Monday 14 November 2022

50 years innovation in electrical measurement.

LEM, has over 50 years, pushed back the boundaries of electrical measurement technology to become a global leader in supplying cutting edge sensors and solutions to such sectors as renewables, automotive, railway and traction, charging infrastructures, energy distribution, high precision and automation. With a strong focus on digitisation and mobility, these industries took delivery of 66m electrical sensors from LEM in 2021/22 in their drive towards a sustainable future.

Andreas Hürlimann, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Chief Executive Officer Frank Rehfeld say: “All of us at LEM are inspired by a common purpose – helping our customers and society accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. We have come a long way since 1972 and we remain as enthusiastic as ever regarding LEM’s prospects for the next 50 years!”

‘Ingenuity and inspiration’ will be the theme for LEM at this years Electronica show (15-18/11/2022 Munich D) as the company underlines how it has used its expertise over the last half century to develop technology and product firsts that satisfy the demands of customers. LEM will also be emphasising its global presence across 15 countries and its significant investment in R&D to create the best sensors on the market.

Electronics design engineers and system design engineers visiting LEM’s booth will witness first-hand the company’s vast range of PCB-mounted current sensors and how they deliver best-in-class performance as well as unrivalled levels of reliability and safety. Continually working at solving customers’ challenges, LEM launched seven new products in 21/22, including the HOB-P high bandwidth current sensor developed specifically for fast-switching SiC MOSFETs in high voltage, pulsed power circuits.

Product development at LEM has been driven by a number of megatrends, such as greater electrification, robotics, renewable energy and the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The increased demand for smaller and smarter current sensors in, for example, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) has led LEM to develop world-beating integrated current sensors (ICSs) that combine high performance with low form factor, robustness, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

These include the new HMSR series – the analog HMSR AN boasts best-in-class accuracy while the digital HMSR DA delivers high-resolution Sigma Delta digital bitstream output. Both devices feature 75A measurement range, reinforced isolation, 20kA lightning tests, and outstanding robustness against external magnetic fields, making them ideal for automation, robotics or HVAC applications.

For the automotive market, LEM will exhibit the recently introduced HC16, CAB and CDT which meet increased demand for more current measuring points in motor control, battery management and leakage current areas. For the charging infrastructure market, the LEM team will present the DCBM 400/600 DC meter designed for DC fast-charging stations. With the DCBM, LEM has become one of the first companies in the world to introduce integrated functions and a certified software solution for billing electricity for fast charger users. Finally, LEM will be exhibiting its CDSR sensor for leakage current detection in residential and commercial charging stations.

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