changer to ensure quality data remotely.”

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Field service for water strengthened.

OTT HydroMet has recruited a further field service engineer to its team in Britain. Simon Cockcroft joins from Siemens and will be responsible for helping with field installations, instrument service and calibration. 

Simon Cockcroft
“I have always wanted to work with the latest technologies, but in the field, and OTT’s installations are often exactly that,”
Simon explains.

OTT HydroMet’s European Service Manager, Robin Guy says: “We are delighted to welcome Simon to the team. Our company’s longstanding reputation is built on the quality and reliability of the environmental data that our equipment delivers, so we need people of Simon’s calibre to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest possible levels of service.”

Simon has a first-class degree in Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University, in addition to an MSc in Mechatronics and Robotics from the University of Leeds. At OTT HydroMet, he will be responsible for installing and servicing the company’s range of environmental monitoring, communications and data management products.

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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Secure access to remote assets.

Ultra-compact and rugged wireless routers enhance connectivity to remotely located equipment and systems in demanding utility, infrastructure and transportation applications

The Westermo range of industrial cellular routers designed to provide resilient data communications for remote sites has been expanded. The new Merlin 4400 series of ultra-compact and rugged LTE Cat 4 wireless routers has been developed specifically to support extremely secure remote access to equipment and systems within demanding utility, industrial and trackside applications. High connection security gives users the confidence to expand their IP networks to include remote assets, helping to increase visibility and ultimately improve operational performance.

Resilient and reliable high-speed data communications are essential to the digitisation of the rail network, the implementation of smart grids and improving the operational performance of utilities. Network security is a fundamental requirement in these applications and to defend against increasing cyber threats, the Merlin 4400 series is equipped with a complete set of cybersecurity tools as standard. These include a TPM (trusted platform module) chip that keeps cryptographic keys secure, Secure Boot functionality ensuring the routers boot using only trusted software, and virtual private network (VPN) and stateful firewall support for data security and user authentication.

The Merlin 4400 series offers high-speed data network connectivity, with support for Ethernet and RS-232/485 communications to ensure suitability for a broad range of applications. The Merlin 4400 is ideally suited to replace traditional modems when migrating to an IP infrastructure. Serial (RS-232/485) ports enable connection to legacy devices and equipment, while a built-in industrial protocol gateway enables seamless connection to multiple devices using different communication protocols.

With many applications typically requiring installation in demanding environments, the Merlin series has been designed to cope with extreme operating temperatures and high levels of electrical magnetic interference. The Merlin 4400 series has IEC 61850-3 Class 1 approval, allowing deployment in medium voltage substation automation applications, while EN 50121-4 approval enables use in rail trackside applications. Outstanding reliability and an extremely long operating life (mean time between failures of 1,600,000 hours) helps to minimise expensive maintenance trips and lowers network operating costs.

With networks increasing in size and complexity, the Merlin range has been designed to support both the system integrator and user by being easier to install, operate and maintain. When coupled with Westermo’s zero touch deployment software Activator, the Merlin routers provide cost-effective, reliable and consistent onboarding within large-scale projects. This allows configuration from a central server, which reduces the potential for errors and saves considerable time.

“The increasing need to gain access to remote sites for monitoring, management, diagnostics and support creates a greater reliance on the availability of reliable and secure data networks,” explained Dermot Mannion, product manager, Westermo. “The Merlin 4400 range of cellular wireless products meet this requirement, supporting the most demanding industry applications, while providing the advanced functionality needed to maximise connectivity and reduce installation time without affecting security.”

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Top Industrial performance.

TTI, Inc.-Europe, has won the top award for “Industrial Performance” in supply chain from Airbus. The award has been given to TTI Europe in recognition of its contribution towards the aerospace company’s business in 2022.

As the leading specialist limited line distributor, TTI Europe delivers excellence through its operations with the broadest and deepest portfolio of passives, interconnect, electromechanical, discrete, sensors and power products. 

L to R: Yoann Lacan, Head of Supply Chain & Quality Operations at Airbus; Marc Winfield, Vice President Sales Europe TTI-Europe; Lee Thompson, Director Industry Marketing Defence, Aerospace, Space at TTI-Europe; Dominique Arnal, Head of Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics at Airbus.

“The company’s high level strategic engagements with its key partner manufacturers has enabled TTI Europe to mitigate supply chain challenges to support Airbus Defence and Space’s critical demands,” said Lee Thompson, Director Industry Marketing – Defence, Aerospace & Space, TTI Europe.

“TTI Europe is proud to be a strategic supplier to Airbus Defence and Space and we are delighted with this win,” stated Marc Winfield, VP Sales, TTI Europe. “Our dedicated team of industry professionals has built a strong relationship with Airbus Defence and Space at both a corporate and a local level in order to create innovative and secure supply-chain solutions, as well as support local technical demands.

“TTI Europe’s value proposition is well positioned to continue to support the growth of Airbus Defence and Space and its affiliated organisations, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.” 

“We are delighted to be honouring TTI Europe with this award, which demonstrates their commitment to our business,” says Yoann Lacan, Head of Supply Chain & Quality Operations at Airbus Defence and Space. 

“Our suppliers are vital to our continued success worldwide. We value our relationships with them and are pleased to be able to recognise their achievements and the important role they play in supporting our long term business and performance,” continued Dominique Arnal, Head of Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics at Airbus Defence and Space.

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Connectors and terminals distribution agreed.

A distribution agreement for Britain has been announced by BEC Distribution with DEGSON the connector and terminal block manufacturer serving global markets. DEGSON’s wide range of products are an important addition to BEC's “Select” range of quality Alternative Passives, offering affordable, high-quality Alternatives to the major manufacturers.

Founded in 1990, DEGSON is accredited by both UL and VDE. It also has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34, ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management System certification.

The terminal block product ranges are available on short lead times, offering a fast-turnaround Alternative to well-known manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact, Sauro, PTR, Euroclamp, Stelvio Kontek, and many others.

Products include pluggable terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, transformer terminal blocks. Screw and clamp fixing types are available.

Other product types include a wide range of circular connectors, including waterproof and high vibration resistant versions for harsh environments. Circular connector types include M Series, 7/8 connectors, servo connectors and many more.

BEC is also a franchised distributor of resistors, inductors, coils, chokes, power supplies, LAN Magnetics and Transforms.

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Attacks don't always start online!

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise in OT environments.

