Thursday 30 November 2023

IP67-69 Connectors.

Amphenol distributor Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Sine Systems’ ecomate® Aquarius™ Fathom Lock Series of waterproof connectors for industrial applications. In a mated condition, the system offers an IP67/69K rating, enabling immersion in water to a depth of 1.8M for one hour.

The ecomate® Aquarius™ connectors incorporate the latest technology, offering a high-impact, thermoplastic design, with the advantages of a lightweight, lower-cost, sealed connector system. The Auto-Lock IP68 system offers significant time savings while ensuring an easy mating/unmating process of the plug to receptacle.

The connectors are ideal for indoor/outdoor applications, and the MIL-DTL-26482-based design provides a quick and reliable bayonet coupling, verified by the tactile and audible clicking sound of the locking mechanism. To un-mate, a simple 20° twist of the coupling ring on the plug will separate it from the receptacle.

The Amphenol IP68 Auto-Locking, Fathom Lock Coupling System offers high strength, impact resistance and UV/Corrosion resistance, passing the 500 Hour Salt Spray Test. Applications will include harsh conditions within wet or sea spray environments including full IP68 immersion.

The ecomate® IP65 System, with a circular bayonet and auto-locking or a rapid-coupling system option now has IMPROVED maximum amperage/voltage ranges of 45-300A/600-900V (depending on the series) and remains an ideal option for a wide range of indoor/outdoor industrial applications as well as factory automation, industrial, heavy equipment, heavy duty machinery, transportation, and entertainment/lighting markets.

Inelco Hunter's in-depth engineering support ensures rapid implementation, speeding up the customer’s time-to-market. Inelco's engineers will work with the SME engineers. This added-value support is at the core of Inelco’s philosophy, and has been for the last 30 years, setting them apart from the "stock & ship" distributors.

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Partnerships ensure EMC solutions for Europe.

The EMC solutions provider, Schaffner, has announced new partnerships with three distributors to further broaden the reach and scope of its product range and support services across Europe. The new agreements with Telerex, CATS and DSL Components will open new supplier corridors and enable customers to have faster access to products thanks to reduced shipping distances.

Schaffner Head of Distribution, Jamie Furness, said, “We are looking to broaden our customer base by reaching into new markets and industries and our investment into relationships with these new distributors enable us to do that. Each of these partners maintain a strong business presence in their respective regions and we are delighted to add them to our distribution network to enhance the benefits for our customers in those areas.”

Telerex, which operates across the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) is an acknowledged EMI expert that provides its customers with a full scope of EMI solutions from Schaffner’s range of chokes and filters. The company prides itself on advising its clients on the right components for creating the optimal finished product while simplifying the supply chain with its global procurement network, planning and on-time delivery expertise.

CATS, which primarily serves the French market, is highly regarded for its expertise in power conversion, communication, GPS and many other special components products. Its strong technical knowledge will greatly benefit Schaffner’s customers within this region.

Both are members of the privately owned Eight Lakes group of companies, active in a wide range of professional and industrial markets, with offices in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Taiwan.

Customers across Israel, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus can also benefit from Schaffner’s additions to its sales network. DSL Components, the exclusive representative for global electronic components manufacturers, has also signed an agreement which will enable them to provide Schaffner products on a localized basis.

Furness concluded, “The advantages of adding these exceptional specialist partners to our technical sales, distribution and support portfolio marks a significant acceleration in our growth to these markets. It provides us with the opportunity to provide top-quality products and top-flight flight service in these regions.”

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Robot transforms pick-and-place and assembly operations.

ABB Robotics is expanding its industrial SCARA robot portfolio with the addition of the IRB 930. The new robot, compromising three variants capable of handling 12 kg and 22 kg payloads, has been designed to meet the demands of new growth opportunities in traditional and new markets.

“Our latest SCARA addition broadens our portfolio, offering our customers even more automation choices” said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics. “Whether 3C, automotive electronics, electric vehicle battery cells or solar panels, our new IRB 930’s higher payload and longer reach brings the performance advantages of our wider SCARA range to new and traditional segments alike. With the global SCARA market predicted to grow to $15.54 billion (€14.23) by 20271 at a compound annual growth rate of 14.4%, the IRB 930 positions ABB well for growth."

