Tuesday 22 November 2022

Thermistors for tight tolerance instrumentation.

Building upon its growing range of NTC thermistors, Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new specialist 10k variant aimed at mid-range temperature sensing tasks for tight tolerance instrumentation in non-condensing moisture environments. The ENTC-EI-10k9777-02 thermistor is based on a Stycast epoxy encapsulated core with Kynar insulation for maximum durability across a -40° C to 125° C temperature range. 

Its high sensitivity specification of 10kOhm at 25°C and +/- 0.2°C resistance tolerance over 0°C to 70°C delivers precision sensing for HVAC, power and utilities equipment, renewables, industrial and laboratory instruments, and many other areas.

The ENTC-EI-10k9777-02 thermistor has a fast time constant value of 1.5 seconds in liquids and other notable specifications include a Beta Value 25/85 constant of 3976K +/- 0.5%. and a dissipation factor in still air of around 2 mW/°C. Measuring just 2.4 mm at its widest point and with 250 mm long white Kynar insulated silver-plated copper leads (28 AWG), straightforward installation is guaranteed.

The expanding ENTC series also includes other hermetically sealed, glass or epoxy encapsulated NTC thermistors. With a wide choice of optimal measurement temperature ranges, operating temperatures, tolerances, and time constants etc. application areas include but are not restricted to automotive, refrigeration, industrial instrumentation, medical equipment and more.

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