Friday 24 May 2024

Locating battery defects.

Battery manufacturers are being helped by AMETEK Surface Vision to improve quality and productivity by detecting and identifying defects in the production process with its industry-leading inspection system. Defect detection is a major consideration in battery inspection, as defects lead to product quality and safety issues as well as reduced productivity.

An automated surface inspection system that delivers 100% inspection is vital to detect and identify all defects, and when supported by machine-learning and classification capabilities, it can also help find the root cause of repeating defects.

SmartView is the industry-leading surface inspection solution, trusted worldwide to detect, identify and visualize surface defects in real-time. Merging state-of-the-art software and hardware into an advanced surface inspection platform, SmartView provides total vision integration for high-speed defect detection, monitoring, and reporting. It delivers robust features, flexible operation, and proven, high-quality results.

SmartView’s high-speed inspection system delivers high-resolution image acquisition of defects including contamination, strips, relief material, cutaways, coating defects, insects, pinholes, folds, foreign particles and pollution. SmartView technology is quick, easy to install, and designed with a user-friendly interface.

Real-time notification technology allows operators to add control labelling systems to highlight defect positions which optimize yield management and increase throughput.

Volker Koelmel, Global Manager - Plastics, Nonwovens and Paper, said: “Many defects are one-off occurrences, but occasionally they may be caused by a flaw earlier in the process. In this instance, the process will continue to create defects until the root cause problem is identified and remedied.
“Our surface inspection systems deliver reliable, highly sensitive defect inspection, with streaming high-definition video that allows re-inspection. By analysing the root cause, surface inspection solutions can stop repeated defects, resulting in less waste and more profit, while making it possible for battery manufacturers to meet increasing demand.”

Using the inspection and monitoring solution provided by AMETEK Surface Vision, battery cell manufacturers are assured of adaptable defect detection that supports quality and reduces the need for manual intervention.

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