Engineered for fast point-to-point tasks that demand high payloads and large work areas, the IRB 930 has three variants capable of providing the highest payload of any SCARA robot in its class. In addition, the 22kg variant de-livers a 10% increase in throughput by handling more and heavier workpieces at once. The IRB 930 also provides an exceptional 200% increase in stronger push-down strength (with a maximum downward force of 250N) making it ideal for force-intensive operations such as screw-driving and assembly tasks required when working with components such as battery cells, display panels and solar modules.

ABB’s OmniCoreTM controller will power the new IRB 930. The OmniCore controller offers best-in-class motion control through TrueMove and QuickMove alongside built-in digital connectivity and scalable functions. The mo-tion control delivers an impressive cycle time of 0.38 seconds, with a repeatability deviation position of only 0.01 mm. This performance empowers the IRB 930 to enhance hourly production rates while upholding high-quality manufacturing standards.

The new IRB 930, along with the IRB 910INV, IRB 920 and IRB 920T, completes ABB’s range of SCARA robots to customers with a three kg to 22 kg payload requirement. These high-performance SCARA robots are designed for use in various industries such as packaging and manufacturing where high speed and high repeatability pick-and-place and assembly operations are required.

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Monitoring methane and carbon dioxide emissions - Industrial and Environmental.

With the COP-28 climate conference starting in Dubai today (30 Nov 2023), political and media attention will focus on greenhouse gas emissions, and as a specialist manufacturer of methane and carbon dioxide emissions analysers, Signal Group is well-positioned to comment on the role of industrial process emissions on air quality and climate change. Here Signal’s Managing Director James Clements explains. 

First, it is important to be clear about the difference between air quality and the pollutants that exacerbate climate change. Basically air quality is affected by pollutants that can have a harmful effect, above certain concentrations, on living organisms, whereas climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). 

Air Quality.
Most process emissions regulations focus on limiting the release of gases and particulates that can be deleterious to the health of humans and other organisms. Nitrogen dioxide for example, is known to be particularly harmful to human health, and sulphur dioxide can cause acid rain which harms trees and vegetation. Many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are hazardous to health, but they also have environmental effects, which include the formation of ozone, a constituent of photochemical smog. At ground level, ozone is generated when VOCs react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the presence of sunlight. Ozone can have both acute and chronic effects on humans; affecting the respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous system, as well as reproductive health. Ground level ozone can also have harmful effects on vegetation and sensitive ecosystems.

Process emissions are tightly controlled by regulations, forcing businesses to implement abatement measures and to monitor emissions and demonstrate regulatory compliance. However, diesel and petrol vehicles are also combustion processes, and whilst their emissions are also tightly regulated, the potential problem with vehicle emissions is that they often take place in poorly ventilated urban areas where pollution can accumulate and affect large numbers of citizens. As a consequence, governments and local authorities around the world are looking for ways to lower pollution exposure on busy streets and near schools for example.

One of the ways in which urban areas can be protected from the most polluting vehicles is to implement ‘Low Emission Zones’ (LEZs) such as London’s ULEZ (Ultra LEZ). Under this scheme, the owners of older, more polluting vehicles have to pay a daily penalty if they wish to travel within the zone. This is naturally a politically sensitive issue, because many people rely on such vehicles and may not be able to afford a newer ULEZ compliant vehicle. However, there is no doubt that LEZs do improve air quality.

The manufacturers of industrial and vehicle engines and boilers are therefore constantly seeking to develop equipment which is both efficient and produces low levels of pollutants. Increasingly, however, there is a need to also reduce GHG emissions.

Greenhouse Gases.
GHGs are so-called because they absorb some of the heat that the Earth radiates after it warms from sunlight, and thereby trap this heat in the Earth's lower atmosphere, causing global warming – the greenhouse effect. The gases which behave in this way include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3). CO2 is responsible for about three quarters of global warming and can persist for thousands of years. Methane causes most of the remaining warming but only persists in the atmosphere for about 12 years. Importantly, methane emission reduction initiatives therefore offer faster improvements in the fight against climate change.

The combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal has increased atmospheric methane concentrations by over 150% and carbon dioxide by over 50% since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Urgent initiatives are therefore underway to reduce CO2 emissions with many countries committing to significant reductions in GHG emissions as they strive to meet their Net Zero targets.

The old adage goes: ‘you can’t manage what you don’t monitor’ and this is a major driver for analyser sales at Signal, with increasingly large numbers of customers looking to develop engines and processes that offer improved efficiency as well as lower emissions of both air quality pollutants and GHGs.