Attacks don't always start online. Plugging a USB stick into a local workstation can compromise networks from the inside. According to Honeywell's latest publication, the Cyber Threat Report 2022,  81% of threats have the potential to cause significant disruption in a controlled network environment.

Their Secure Media Exchange (SMX) solution is designed and enhanced with industry leading features to enable a more trusted and more secure use of USB devices in your business. In addition, SMX is designed to keep up with new cyber threats and provides near real-time monitoring updates with the latest information to provide even better security.

Discover SMX and help mitigate USB-based attacks on your organization and the bottom line.

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Friday 25 November 2022

Automating monitoring and reporting for CIP applications.

Technology replaces error-prone manual record keeping and monitors energy and utilities parameters, improving efficiency and productivity.

The release of its new Clean In Place (CIP) Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics package delivered via PACEdge™ and Movicon™ platforms on an industrial edge control device has been announced by Emerson. The software aids in digitally transforming manual and semi-automated systems by optimizing utilities consumption, benchmarking against known cycles and generating automated reports that can be used to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity in a single system or throughout a facility.

The CIP Utilities & Automated Reporting Analytics package combines Emerson’s deep application expertise and industry knowledge with advanced technology to convert process and utilities data into actionable insights for the food and beverage industries and other environments that use clean- and steam-in-place operations.

Equipped with the data and analytics provided by the software, plant managers, operators and maintenance personnel can view the information on a dashboard and share the insights with sustainability officers and other stakeholders to optimize their CIP cycles. The software package can be customized and layered into an existing system, or Emerson can provide a turn-key solution of hardware, instrumentation, valves and analytics.

Central to food and beverage production, clean-in-place systems clean and sanitize internal piping, tanks and machines between product batches to help facilities meet government regulations and guarantee product quality and safety. CIP skids that don’t have sensors and analytics software in place require manual reporting, which can be time-consuming and susceptible to errors, especially when data is transferred by hand into reports. These skids may also run at unnecessarily long preset cycles and use more time and resources than required for effective cleaning.

Digitally transformed and optimized CIP processes, in comparison, only use the time, media, water, energy and labor required for effective cleaning, significantly reducing waste and increasing production time.

“Food and beverage manufacturers typically spend about 30% of utility costs on clean-in-place operations. They also lose time between changeovers and spend between 20 to 40 thousand dollars in labor costs for manual reporting,” said Amit Patel, director digital transformation for discrete and industrial at Emerson. “Emerson’s new CIP Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics software package collects and analyzes data in real time and presents it as a report, equipping plant managers, CIP operators, maintenance personnel and sustainability officers with the actionable insights to optimize wash cycle settings, including duration and media use, for maximum efficiency and productivity.”

The CIP Utilities & Automated Reporting Analytics software package can help CIP operators better understand and forecast energy use, water consumption and resource needs. Generated reports can be used to satisfy regulation compliance, plan system maintenance, schedule downtime and order media supplies, and deeper analytics can be used to identify insights and trends that support predictive maintenance schedules and facilitate standardization of CIP processes across production facilities.

The agnostic software is compatible with any CIP equipment, which empowers manufacturers to control the digitization of their systems no matter what stage of the digital transformation journey they are in and to integrate any or all Emerson components and customize the solution for their needs.

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Thursday 24 November 2022

Enhancing cybersecurity in eergy storage systems.

Renewable energy helps drive the global economy while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. However, a shortcoming of renewable energy is the difficulty of matching supply with demand. The sun does not always shine when the community needs electricity during peak periods, just as the wind does not stop blowing during off-peak periods.

One of the best ways to stabilize renewable energy supplies is to use Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that store surplus power when the supply is high and can discharge power when the supply is low. In this article, we will share best practices in safeguarding ESS infrastructure for the renewable energy sector.

An ESS converts electrical energy into a storable form, such as a battery. A typical ESS in a wind or solar farm consists of the Energy Management System (EMS) and a power plant controller that monitors and controls operations of the ESS in real time. The power plant controller aggregates the data collected from a Power Conversion System (PCS) and Battery Management System (BMS). All equipment is placed inside a container that is often situated in harsh environments such as deserts or the Arctic where sun and wind are plentiful.

Typical scenario of an energy storage system.
Network communication between the EMS, PCS, and BMS must be protected from unauthorized access or any unwanted activity that will disrupt operations. It is recommend considering security risks to the ESS from two perspectives. The first is the overall network security boundary: is the access authenticated and authorized, and are the commands being sent as expected? The second is communication security at the edge: is the communication and access of the device securely protected? These security mechanisms need to be designed when containers are produced at the manufacturing site, therefore allowing the complete system to be efficiently delivered and connected to a farm and grid.

1. Build Security Boundaries Vertically and Horizontally.
To protect communications between the renewable energy system, the power plant controller, the power conversion system, and the substation, deploy stateful firewalls with Modbus deep packet inspection (DPI).
• Vertical protection: firewalls play an important role as gatekeepers protecting system communications.
• Horizontal protection: a Modbus DPI engine can examine commands and drop data packets that are not authorized or not listed.

The firewalls and Modbus deep packet inspection engine build both vertical and horizontal protection.
The protocol gateway facilitates communication at the edge. 

2. Enhance Remote Connection Security for a Li-ion ESS.
To develop seamless, secure communications between an ESS and a control center, adopt a reliable edge connectivity solution.
• Facilitate communications at the edge: deploy protocol gateways between Modbus serial-based batteries and Ethernet-based remote terminal units.
• Secure communications: leverage security features such as HTTPS, SNMPv3 management, and Accessible IP Addresses to ensure that communication and access of a device is protected, therefore reducing risks and enhancing the reliability of remote communications.

Enhance remote connection security at the edge

Energy storage systems (ESS) help expand electricity capacity and stabilize supply. An ESS can also play an important role in maintaining the security of critical infrastructure. In response to the growing threat of cyber attacks, Moxa recommends securing ESS networks by defining the security boundary so you can determine who can access your network and what information they can pass through it.

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The blue economy.

A conference on the Blue Economy will be held in Údarás na Gaeltachta’s head office in Na Forbacha,(Gaillimh IRL) on the 29th November 2022, as part of Asia Business Week. This conference, focussing on Marine Innovation and Offshore Wind Energy, will examine developments in the Blue Economy in Ireland and internationally.

