Wednesday 15 May 2024

High temperature relays.

Omron Electronic Components Europe has addressed the need for denser packed onboard relays with the introduction of higher temperature relays that provide Class-F coil insulation.

Extending the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA from Class B to Class F, the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA-CF type provides 5A switching from -40℃ to 105℃ PCB in a fully sealed power relay. The new relays allow a higher density of parts by operating at higher temperatures than their predecessors.

Fully sealed, the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA-CF type relays ensure a longer lifetime in environments up to 85℃. Alternatively, they can deliver the same lifetime as existing G5NB-E relays in considerably harsher temperature environments.

VDE approval standards rate the Class F relay up to 50Kops at 105℃ and up to 100Kops at 85℃.

Applications range from HVAC and heat pumps, through domestic cooking equipment, washing machines and refrigerators, to industrial devices such as PLCs, I/O terminals and temperature controllers.

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