• See also Hyperspectral cameras for orbit! (29/11/2023)
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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Hyperspectral cameras for orbit!

Space is the only location that allows greenhouse gas emissions to be monitored freely across jurisdictions, enabling unbiased reporting.

ABB has secured a third contract with GHGSat, the global leader in high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring from space, to manufacture optical sensors for their C12, C13, C14 and C15 satellites set to launch into orbit in 2024.

Photo: GHGSat.

The new satellites will join GHGSat’s expanding constellation which detects and quantifies industrial gas leaks from space. Over the past two years, GHGSat has enabled the mitigation of 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from industrial facilities around the world. ABB has built the payloads – the instruments carried on board the satellites – for ten of GHGSat’s emissions monitoring satellites launched into space.

Earlier this year, GHGSat reported that their existing satellites have doubled their methane emission measurement capabilities thanks to the exceptional performance of the sensors[2]. This has allowed GHGSat to accelerate the scaling of its monitoring services, aiding industries such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, and more in understanding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The new contract is a testament to GHGSat’s confidence in ABB’s manufacturing capabilities to build complex, high-performing optical payloads for hyperspectral earth observation,” said Marc Corriveau, Head of Global Operations, Business Line Analytical, ABB Measurement & Analytics. “This year, we doubled our manufacturing infrastructure dedicated to space projects, so that we can better serve the booming private space sector. We strive to contribute to the success of our current customers as we expand to other Earth observation mandates.”

“Our collaboration, which began in 2018, has showcased ABB’s technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities,” said Stéphane Germain, CEO, GHGSat. “This experience has fortified our belief in ABB’s capacity to support GHGSat's expansion in building proprietary high-resolution payloads. Such partnerships are the key to achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately making a concrete impact in the battle against climate change.”

ABB has been a pioneer in gas sensing from orbit for over two decades, starting with the development of the Canadian Space Agency SCISAT mission payload, which profiles the concentration of more than 70 different gas types down to parts per trillion from cloud top to outer space.

They also provided hyperspectral technologies to the Japanese GOSAT program, which pioneered the global mapping at regional scale of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases from orbit starting with a first satellite in 2009 and an improved version in 2018.

Today, ABB builds on this legacy by manufacturing enhanced versions of GHGSat’s proprietary wide-angle Fabry-Perot (WAF-P) interferometer, which tracks the same infrared fingerprint of greenhouse gases. In this way, ABB applies its vast expertise acquired in earlier high-profile government space missions to the private sector space with a focus on actionable low latency satellite data for civil uses.

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30 years of industrial computing systems and solutions.

Founded in 1993 by Graham Whitehouse with just four members of staff, the original vision for Impulse Embedded arose from the desire to connect British companies with global technology and support customers’ unique projects. Impulse achieved this from the beginning by being the familiar link between customers and carefully selected and reliable manufacturing partners. From these humble beginnings to the present, 30 years later, the company has grown substantially and still includes some members of staff who have been with the company since the beginning.

Impulse’s journey began in the Old Vicarage in Tittensor, Staffordshire(GB). Staffordshire has always been their home – and as the company’s breadth and staff number advanced, so did the requirement for a more spacious and accommodating headquarters. From their current base in Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Impulse Embedded are continuing to grow and innovate.

Over the years, Impulse have partnered with some of the greats in the world of technology who specialise in industrial and embedded computing, networking, intelligent systems, and IIoT. To this day, they still stock these innovative devices and components from their valuable manufacturing partners. In addition to this Impulse also provide customisation services for truly unique products, technical training and full product lifetime support.

In addition to these milestones, Impulse Embedded have also:

  • Become ISO 9001:2015 certified and are working towards ISO 14001:2015.
  • Created an ‘Innovation Hub,’ which combines a development lab, media room, and new tech support seats with a large training facility filled with server racks for hands-on training.
  • Added electric vehicle charging stations to our headquarters to aid their sustainability goals.

To commemorate this anniversary the whole Impulse team went on a weekend retreat to the picturesque Peak District, where they collectively reflected on their rich history, celebrated the present, and eagerly anticipated the future. The weekend was filled with laughter, camaraderie, the creation of enduring memories and of course, a cake, and what better way to mark their 30th birthday than with their very own VELA Rack PC cake!