Among the speakers on wind energy at next week’s conference will be Martin Murray, CEO of Asia Matters, Séamus Mc Cabe, senior development director with Corio Generation, Jayasurya Francis, India Director with the Global Council of Wind Energy and Dr. Edel O’ Connor, Business Development Director with the IMDO, the Irish Marine Development Office.

Seán Mulvany, senior investment manager with the Irish Strategic Investment Fund, will take part in the panel discussion on marine innovation, along with Máire Ní Éinniú, Blue Economy specialist with Údarás na Gaeltachta, Caroline Bocquel, Interim Chief Executive with Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Sea Fisheries) agus Dr. Colin Hannon, Senior Research Fellow at ATU.

Through their participation in Asia Business Week, Údarás na Gaeltachta aims to develop and strengthen connections between Asian countries and the west of Ireland, attract Asian investors to invest in businesses in the Gaeltacht and develop new markets for Gaeltacht companies.

Martin Murray, CEO of Asia Matters siad “The Asia marketplace is responsible for half the world’s GDP, and that’s where Irish businesses should be focusing their energies on. Business across Asia is relationship-based, rather than the transactional way of doing things we are used to in the West. Any business wanting to expand in Asia, especially businesses in the west of Ireland, would benefit enormously from the invaluable knowledge and experience that our speakers will be sharing.”

“This conference in Údarás na Gaeltachta is a great opportunity to examine the potential of the Blue Economy in the west of Ireland and to see that potential in an international context," according to Colm Ó Coisdealbha, Interim CEO of Údarás na Gaeltachta. “Údarás na Gaeltachta has a deep understanding of the importance of strategic connections with organisations and companies all over the world. We welcome the opportunity to be involved with Asia Matters for Asia Business Week; speakers with a wealth of experience will share their knowledge and insights, and participants will certainly benefit from their attendance at the events throughout the week.”

• Those wishing to attend virtually should register here.

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An eacnamaíocht ghorm.

Mar chuid de sheachtain ghnó Asia Matters, beidh Údarás na Gaeltachta ag reáchtáil seimineár ar na Forbacha (Gaillimh) ar an Eacnamaíocht Ghorm ar an 29 Samhain 2022, ag díriú ar an Nuálaíocht Mhara agus ar Fhuinneamh Eischósta, comhdháil ag a mbeifear ag tabhairt léargais ar staid na heacnamaíochta goirm in Éirinn agus ar fud na cruinne. 

Ina measc siúd a bheas ag labhairt faoi cheist an fhuinnimh eischósta, beidh Martin Murray, Príomhfheidhmeannach Asia Matters, Séamus Mc Cabe, stiúrthóir forbartha sinsireach leis an gcomhlacht Corio Generation, Jayasurya Francis, Stiúrthóir na hIndia sa gComhairle Domhanda d’Fhuinneamh Gaoithe agus an Dr. Edel O’ Connor, Bainisteoir Forbartha Gnó leis an IMDO, Oifig Forbartha Muirí na hÉireann.

Beidh Seán Mulvany, bainisteoir sinsireach infheistíochta le Ciste Straitéiseach Infheistíochta na hÉireann ag glacadh páirt sa díospóireacht faoin nuálaíocht mhara, maraon le Máire Ní Éinniú, speisialtóir san eacnamaíocht ghorm le hÚdarás na Gaeltachta, Caroline Bocquel, Príomhfheidhmeannach Eatramhach Bhord Iascaigh Mhara agus an Dr. Colin Hannon, ó Ollscoil Theicneolaíochta an Atlantaigh.

Trí rannpháirtíocht in Asia Matters, tá sé mar aidhm ag Údarás na Gaeltachta teagmhálacha a fhorbairt agus a chothú idir iarthar na hÉireann agus tíortha na hÁise, infheisteoirí as an Áis a mhealladh chun infheistíocht a dhéanamh i ngnólachtaí Gaeltachta, agus margaí nua san Áis a aimsiú do chomhlachtaí sa nGaeltacht.

Tá margadh na hÁise freagrach as leath de Olltáirge Intíre (GDP) an domhain agus ba chóir go mbeadh gnólachtaí na hÉireann ag féachaint i dtreo na dtíortha sin," arsa Martin Murray, Príomhfheidhmeannach Asia Matters. "Tá cúrsaí gnó san Áis bunaithe ar chaidreamh pearsanta agus ar theagmhálacha – bheadh an t-eolas agus an taithí atá le roinnt ag ár gcainteoirí le linn na seachtaine seo ina bhuntáiste d’aon chomhlacht atá ag iarraidh forbairt a dhéanamh i dtreo na hÁise, go háirithe gnóanna san iarthar."

Dúirt Príomhfheidhmeannach Eatramhach Údarás na Gaeltachta, Colm Ó Coisdealbha “Is iontach an deis í an chomhdháil seo in Údarás na Gaeltachta le féachaint ar na féidearthachtaí a bhaineann leis an Eacnamaíocht Ghorm in iarthar na hÉireann agus é sin a chur i gcothéacs idirnáisiúnta. Tá an-tuiscint ag Údarás na Gaeltachta ar an tábhacht atá le nascanna straitéiseacha le heagraíochtaí agus comhlachtaí ar fud an domhain. Sa gcomhthéacs sin, tá muid thar a bheith sásta bheith rannpháirteach in imeachtaí Asia Business Week i dtaca le Asia Matters; beidh cainteoirí a bhfuil taithí den scoth acu ag roinnt a gcuid saineolais agus is cinnte go mbeidh an-tairbhe le baint ag na rannpháirtithe as imeachtaí uile na seachtaine.“

• Is féidir freastail go fíorúil ach clárú anseo.

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MES services in Italy upgraded.

A dedicated local team and MES & Intelligence solutions for Italian pharma companies of all sizes is now been provided in Italy by Körber . The international technology group provides the Werum PAS-X MES Suite which is recognized as the world’s leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the life sciences industry.

Italy ranks as one of the key pharmaceutical production markets in Europe with a turnover of more than 33 billion euros. This production value is amongst the highest within the European Union. Italy has the biggest CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations) industry in Europe and its biopharma segment has been growing at a staggering pace for a decade.

Already today, Körber has a strong local installed base of Werum PAS-X MES with many multinational customers. In order to be able to support Italian customers even better in the future, Körber is strengthening its local team.

