Monday 7 November 2022

Membership leveling up with DTM!

KSR KUEBLER is the newest member of the FDT Group™. The company is developing FDT-based Device Type Managers™ (DTMs™) for its level measurement transmitters for integration in FDT-enabled engineering workstation environments to meet customer application demands.
With over 60 years of industry experience, KSR KUEBLER’s is part of the WIKA Group headquartered in Zwingenberg (D). The company offers a worldwide network of production locations in Germany, China, India, France, GB, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa. Serving the oil & gas, power / nuclear, hygienic, pharmaceutic, and industrial machines, their level solutions offer the versatility and flexibility focused on reliable liquid measurements in tanks, storage, and process vessels, reactors, and boilers.

Customer requests for FDT DTM-based devices are common in the market. Today, millions of DTM-enabled devices are serviced by FDT-enabled engineering environments around the globe. The open architecture solution simplifies device integration, configuration and monitoring providing a unified environment for data access to all connected assets, supporting reliable operations and predictive maintenance strategies. The standard has evolved to support a platform agnostic service-oriented architecture using the FDT3 specification. The new IIoT architecture extends data access to IT/OT authenticated OPC UA, FDT, and mobile clients/device independent of the topology - protocols, networks, and device solutions simplifying asset management for the process, hybrid and discrete markets.

“A sensor is not just hardware anymore,” commented Thomas Gerling, ceo for KSR KUEBLER. “FDT Group paves the path to the IIoT future. We are thrilled to extend DTM support for our Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters that will provide near real-time level measurement used for high-accuracy continuous level detection of liquids. Requests for DTM support and certification from our customers was a driving factor in our decision to become an FDT member. We look forward to evolving our solution to meet the latest FDT3 standard to deliver mobility services with newer webUI-based DTMs.”

“Modernisation to maximize production uptime is critical to meeting industry demands,” Steve Biegacki, FDT managing director said. “FDT enables vendors with standardized software-based device DTM solutions that deliver predictive data intelligence to engineering workstations, IT/OT clients/mobile devices and other higher level applications providing operators with a comprehensive diagnostic view of the health of the device, network, and process. We are pleased to welcome KSR KUEBLER to the FDT family of leading manufacturers thriving in the market with FDT-enabled devices.”

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