Monday 27 May 2024

Merger benefits environmental management and gas sensing.

ENVEA Inc., global leader in environmental management solutions, and California Analytical Instruments (CAI) the leading provider of continuous, online single and multi-gas analytical sensing technologies, have joined to form one group – CAI ENVEA Group.

The formation of this new group will benefit the industry in multiple ways, offering a broader expertise by combining research and development as well as training, support and service.

Shawn Kriger, ENVEA Americas, said: “By uniting our companies, and with a shared commitment to innovation and growth, CAI ENVEA Group will offer our customers in the Americas enhanced service and support, with a common interface between the current product lines.”

Sales and technical teams, together with an international network of partners, will be supporting this customer focus and drive to improve lead times. Other locations around the globe will benefit from support from research and development teams, and production units in France, Britain and Germany.

ENVEA Inc., is the original US-located subsidiary for ENVEA products, providing environmental management solutions for the protection of people and planet. ENVEA’s equipment and technologies encompass ambient, emissions, and process monitoring systems such as gas analyzers, dust monitors, solids and flue gas flow meters, as well as environmental data processing and reporting solutions.

CAI provides continuous, online single and multi-gas analytical sensing technologies and caters to a diverse range of domestic and international customers within the power, petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, and agricultural sectors, including governmental and regulatory bodies.

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Friday 24 May 2024

Precise liquid water analysis.

Servomex has launched its SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact 2500F with the capability of measuring liquid water in corrosive, toxic and flammable streams.

This innovative photometric analyzer is a rugged and reliable solutionand brings a new level of precision for liquid water analysis. It delivers flexible, real-time, online process analysis capability with robustness and reliability in a wide range of industrial applications, and is ideal for liquid water analysis in EDC, acetic acid, and acetone.

Rhys Jenkins, IP&E Spectroscopic Product Manager, said: “The SpectraExact delivers highly accurate, stable, and reliable gas and liquid analysis in hazardous locations. The sample cell allows the sample stream to be corrosive, toxic, and flammable. The ppm to percent level measurements and low cost-of-ownership mean it is ideal in applications including the measurement of water in EDC, VCM and PTA.”

The SpectraExact 2500F uses a single beam, dual-wavelength non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) measurement technique which offers high performance, increased measurement sensitivity and a high degree of stability.

The analyzer has ATEX, and IECEx hazardous area approvals, with North American approvals underway. The analysis is made by using special ultranarrow infrared measurement and reference filters, and a high integrity sample cell designed to handle liquids. It is calibrated using the Karl-Fischer titration method, a standard laboratory technique for trace water determination.

Digital communications enable the SpectraExact 2500 to be operated remotely and safely, and operators benefit from the user-friendly interface, with minimal maintenance required through non-depleting technology.

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Ye olde analyser!

Competition to find Signal’s oldest working gas analyser

A competition to find the oldest working Signal gas analyser in the world has been inaugurated by the company. Any Signal customer can enter by emailing the serial number of their instrument along with a couple of photos, before 14th June 2024. There will also be a prize for the best photo – irrespective of the instrument’s age.

“We know that many customers have been using their analysers for significantly longer than ten years,” explains Signal MD James Clements. “Our factory has been located in Camberley, near London since 1984, and over the last 40 years we have supplied thousands of analysers to customers all over the world. Many of these regularly come back to the factory for service, so we know that these instruments are lasting really well, which is a credit to my father John Clements who started and ran the business for several decades.”

The two competition winners (1. Oldest instrument & 2. Best instrument photo) will each receive a free service to rejuvenate their instrument (parts and transport not included).

The idea for the competition was prompted by a refurbishment request from a customer in the USA with a Signal 3010 portable FID analyser that had obviously been “used enthusiastically” over an extended period. Signal Service Manager Roy Kinslow said: “This analyser had clearly been subjected to long-standing and wide-ranging physical challenges, but we were able to restore full functionality, and with a new casing, it looked almost as good as new.”

As good as new!

Anyone interested in entering either of the competitions should email their photos and serial numbers to

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Locating battery defects.