“Our customers benefit from the establishment of a local, dedicated Körber team consisting of MES Consultants, Solution Architects, Project Managers and Sales & Business Consultants,” says Mirko Magrini, Senior Manager Sales & Business Consulting, Körber Business Area Pharma. “Because with our local team we are present at the locations of our customers and speak their language. Our team will continue to grow to meet the needs of our Italian customers for scalable support and a full local service offering. Our goal is to establish Körber as the leading MES provider for the pharma, biotech and cell & gene therapy industries in Italy.”

Körber has a strong local presence and extensive market knowledge in Italy and is already active in Italy with the Tissue and Technologies Business Areas.

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Unwordly measurements...

Gathering a decade of accurate measurement data is a major feat in itself, but to do so on a robot travelling around the surface of an inhospitable planet 140 million miles away is almost unbelievable.

A selfie from Mars
But that is exactly what has happened; NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) ‘Curiosity’ landed on the planet Mars in August 2012. Since then, the Curiosity rover has continuously collected environmental measurement data that has delighted scientists around the world.

Some of the rover’s mechanical parts are showing signs of wear due to the very challenging environmental conditions on Mars, but the measurement sensors are still going strong, delivering unique data and dramatically surpassing the initial two-year mission objective. Among the most important measurements are humidity and pressure – parameters that are measured by sensors supplied by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), using measurement technologies from Vaisala.

Mars is dusty and cold, with a very thin atmosphere. The average temperature is about −63 °C, but daytime surface temperature highs of +35 °C have been recorded. From a research perspective Mars offers an opportunity to better understand the ways in which Earth has evolved and how it may change in the future. For example, if Mars and Earth were both wet and warm a few billion years ago, why did they subsequently take different paths?

The Curiosity rover is mobile, which means that it is acting as a weather station in multiple locations. In addition, NASA’s latest Mars rover, Perseverance is also now travelling across the surface of Mars, taking measurements with similar Vaisala technologies. Operating about 2,000 km apart, the two rovers are laying the foundations for an atmospheric observation network, which is needed to better understand and predict the Martian weather.

Vaisala sensor chip

Sensor performance is out of this world!
It is difficult to imagine more challenging conditions than those experienced by the sensors onboard NASA’s rovers, both during the flight and whilst exploring the planet’s surface. In addition to enormous variations in temperature and pressure, the sensors must also be capable of tolerating thick dust and very high levels of vibration.

The Vaisala measurement technologies deployed on Curiosity and Perseverance are essentially the same as those that are in everyday use in almost every industry on Earth, although Vaisala made a slight modification to the pressure sensor in order to accommodate the very low ranges that are experienced on Mars.

Vaisala’s determination to constantly innovate and develop world-leading measurement technologies is underpinned by ongoing investment in product development and research. Driven by scientific curiosity and supported by inhouse expertise and experience, it has been possible to deliver sensor performance that is quite literally out of this world!

* See Mars Curiosity Images on NASA site.

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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Where is it? Save time spent searching!

Electro Rent has launched a high-performance, easy-to-use IoT tracker, helping businesses track test and measurement assets across their field services. The new device is ideal for any company that currently finds itself spending too much time and money trying to find misplaced or stolen assets.

Part of their asset optimisation services, the tracker monitors the locations of assets and communicates back to Electro Rent’s market-leading LEO asset optimisation software (powered by Oracle Cloud). Users can see the real-time localisation of their T&M assets from anywhere in the world. The service, which uses state-of-the-art IoT technology, is available now to all Electro Rent customers, with a growing number of telecoms operators/subcontractors, power installers and industrial subcontractors among the early adopters.

Notably, integrated device communication facilitates data transmission over the phone network. Electro Rent’s IoT tracker quickly reads the location of any lost or stolen assets via three different methods, selecting the best approach based on the user’s location. The device reads the location of test and measurement assets by using: GPS satellites with 5 to 10m accuracy; the location associated with any nearby Wi-Fi HubSpot or Wi-Fi router with 5 to 20m accuracy; or the mobile phone network within 100m accuracy.

Thanks to an integral accelerometer, a trigger alarm feature on the IoT tracker allows easy monitoring following any movement events. Users can view and track asset movement trails on a map with their cloud-based LEO online account. The technology also permits users to zero-in on assets with filters by depot, category, model and date.

Aside from asset location and tracking, Electro Rent’s IoT tracker provides many additional benefits, not least the potential to optimise the valuable time of field service engineers. Furthermore, businesses can use the device to identify both in-demand and underused assets, improving utilisation or prompting investment/disposal opportunities at the right time. It can also assist in insurance claims when assets are lost.

The IoT data is accessible via their software as a service (SaaS) from anywhere in the world via the user’s cloud-based LEO online account. There is no requirement for local software installation, or for readers in depots or vans. The SaaS embeds the latest OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) cybersecurity standards via a web browser, removing the need for internal integration or IT costs.

This ultra-portable, compact device has a dimensional envelope of just 79 x 79 x 26mm and features a rugged, IP67-rated design to withstand harsh working environments. Various power options are offered including 3xAA alkaline batteries, Li rechargeable battery offering up to four years of service between charges or Li rechargeable battery with optional solar panel for potentially unlimited battery life.

As a final point, there are no hidden costs whatsoever: the price includes hosting and global data roaming. Electro Rent’s bespoke ERP integration service with internal IT systems is available on request.

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Thermistors for tight tolerance instrumentation.

Building upon its growing range of NTC thermistors, Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new specialist 10k variant aimed at mid-range temperature sensing tasks for tight tolerance instrumentation in non-condensing moisture environments. The ENTC-EI-10k9777-02 thermistor is based on a Stycast epoxy encapsulated core with Kynar insulation for maximum durability across a -40° C to 125° C temperature range. 

Its high sensitivity specification of 10kOhm at 25°C and +/- 0.2°C resistance tolerance over 0°C to 70°C delivers precision sensing for HVAC, power and utilities equipment, renewables, industrial and laboratory instruments, and many other areas.

The ENTC-EI-10k9777-02 thermistor has a fast time constant value of 1.5 seconds in liquids and other notable specifications include a Beta Value 25/85 constant of 3976K +/- 0.5%. and a dissipation factor in still air of around 2 mW/°C. Measuring just 2.4 mm at its widest point and with 250 mm long white Kynar insulated silver-plated copper leads (28 AWG), straightforward installation is guaranteed.