Worthy of Bake-off!
The cake also served as a symbolic nod to yet another remarkable achievement. It acknowledged the enduring 20-year partnership between Advantech and Impulse, a collaboration that has played a pivotal role in their shared success. Additionally, it honoured the impressive 40-year legacy of Advantech in the Industrial Computing world.

The cake became a delicious centrepiece, embodying both the longstanding partnership and the enduring success of Advantech's four decades in business. Cheers to 30 years of Impulse and to the strong bonds that have made the last two decades with Advantech truly exceptional.

Speaking on their milestone, Craig Stone, CEO of Impulse Embedded, said: “I take pride in our company’s journey thus far, marked by consistent improvement over the past three decades. Our success is a testament to the hard work of our team, the unwavering support of our valued clients, and the dedication that defines our company culture. As we look ahead to the future, we remain committed to the innovation and incredible partnerships that have made our journey a success.”

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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Environmental compliance in closed mines.

For the last nine years, Severn Trent Services, has managed a contract for mine water treatment across the Coal Authority estate, including 73 mine water treatment schemes in England, Scotland and Wales. These schemes take the form of three types: passive, pumped-passive and active. Water levels are one of the elements monitored closely at these sites, which have approximately 600 monitoring points. The majority of the readings are obtained manually with dip tapes, and by using loggers, around 125 of which are OTT ecoLog water level loggers.

Force Cragg Mine (1836-1991), Lake District, England.
At most sites, mine water is pumped to a treatment facility which employs oxygenation, filtration and sedimentation to raise the quality of the water in compliance with discharge consents.

“Mine water from legacy coal mines is treated at many of these sites utilising settlement lagoons and reed beds,” explains Oren Environmental’s Data & Reporting Manager Paul Robinson. “The effective management of these resources is heavily dependent on reliable data including water level measurements, and we have been using OTT instruments to support this since 2016. With the benefit of water level data, we can ensure that the flow of water through the lagoons and reedbeds maximises effective treatment before water is discharged to watercourse.

“One of the additional capabilities of the loggers is to create alarms and this is something we are investigating for future use,” Paul explains.

“In addition to the older ecoLog 500’s and the newer ecoLog 1000’s, we also utilise five ecoLog 800’s to collect and monitor conductivity measurements. Conductivity data can be used to assess the quality of water by identifying minerals etc. that are present in the water.”

Where the ecoLogs are deployed in surface water weirs, the level measurements are translated into flow, which further informs the management of the treatment process.

Many of the original water level loggers were ecoLog 500 devices, some of which are still in operation. However, these are being gradually replaced by ecoLog 1000 instruments. “The ecoLog 1000 has an extremely advantageous feature,” Paul explains. “Data from the older units was collected using a USB cable, however the newer instruments have Bluetooth connectivity, which means that our operators can connect more quickly and in adverse weather. Where possible, they can also drive close to the logger and communicate wirelessly with a smartphone or laptop from their vehicle.”

The ecoLog 1000 is an all-in-one instrument, including a water level sensor, a logger, and a built-in modem. It requires no additional tools for maintenance or battery replacement, and has been designed for long-term, unattended monitoring in challenging conditions. Key features therefore include extremely low-power operation including Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as a rugged stainless steel pressure probe housing and a ceramic temperature compensated sensor. Typically, remote connectivity is achieved via cellular network LTE-M (Cat-M1).

Force Crag Mine in the Lake District (North East England) is a good example of an extremely remote former mine with challenging environmental conditions. Cellular coverage is very limited on-site, so OTT built a local network which transmits water level data via radio to two loggers located in a higher position. Data from these loggers are then transmitted regularly to Oren’s FTP Server.

Mining commenced at Force Crag in 1835, and it became the last working metal mine (zinc, lead and barytes) in the Lake District, prior to its final closure in 1991. Metal pollution (zinc, cadmium and lead) from the mine polluted the Coledale Beck, a tributary of the River Derwent and Bassenthwaite Lake Special Area of Conservation.

The Coal Authority, working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Newcastle University and the National Trust, devised an innovative passive mine water treatment scheme to reduce the levels of metal pollution entering the river. The scheme, which officially opened in 2015, diverts water from the Level 1 adit (horizontal passage to an underground mine) and routes it through a buried transfer pipe to two vertical flow ponds for treatment.

The ponds were built using the existing bunding of the former mining tailings lagoon, lined with a geomembrane, and filled with a compost treatment mix. Water is fed into the ponds, where it flows down through the compost and passes into a wetland, planted with soft rushes. The wetland filters any remaining solids and oxygenates the water prior to discharge into the Coledale Beck.