Battery manufacturers are being helped by AMETEK Surface Vision to improve quality and productivity by detecting and identifying defects in the production process with its industry-leading inspection system. Defect detection is a major consideration in battery inspection, as defects lead to product quality and safety issues as well as reduced productivity.

An automated surface inspection system that delivers 100% inspection is vital to detect and identify all defects, and when supported by machine-learning and classification capabilities, it can also help find the root cause of repeating defects.

SmartView is the industry-leading surface inspection solution, trusted worldwide to detect, identify and visualize surface defects in real-time. Merging state-of-the-art software and hardware into an advanced surface inspection platform, SmartView provides total vision integration for high-speed defect detection, monitoring, and reporting. It delivers robust features, flexible operation, and proven, high-quality results.

SmartView’s high-speed inspection system delivers high-resolution image acquisition of defects including contamination, strips, relief material, cutaways, coating defects, insects, pinholes, folds, foreign particles and pollution. SmartView technology is quick, easy to install, and designed with a user-friendly interface.

Real-time notification technology allows operators to add control labelling systems to highlight defect positions which optimize yield management and increase throughput.

Volker Koelmel, Global Manager - Plastics, Nonwovens and Paper, said: “Many defects are one-off occurrences, but occasionally they may be caused by a flaw earlier in the process. In this instance, the process will continue to create defects until the root cause problem is identified and remedied.
“Our surface inspection systems deliver reliable, highly sensitive defect inspection, with streaming high-definition video that allows re-inspection. By analysing the root cause, surface inspection solutions can stop repeated defects, resulting in less waste and more profit, while making it possible for battery manufacturers to meet increasing demand.”

Using the inspection and monitoring solution provided by AMETEK Surface Vision, battery cell manufacturers are assured of adaptable defect detection that supports quality and reduces the need for manual intervention.

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Faster USB hubs.

USB-IF certified hubs offer seamless compatibility among wider range of industrial devices.

The world’s first industrial USB Hubs certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is now bwwn offered by Moxa. With USB 3.2 Gen 1 SuperSpeed 5 Gbps data transmission rates through every port, the new UPort USB 3.2 Series hubs deliver ten times the performance of USB 2.0, even in heavy-load applications.

Depending on the model, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs can expand a single USB port on a host PC to either four or seven USB ports for seamless communication to a variety of USB upstream (type B) and downstream (type A) devices such as sensors, analysers, cameras, and other peripherals. 

USB-IF Certification.
In order to be certified by the USB Implementers Forum, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs underwent extensive testing for connection, communication and power capabilities. USB-IF certification verifies a number of strict electrical requirements for the SuperSpeed USB operation per the USB 3.2/2.0 specification. As a result, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs:

  • Support SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 for up to 5 Gbps USB transmission.
  • Are fully compliant with interoperability requirements.
  • Have sufficient power for devices to function.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition back to SuperSpeed operation from the suspended state.

    Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs provide 900 mA power for all ports in compliance with the USB-IF Battery Charging Specification (BC 1.2), allowing for flexible USB expansions without the need for additional adapters. When BC 1.2 support is successfully detected and confirmed by the hub, Port 1 delivers a 1.5 A current to expedite the charging process. With a power range of 12 to 48 VDC, Moxa the hubs are perfect for mobile applications, as well.

    In addition to USB-IF certification, Moxa is the only USB-IF certified USB hub with FCC/UL certification to ensure the industrial safety and electromagnetic requirement. Moxa UPort USB hubs are ruggedly engineered for industrial environments, featuring a sturdy metal housing and an expanded operating temperature range of -40° to 85° C (0° to 60° C standard). In order to avoid serious damage from Electrostatic discharge (ESD), the hubs incorporate ESD Level 4 (contact 8 kV, air 15 kV) protection, qualifying them for installation in sensitive medical, industrial and process control operations. Using the extensive diagnostic LEDs and built-in LED indicators (UPort 400A models only), an administrator can quickly check the status of each port independently, saving time and money.