The expanding ENTC series also includes other hermetically sealed, glass or epoxy encapsulated NTC thermistors. With a wide choice of optimal measurement temperature ranges, operating temperatures, tolerances, and time constants etc. application areas include but are not restricted to automotive, refrigeration, industrial instrumentation, medical equipment and more.

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AI to accelerate growth.

Supporting ambitions to transform the agricultural supply chain.

A new partnership with Jones Food Company has been announced by Schneider Electric to design and install leading AI-driven software designed to optimise growing conditions and improve energy efficiency.

Jones Food Company (JFC) is one of Britains leading agri-tech companies, building world-scale vertical farms that supply 24,000kg of fresh produce weekly to customers around the country. The company, which employs 40 people across its sites, is committed to sustainably growing high-quality fresh produce through its vertical farming methods and increasingly sees automation as a critical enabler.

James Lloyd-Jones, CEO and Founder of Jones Food Company, added: “Automation is at the heart of everything we do. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to produce our high-quality, high-yield crops sustainably. Schneider Electric’s advanced technology and premium service level has meant we can continue to innovate at breakneck speeds. At the same time, our employees learn from Schneider’s support team, expanding their knowledge of the technology at our disposal.”

Schneider Electric is providing Jones Food Company with the state-of-the-art AVEVA Flex subscription, supplied by Aveva Select UK and IR, creating a centralised, automated model for data analysis that is flexible and scalable to JFC’s requirements. The subscription model includes the AVEVA Advanced Analytics Module. The AI-driven software solution enables JFC to make real-time changes to growing conditions (including temperature, humidity, nutrient mix, and water quality) to produce a higher yield at a lower energy cost.

Playing the yield.
Vertical farming is an energy-intensive process by nature, using controlled environments and growing vast amounts of fresh produce. In the current energy market environment, spiralling costs mean that Jones Food Company must ensure that every kilowatt of energy input returns the maximum output.

Schneider Electric has helped JFC to achieve this by using Artificial Intelligence to accurately detect and adjust the growing environment to the optimum temperature. As a result, the yield produced has more crops grown to specification dimensions, reducing food waste and handling time in the sortation stage. This will ultimately enable JFC to deliver value quicker to its customers by accelerating the speed to market.

Mark Yeeles, VP of Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric, commented on the deal: “Jones Food Company is one of the most exciting young companies in the UK agri-tech scene - they’re revolutionising the way that agricultural supply chains are built. Real-time, rich data is essential for JFC to create the foundation upon which they can develop and meet ambitious growth targets, and I am thrilled that they have selected us as a partner to support them on their journey.”

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High speed connections!

LEMO has expanded its field-proven High-speed data transfer portfolio with the release of USB 3.1 and Single Pair Ethernet connectors.

This completes its existing USB 2.0 compliant portfolio with a new range of USB 3.1 connectors providing data transfer speed up to 10 Gb/s. Their state-of-the-art inserts ensure optimum shielding & absolute signal integrity. They are also equipped with a pair of USB 2.0 contacts to ensure backwards compatibility as well as a low voltage power contact.

LEMO is also extending its Ethernet compliant portfolio that includes 1000 Base-T4 & 10G Base-T4 compliant solutions with a new range of Single Pair Ethernet connectors providing data transfer speed up to 1 Gb/s. Proposed with either 1 or 2 High-speed SPE pairs, these miniature models ensure robust, safe and lasting compact integrations.

These new configurations for both USB 3.1 and Single Pair Ethernet guarantee high-quality and reliable High-speed interconnect solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments where absolute signal integrity is needed. They are available in LEMO field-proven B, K and T Series.

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Monday 21 November 2022

Decarbonising mining operations

Mining companies continue to seek technology partners as they tackle environmental, societal and economic challenges

An agreement has been signed between mining services group Perenti and ABB to collaborate and explore approaches to support net zero emissions targets for underground and open-pit mines. Experts from the two companies will work together to address electrification in mine hauling operations, power distribution, energy efficiency and power management.

Australia-based Perenti has significant mining expertise and technical capability, which complements ABB’s technology expertise. Together, the teams plan to explore business models and solutions to provide wider services for pilot, brownfield and greenfield mining customer projects to support the electrification of operations.

ABB has been calling for open collaboration within the mining industry and has taken action on several similar initial non-binding agreements to build commitments with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), technology innovators and mining companies. Key relationships have subsequently been formalized, with technologies and solutions created as a result of these deals.

“Mining customers are committed to facing environmental, societal and economic challenges head on as they aim to decarbonize mining operations,” said Joachim Braun, Division President, Process Industries, ABB. “With ABB’s sector leading position in electric-mine technology development, and Perenti’s excellence and experience in mine development and mine operations, the scope of this collaboration is a perfect opportunity to make real progress in providing electric solutions that will decarbonize the industry.”

“ABB and Perenti share a vision to develop energy efficient solutions for the mining industry,” said Mark Norwell, Managing Director and CEO, Perenti. “By combining our experience across mining operations and digital solutions with ABB’s leading technologies we are focused on supporting the decarbonization of mining through electrification. We look forward to working with ABB on this exciting new venture.”

ABB launched its ABB Ability™ eMine portfolio of technologies and methodologies last year, an approach to make the all-electric mine possible, with fully integrated electrification and digital systems from mine to port.

Perenti is committed to acting on climate change through promoting innovation, developing and deploying low emissions technology and working with its clients to implement projects that improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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Long-Reach SPoE.

The world’s first Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Power Device (PD) solutions to help customers drive greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation, and other applications at the edge of traditional networks has been announced by Analog Devices. The new offerings facilitate powered, last-mile connectivity for factory and building automation through real-time power management, telemetry, extremely low standby power consumption, and ease of installation.

“The Intelligent Edge is one of the most exciting developments of the digital era as computing power is pushed to previously inaccessible applications and locations,” said Leo McHugh, Vice President of Industrial Automation at Analog Devices. “Analog Devices is committed to delivering the unrivalled technology and solutions our customers need to leverage the full potential of the Intelligent Edge in smart buildings and factories as well as many more applications in the future.”

Enabling Digital Buildings of the Future.
Their new SPoE solutions, LTC4296-1 and LTC9111, address the challenges of providing power and data to devices, even in remote, difficult to access endpoint locations. Analog Devices’ solutions aim to help new families of endpoint applications to be seamlessly powered and accessed across the network and used to assess local factors such as asset health, environmental conditions, security metrics, and more. The localised awareness and control they offer are the building blocks of the digital buildings of tomorrow.