“Each site presents its own challenges,” Paul Robinson explains. “Many are in remote areas and in different environments, so we do our best to ensure we maximise the equipment to hand such as the OTT ecoLogs.” Looking forward, he says: “Remote telemetry is particularly advantageous, because it provides access to more frequent data than manual dips due to the schedule of visits that we work to.”

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Ex solenoid interlocks.

The steute business unit Controltec has a new addition to its product range: the Ex STM 515 series of Ex solenoid interlocks with ATEX and IECEx approvals. This series's purpose is to keep guard doors and maintenance flaps locked until dangerous movements inside machines and plants have come to a complete standstill. They are also able to perform this task – and this is typical of steute "Extreme" switchgear – in adverse conditions and Ex zones.

These new Ex solenoid interlocks have a robust die-cast aluminium enclosure which ensures durability even with extreme wear and tear. Multiple coatings (passivation, priming, powder coating) guarantee a high degree of corrosion protection classes IP66/67. The electrical connections are well protected inside a terminal compartment.

Additional practical features of the Ex STM 515 series include an actuator head which can be positioned in 4 x 90o increments. The mounting of the interlock is thus flexible, which together with the compact design make installation very versatile.

Equally typical for steute switchgear is a modular design with a range of additional functions. Users can choose, for example, between the closed-circuit or open-circuit principle, and can also optionally select both a manual release (from the access side) and an escape release (from the hazard side).

The new solenoid interlocks in the Ex STM 515 series can be used in accordance with their ATEX/IECEx approvals in Ex zones 1 and 2 (gas Ex), as well as 21 and 22 (dust Ex). Typical application fields which steute had in mind during the development phase include guard doors and maintenance flaps on mixers and screening machines, as well as packaging plants for powdered or dusty goods. This makes the Powtech 2023 the perfect venue for the launch of these new Ex safety switching devices.

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Care support packages for industrial tools.

Customers can cut downtime while ensuring the accuracy, reliability and compliance of acoustic imagers, power quality analysers and more with these plans.

Fluke Premium Care covers the routine calibration and performance checks of tools to ensure compliance with the latest standards as well as the repair and replacement of damaged accessories. Fluke has expanded these packages to include a wider range of market-leading industrial and electrical tools. Top priority technical support is also offered to enable customers to solve critical equipment challenges faster.

Selected tools from Fluke’s range of acoustic imagers, power quality analysers and loggers, multifunction PV testers and performance analysers, ScopeMeters, motor drive analyzers and process calibration tools can now be covered by Fluke Premium Care. 

Chris Ulfig, Technical Sales Manager, Fluke has emphasised that Premium Care should not be seen as additional insurance or an extended warranty.

“Fluke Premium Care is a means of ensuring any gaps in production and performance are kept to an absolute minimum by maintaining the continuity of our customers’ work,” he said. “Less downtime means greater productivity, increased efficiency, higher profits, and more satisfied end-users. Additionally, equipment that is fully calibrated is not just reliable, it is safe – and the safety of personnel is non-negotiable. Fluke Premium Care takes away the headache of accidental damage or worrying about compliance, calibration, and performance testing to make the most out of your tools. It’s a no-brainer.”

Testing, calibration and compliance.
Representing a cost-effective way for customers to keep tools in peak condition, Fluke Premium Care provides coverage above and beyond a tool’s original product warranty, helping users to avoid unexpected downtime caused by damaged test equipment, accessories, or tools that need calibration or repair.

Annual cost comparisons show that upgrading to a Fluke Premium Care plan can save thousands on equipment maintenance and repair. At the same time, the package supports customers who need their industrial tools to be calibrated or performance tested on an annual basis.

Fluke Premium Care’s calibration and performance maintenance service ensures test tools always provide accurate results and comply with the latest standards. With the offer of expedited calibration, repair and freight, Fluke customers can also save time and get back to work faster while maximising efficiency, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

Accuracy and reliability cut operational costs and increase ROI.
Fluke’s ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager and ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager can now come bundled with a one or three-year Fluke Premium Care plan. Fluke’s acoustic cameras are the fastest way for maintenance teams to accurately locate air, gas, and vacuum leaks in compressed gas systems. Those seemingly small issues can have a significant impact on a company’s operational costs with a single 1/8” (3mm) leak in a compressed air line costing more than USD $2,500 ( a year, according to the US Department of Energy for Industrial Technologies.