    The Moxa UPort USB 3.2 line consists of four 400A Series models and two 200A Series models. The UPort 200A Series is a general-purpose USB 3.2 hub, while the UPort 400A Series is a heavy-duty industrial design. Included in the UPort 400A Series package is a high retention USB cable with a latch and screw lock to prevent accidental disconnection between the hub and the host computer. All hubs can be wall-mounted or installed onto a DIN-Rail for convenient access to the port connections.

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  • Thursday 23 May 2024

    Fluid conveyance division head appointed.

    Domenico Traverso has been appointed as the president of its Fluid Conveyance division of Danfoss Power Solutions, effective June 1. In addition to his new role, Traverso will continue to serve as president, Incubation division, and lead the Business Development and Innovation function. Traverso reports directly to Eric Alström, president of Danfoss Power Solutions, and plays a key role on the Power Solutions Leadership Team. He is based at the company’s offices in Hamburg (D).

    Domenico Traverso
    Traverso will take on overall responsibilities for Fluid Conveyance, leading its four business units — Rubber Hydraulic Hose and Fittings; Connectors; Fuel, Air Conditioning, Thermoplastic, and Specialty; and Private Label and SEL Hose — and all functional areas, including sales; engineering; strategy and business development; finance; human resources; procurement; and safety, environment, health, and quality. Traverso brings a proven track record in scaling innovation and internationalization to his new role, plus demonstrated success in effectively driving growth and profitability.

    “My focus will be on optimizing our Fluid Conveyance business in its current markets and positioning it for growth in emerging and rapidly expanding market sectors,” Traverso said. “Ensuring seamless operational performance is my top priority, as it directly impacts our customer experience through improved lead times, on-time delivery, and exceptional quality. Superior performance will also drive our growth and expansion efforts. There are significant needs and incredible potential for fluid conveyance systems in data centers and electric vehicles, and Danfoss is ready to deliver with the right components and deep application know-how.”

    “Domenico is a long-time trusted member of the Power Solutions Leadership Team, and we all value his entrepreneurial mindset, leadership experience, and positive energy,” Alström added. “His unique perspective and skillset will make a difference as our Fluid Conveyance division adds new markets to its leading positions in mobile and industrial machinery.”

    Traverso joined Danfoss in 2010 as vice president at Sauer-Danfoss, where he led a portfolio of four independent businesses. In 2014, he was appointed president, Work Function division, a role he held until being named president, Editron and Incubation divisions, in 2021.

    Prior to Danfoss, Traverso held a variety of management roles at GKN Automotive. He has more than 20 years of experience, specializing in turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, and post-merger integrations. He holds certificates in executive management, finance, and business from the London Business School; International Institute for Management Development; University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business; MIT Sloan School of Management; and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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    Industrial plugs and sockets.

    Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of Amphenol's Industrial range of Plugs & Sockets, which combine toughness with ease of use and safety-critical features.

    “Easy & Safe” is a range of IP67 and IP44 plugs, connectors and socket outlets/inlets. They are reliable, safe and easy to work with, providing water and dust protection to the self-cleaning contacts. This feature prolongs the plug and socket lifetimes whilst minimising the risk of accidents, injuries and damage to the connected equipment.

    “Tough & Safe” is a range designed for environments that have high demands of functionality and safety. They feature robust housings made from PBT plastic. They are IP67 Watertight (16-125A) or IP44 Splashproof (63A). The plugs and sockets are rated at 16-125 A, 50-690 VAC. All of the external screws are made from stainless steel. “Critical & Safe” is a range designed for applications with frequent connection/disconnection. The housings are made from PBT or aluminium. They are IP67 Watertight or IP44 Splashproof with a rating of 16 - 125A, 50-690 VAC. Again, all of the external screws are stainless steel.

    Common to all three ranges, the IP67 cable glands provide excellent strain relief and sealing performance. The glands work with a large span of cable diameters and can be re-used.

    Inelco Hunter's in-depth engineering support ensures rapid implementation, speeding up the customer’s time-to-market. Their engineers will work with the SME engineers. This added-value support is at the core of their philosophy, and has been for the last 30 years, setting them apart from the "stock and ship" distributors.

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