The SPoE solutions reduce reliance on localised power and batteries by using a single twisted pair of Ethernet cables to provide efficient, reliable, easily installed power at reduced size and weight. Combined with ADI Chronous™ ADIN1100 and ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L, Industrial Ethernet solutions, customers can reliably transfer both power and data over one kilometre – a significant increase from previous Ethernet standards.

Interoperable Efficiency.
Analog Devices’ new LTC4296-1 5-port SPoE PSE with Classification and LTC9111 SPoE PD with Polarity Correction products support both SPoE and Power over Data Line (PoDL) variants of single-pair powering. SPoE augments Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) to provide more reliable, fault-tolerant, and interoperable point-to-point power solutions, delivering up to 52W. Both products are 802.3cg compliant and support Serial Communication Classification Protocol (SCCP).

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Friday 18 November 2022

Multifunction testers.

The MFT-X1 introduces Megger's first generation of platform based, user upgradeable MFTs, to add to the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers. Designed and manufactured at their  HQ in the south east of England the unit incorporates a host of new features based on years of customer input.
• Interchangeable Li-Ion batteries
• Full colour TFT display modes
• Remotely upgradeable firmware
• True Loop™ and Confidence meter®
• EV charge point testing (RDC/Type B)

The MFT-X1 offers True Loop™, leading loop impedance test with patented Confidence Meter™ technology, full CertSuite™ compatibility - to make certificate generation a breeze - high resolution loop testing, stabilised insulation voltage output, full colour screen and new operator interface are now standard. The user upgradeable operating software ensures the MFT-X1 has the ability to adapt to regulation changes and make it the perfect instrument for fast, reliable, accurate and adaptable testing. 

Intended for use on all low voltage electrical installations including EV charge points and domestic photo-voltaic systems, the range of test capabilities allow for general commissioning of installations and periodic maintenance as well as detailed fault diagnostics.

The instrument will be available early in 2023.

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Precise measurement of high flows.

Increasing measurement accuracy for loading, unloading, and transporting hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry, and optimizes the flowmeter line for additional applications.

Over 90 million barrels of crude oil, natural gas, and refined hydrocarbons are produced, transported, stored, and sold to end users every day throughout the world. With enormous transactions like these, any instrument inaccuracy, even the most infinitesimal, can result in significant shortfalls for the supplier or buyer. Promass Q, a high-tech Coriolis flowmeter line from Endress+Hauser, alleviates concerns of inaccuracies with its revolutionary 4-tube technology, while measuring with minimal pressure loss over a wide range of flow rates.

Promass Q recently welcomed new additions to its lineup. It is available for larger pipes than ever before—up to 10” (DN 250)—for measuring flow rates up to 18,900 bph (2,400 t/h). And the new 4-tube technology opens the door to additional applications in the oil and gas industry. These include high-precision metering for custody transfer, fiscal metering, master metering as a reference device for on-site verification, and more.

In addition to mass and volumetric flow, Promass Q also records process density and temperature. This enables the incorporation of fluctuating process and ambient conditions into flow measurement, with appropriate compensation, helping achieve tight error bands of ±0.05% for mass flow and ±0.2 kg/m³ for density.

4-tube technology – one-of-a-kind, worldwide.
A revolutionary landmark in the flowmeter market, 4-tube technology pushes the boundary for Coriolis flowmeters. Compared to meters with two measuring tubes, four tubes reliably measure 25% greater flow rates, enabling faster transactions in the oil and gas business. This can save operators money by reducing standstill times while loading and unloading oil tankers, and by reducing port charges.

Additionally, 4-tube technology reduces pressure loss while pumping and measuring because of the increased cross-sectional flow area relative to line size. This provides further cost savings because operators can use smaller pumps, which consume less energy relative to overall volumetric output.

The lower pressure loss also alleviates harmful cavitation effects and gas break out, for example, in exceptionally light hydrocarbons, such as liquefied petroleum gases, natural gas liquids, condensates and other cryogenic fluids.

Robust and compact.
Promass Q flowmeters are available in stainless steel and IP66/67-rated materials, ensuring robust and long-term operation, even in harsh conditions, such as offshore areas with high humidity and salt spray. These flowmeters are rated for process temperatures ranging from –321 °F (–196 °C) to 401 °F (205 °C), with the low-end making these meters an ideal choice for measuring cryogenic fluids.

With SIL ratings in compliance with IEC 61508, Promass Q is also suitable for safety-related applications. And its numerous hazardous area approvals—e.g., ATEX, IECEx, and CSA—further expand its list of potential applications. The compact design is unparalleled relative to its flow measurement capacity, enabling installation in confined spaces, such as on stationary or mobile skids for custody transfer.

Best measuring performance in the industry.
Numerous test measurements have proven Endress+Hauser Coriolis flow measurement technology to be the best for measuring viscous hydrocarbons, like heavy oils and bitumen, in addition to fluids with entrained gas. This is particularly applicable to these meters. Testing highlights include:

  • Best measuring accuracy of ±0.05% o.r., tested and confirmed in various external, accredited oil and gas calibration facilities
  • Outstanding density measuring accuracy of ±0.2 kg/m³ (±0.0002 g/cm³), certified by H&D Fitzgerald/UK
  • Best turndown and zero-point stability in the industry
  • Excellent measuring performance for liquids with microbubbles thanks to patented Multi-Frequency Technology
  • Lowest pressure loss compared to conventional devices on the market with the same line size
  • Exceptional repeatability of ±0.025% across the entire measuring range
  • Highest immunity to fluctuating process and ambient conditions, such as pressure, temperature, and vibration

Proline 300/500 transmitters have been proven for years in the industry, and are under constant development for continual improvement, making the perfect complement to the enhanced Promass Q line of sensors. They provide a host of user-friendly capabilities. These include a WLAN webserver for wireless operation and configuration on-site, HistoROM programming for safe configuration and device data storage, and Heartbeat Technology, making advanced instrument diagnostic, verification, and secondary process value data available for consumption by host systems. By combining Promass Q flowmeters with Proline 300/500 transmitters, plant personnel gain measurement reliability and assurance, in addition to diagnostic visibility, empowering them to optimize operations and increase uptime.

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Thursday 17 November 2022

Distribution agreement for connectors in Europe.

