Friday 17 May 2024

Ethylene producer's furnace operations.

A large US ethylene producer has been provided with 28 thermal imagers by Ametek Land. This is to provide continuous, highly precise, temperature measurements for optimum process control in its four cracking furnaces*.

Ethylene is a key element in a range of everyday items from plastics to polymers and is produced by cracking hydrocarbon feedstocks at high temperatures with steam.

The furnace must be kept at a consistently high temperature to avoid inefficiencies and be effective. LAND’s high-definition NIR-B-2K thermal imaging camera delivers non-contact measurements with outstanding accuracy to help optimise furnace performance, extend tube life, and improve safety.

The NIR-B-2K is a high-resolution short-wavelength radiometric infrared thermal imaging camera, and provides improved definition at a distance, measuring temperatures in the range of 600-1800 °C (1112 to 3272 °F). It provides a cutting-edge clear thermal image unaffected by the furnace's hot atmosphere and allows operators to measure from any of the 2,904,768 pixels.

Jason Rushton, Application Engineer, Ametek Land commented: “The thermal imager is ideal for applications such as ethylene production, where furnaces require optimum process control while maintaining high temperatures. With the NIR-B-2K, plant operators can rest assured as it helps improve process control through continuous furnace monitoring and highly accurate temperature readings in the furnace.”

Ametek Land is renowned globally for its highly accurate measurement solutions used in a wide range of industrial processes and covering a broad temperature range.

* Read the latest case study here: Thermal Imagers on Steam Crackers.

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