An agreement to expand TTI, Inc. - Europe as authorised distributor for Harting in Europe has been signed. The agreement was signed at Electronica 2022 in Munich (D).

The signing with (L to R): TTI Europe's Ronald Velda, Director Supplier Marketing Europe-Connectors, Geoff Breed, Vice President Marketing Europe with Harting's Edgar Peter Düning, Managing Director and Jon DeSouza, President & Chief Executive Officer Americas.

The Harting Technology Group is one of the world's leading providers of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of Data, Signal and Power. Moreover, the company also produces retail checkout systems, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series use, charging equipment for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and transportation engineering.

“We are delighted to be able to offer Harting’s world-renowned connectivity products to all our customers in Europe,” said Geoff Breed, Vice President TTI Europe. “Introducing the Harting products into our portfolio and making them available to our sales and engineering teams, backed by our in-depth stocking models, means customers will be able to benefit from more choice and flexibility to advance their designs. We are excited about the future and generating new business for the continued success of both Harting and TTI Europe.”

"Based on TTI's proven and successful go to market model with a clear technical focus and strong stock commitment Harting is absolutely sure to set the course for joined growth,“ said Edgar Düning, Managing Director of Harting Electric, Electronics and HCS.

The authorisation of TTI Europe complements the success initially started through TTI’s subsidiary, Mouser. The European agreement follows a similar arrangement between the TTI Family of Companies and Harting Americas, cementing the relationship between the two companies.

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Traffic sensors at World Cup.

Pedestrian safety enhanced at FIFA World Cup 2022 thanks to 700 FLIR traffic sensors.

Estimates suggest that around 1 million football fans will visit the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, taking place from 20 November to 18 December. The presence of vast pedestrian numbers in one of Asia’s smallest countries introduces traffic flow challenges that the Qatari government wanted to address in advance of this highly prestigious competition. As a result, the country has installed 700 FLIR TrafiOne smart city sensors to monitor traffic and control crowd flow. These award-winning, all-in-one sensors from Teledyne FLIR take advantage of Wi-Fi and thermal technologies to ensure traffic runs smoothly, while enhancing pedestrian safety.

The FLIR TrafiOne identifies pedestrian movement on the pavement and automatically adjusts traffic signal timing accordingly. It is possible to prioritise signals for pedestrians ahead of vehicle traffic, promoting safer, more effective pedestrian crossings during this festival of football. Importantly, thermal cameras featuring video analytics detect and classify pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles even in complete darkness or adverse weather conditions. As a further benefit, COVID-friendly touch-free sensors eliminate the need for physical pushbuttons.

TrafiOne also generates high-resolution data for measuring travel times to improve traffic flows, reduce vehicle idling times, monitor congestion and enhance safety for vulnerable road users. Data collected by TrafiOne is accessible for further processing by the FLIR ITS-IQ, a cloud-based data analysis solution.

"Teledyne FLIR is proud to be part of this critical mission to promote safety during the biggest single-sport event in the world. The compact and affordable TrafiOne has already received a positive reception from the Qatari authorities thanks to advantages such as smart technology, programmable detection zones and touch-free sensors." The ambition is to roll out this dynamic traffic control solution across the country.

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Medical connectors after COVID.

That the Corona crisis has changed the medical technology industry is indisputable. Fundamental market and competitive changes are also expected in the future, bringing with them opportunities and challenges in equal measure, according to the "Medical Technology Trend Report" study by SPECTARIS. Accordingly, adjustments to the way companies work, expansion of digital sales channels and digital service solutions were described as the three most important effects. Likewise, corporate functions such as research & development and IT services are in particularly high demand - which poses renewed challenges for companies due to the shortage of skilled workers.

The political demands left clear traces in the health care system. A drastic shortage of health care and nursing professionals is driving the need for supportive processes. This increases the need to maintain productivity through the increased use of medical technology. The requirements for medical devices have changed significantly, and the focus is on the safety of patients and medical staff when operating medical devices. Added to this are the changed technical requirements. Possible sources of error due to human operator error should be reduced to a minimum. "This also increases the demand for robotics and automation to make medical devices even more powerful and safer," said Mathias Wuttke - Business Development Manager Medical Europe at ODU. "Particularly with regard to plug-in connections, this does not result in completely new products, but the detail requirements are increasingly increasing. From IEC 60601 requirements for MOOP and MOPP to product remanufacturing, extensive product testing is required. In addition, quality management controls are increasing, as defect-free, reproducible products are required more than ever.

"From a technical point of view, one of the biggest challenges our customers currently face is with regard to clearance and creepage distances. These take on a completely different meaning due to the new evaluation of the products based on the MDR. For example, the insulation diagram must be considered for the product and all safety-relevant points from IEC 60601-1 must be observed. In addition, there are the adapted requirements from the MDR, which demands not only the medical device manufacturers, but also the suppliers. To implement the MDR, ODU maintains appropriate technical documentation, risk and change management, and CMR substance management. Furthermore, complete traceability is ensured and there is the option of applying the Unique Device Identification (UDI) by laser marking. The topics of patient and user protection (2 MOOP and 2 MOPP) are implemented in the products in compliance with IEC60601-1. Customer and application-specific applications or special designs with confections increase."

In general, companies face difficulties in procuring raw materials and correspondingly much longer lead times. Supply bottlenecks for raw materials and components are delaying production in all industries, and additionally rising costs for energy are making products more expensive. The mood of crisis is forcing companies to increase inventories, cut investments and attract more suppliers. Due to ODU's high vertical range of manufacture, challenges in the supply chain can be better balanced. The manufacturing sites on different continents support and complement each other.

Collaboration has changed due to digitalization. "Customer and supplier have moved even closer together, and digital communication and cooperation options make processes more effective and faster," says Stefan Wittmann, Application Manager at ODU. Nevertheless, personal contact is important, especially during initial contact and project start-up, in order to define requirements concretely and discuss possibilities.

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Factory sales Drives forward.

Invertek Drives has appointed Justin Peters as Factory Sales Manager to lead the global sales team.

Justin Peters

Justin, who has worked at Invertek Drives for over 12 years as a dedicated Key Account Manager, will report to Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director, and will help develop the sales strategy as part of the company’s international growth plans.

Based at the company’s headquarters at Welshpool (Wales), his appointment comes as the company continues to record significant growth within the VFD sector, with record orders and sales over the past three years.

“The VFD market is highly competitive, but the reputation and reliability of our Optidrive VFD range continues to attract new and existing customers,” said Justin.

“Globally, there is a focus to reduce energy consumption, to cut harmful emissions, and subsequently help reduce climate change. Our complete range of VFD technology is supporting our customers desire to utilise higher efficiency motor technology and processes, and are helping to create more efficient and productive solutions for our customers.

“Despite increasing legislation, driving changes in behaviour, we know that a large proportion of motor controlled applications are not using VFDs, or are not utilising available technologies, resulting in highly inefficient processes that can result in significant costs for the operator, including energy, maintenance and downtime.

“At Invertek, we are implementing our own initiatives within our manufacturing headquarters in our drive for a cooler planet, whilst we can actively promote and support our customers and end users regarding the benefits of VFD technology in saving energy. It’s great to be able to help support the need for change from both sides.”

He added: “With the continued investment in our staff and training, it feels good to be able to support the next generation of engineers and professionals who are developing new and improved technologies to help reduced carbon emissions further, and to help in bringing those benefits directly to our customers.

Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Over the past three years we’ve witnessed significant increases in demand for our technology which has resulted in record orders globally. We’re building on that by investing in our workforce and global manufacturing facility. This investment will allow us to increase production significantly in late 2023. 

“Justin has over 25 years experience within the VFD industry, including at Invertek where he works closely with our OEM customers. He’ll continue to work in this area while leading our sales team through the development of new and existing customers within our global sales network.” 

• Invertek Drives is part of the Sumitomo Drive Technologies EMEIA group of businesses within Sumitomo Heavy Industries, is also investing in a new application centre and offices at its HQ, to support its training, sales and marketing teams.

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Cable entry from all angles!

The latest addition to Icotek’s range of cable entry plates are now available from Foremost Electronics. The new Icotek Cable Entry 360⁰ can accommodate up to 48 cables, with or without connectors, from all entry directions. This completely splitable distribution box safely routes cables and provides strain relief.

The new Icotek Cable Entry 360⁰ allows centrally located cables to be distributed over a 360⁰ range and offers nearly unlimited uses. Cables with diameters from 1 – 15mm can be routed, sealed and provided with strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 6244. The distribution box is suitable for metric cut-outs and can be fixed with a locknut, included with the device. Retrofits, maintenance and repairs are simple and fast to effect due to a screw fixed cover and split grommets.

The Icotek Cable Entry 360⁰ is constructed from UL94-V0 self-extinguishing polyamide (PA), rated to IP54 and halogen and silicone free. It has a mounting height of 39.4mm and operating temperature range of -40⁰ C to 140⁰C (static).

Key features include:

  • Fast and simple assembly.
  • Easy cable distribution over 360⁰ range.
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains in force.
  • Retrofits, maintenance and repairs are simple and fast.
  • Suitable for metric cut-outs M3 – M75.
  • Strain relief to EN 6244
  • Uses field proven Icotek KT grommet system.
  • High cable density and wide variety of grommets.
  • High flexibility with the use of Icotek multi-range and IMAS-CONNECT adapter grommets.
  • Hexagonal locknut included.
  • High stability and vibration resistant.
  • Mechanical protection of the central entry point.

Icotek products provide a secure connection for machinery and equipment and are suitable for applications where extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures occur. Icotek products available from Foremost Electronics include cable entry systems and EMC cable shielding components for a variety of industries and applications including: Machine tools, railway technology, wind turbines, solar technology, vehicle construction and packaging machines to automation and robotics. 

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Carbon-efficient production offshore!

Operational support services to optimise oil and gas production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and emissions.

A five-year framework agreement with Equinor to provide operational support services to ensure continued safe and optimised oil and gas production from its pioneering Martin Linge platform in the Norwegian North Sea has been signed by Emerson. The service agreement, which includes options for three additional five-year periods, covers maintenance and upgrades of the control technology, software and instrumentation. These technologies are helping to accelerate carbon-efficient production and empower remote operation from onshore for increased worker safety and reduced operating costs.

Photo: Jan Arne Wold & Øyvind Gravås/Equinor.
Martin Linge is a significant development for Norwegian oil and gas production, with expected recoverable resources of around 260 million barrels of oil equivalent. Emerson’s technology, project expertise and global resources were crucial in helping achieve first oil safely, and with the award of this service contract, Equinor gains continued support to optimise production, reduce energy consumption and emissions, and maximise the potential of the Martin Linge development.

This development is situated 42 kilometres west of Oseberg, was the first platform on the Norwegian continental shelf to be started up from shore. The 63 billion Norwegian krone (USD 7.3 billion) mega-project includes a production platform and a permanently anchored floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel. These facilities are powered from onshore via the world’s longest alternating-current sea cable, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 200,000 tonnes per year. Oil is processed on the FSO vessel before being transported in shuttle tankers to the global market, while gas is transported via pipeline to St. Fergus, Scotland.

“With proven automation technologies, collaborative work practices and extensive experience, Emerson is the ideal choice for a trusted partner on energy industry projects of this scale and magnitude,” said Mark Bulanda, executive president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “With this service agreement, we look forward to helping Equinor achieve continued safe and carbon efficient production.”

The award of the service agreement follows Emerson’s implementation of a complete automation solution for the project, which incorporates the company’s DeltaV™ distributed control system; advanced wired and wireless measurement instrumentation; critical control, emergency shutdown and isolation valves; metering technology and asset management software. This technology enables both the platform and the FSO vessel to be mainly operated from an onshore control room in Stavanger, with offshore operators able to access the control system interface via mobile handheld devices, resulting in increased worker flexibility and efficiency. Controlling the production facilities in this manner enables three shifts of operators to work from onshore rather than offshore, reducing risk to personnel and minimising costs.

Emerson’s cloud engineering services and digital twin technology, played a crucial role in the successful delivery of the project and first oil being safely achieved. The company’s Remote Virtual Office (RVO) platform enabled project personnel around the world to collaborate securely in a virtual engineering, commissioning and testing environment, regardless of their location. This not only reduced travel requirements – which was vital due to COVID-19 restrictions – but also had a significant impact on project schedule, risk and costs. Emerson’s digital twin technology also enabled significant project and operational benefits such as streamlining commissioning of the control system, helping Equinor train its operators to experience real-life scenarios before the control system went live, and make continued improvements that help to optimise production, and reduce energy consumption and emissions.

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