Additionally, a 100 hp air compressor consumes around $50,000 in electricity every year and can waste as much as 30% of that power on pressurising leaking air lines. It is a major benefit to use equipment that is annually performance tested to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety when scanning large areas or hazardous environments from up to 50m (164 ft) away.

For measurement tools that are used to generate safety and performance reports, such as power quality analyzers or multifunction testers, regular calibration is a must to ensure compliance and to guarantee precise and conclusive measurements. With Fluke Premium Care, the return on investment from Fluke’s market-leading industrial and electrical tools is substantially increased.

“Fluke’s industrial and electrical tools are renowned for their rugged design and safety features, but accidental damage to tools and accessories can happen, especially where equipment is used by new recruits or operators with minimal training,” said Mr Ulfig. “At the same time, calibration and performance tests are essential to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of equipment. Fluke Premium Care ensures customers have direct access to industrial and electrical tool experts who can help them to cut downtime, boost performance, control budget spent and save money in the process.”

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Plug and produce universal automation.

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Automation Expert universal automation solution can now seamlessly deploy to Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology, a key milestone in the industrial world’s transformation to open, software-defined automation. Both share the same runtime technology, giving industrial operators new levels of engineering and maintenance efficiency due to simple application portability and interoperability.

Developed and managed by, an independent, non-for-profit association, the shared runtime execution engine, based on the IEC 61499 standard, enables an ecosystem of automation plug and produce software applications that are completely independent from the hardware on which they execute. This new software-defined automation means industrial companies can mix and match automation solutions and no longer be held back by closed and proprietary automation platforms, a problem the industry has been struggling with for a while.

EcoStruxure Automation Expert, a fully open and interoperable software-centric system was designed to decouple automation software from hardware and seamlessly integrate offers from different automation vendors, providing unprecedented freedom for industrial enterprises, and advanced agility and simplicity for industrial automation system integrators and OEMs. Industrial companies can now unlock Phoenix Contact PLCnext controllers with runtime so users can then develop and deploy applications to one or more PLCnext controllers using EcoStruxure Automation Expert.

Software-defined universal automation.
A confluence of significant market trends are making the shift to software-defined automation inevitable, according to industry analyst IDC in its recent perspective Software-Defined Industrial Automation: An Update.

“We've talked about this idea of software-defined automation for a few years," said Jonathan Lang, Research Director, Worldwide IT/OT Convergence Strategies at IDC. "We are now starting to see general availability of some of this technology, which means we have to speak more practically and prescriptively about the impact to organisations and how to best prepare for it."

“Collaborating with Schneider Electric has demonstrated the flexible and open nature of the PLCnext Technology,” said Andrew Vanderpool, Senior Project Engineer at Phoenix Contract and Co-Chair of the OPAF Technical Working Group. “We are excited to see how we can continue to collaborate and ‘enhance the automation thinking’ between universal automation and PLCnext Technology.”

“This deployment shows that automation solutions that work well across different systems are viable, providing greater flexibility in our fast-changing digital world,” said Fabrice Jadot, Senior Vice President, Next Generation Automation Solution Incubator at Schneider Electric. “No company can achieve the promise of Industry 4.0 alone. Today’s announcement shows that an extended ecosystem of partners working together with open architectures can positively impact industrial operations.”

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Monday 27 November 2023

Compact OLED displays

A broad range of compact, high-performance OLED displays from leading OLED technology innovator, Wisechip Semiconductor has been introduced by Review Display Systems (RDS). They can now supply and support a full and extensive portfolio of Wisechip OLED displays including dot matrix modules, character modules, circular display modules, transparent displays and flexible, plastic displays.

Offering a range of compact, highly durable, lightweight displays from 0.48-inch to 5.5-inch, the monochrome and colour OLED displays offer contrast ratios greater than 10,000:1, high luminance, fast response times of 10μs, wide viewing angles and an extended operating temperature range of up to -40°C to +85°C.

The line-up of full colour OLED displays, from 0.95-inch, 96 x 64 pixels to 1.69-inch, 160 x 128 pixels, provide exceptional optical performance in all environments, with high contrast ratios that enable deep, dark blacks and bright, clean whites and highly saturated colours. The parallel or 4-wire SPI interface supports 6-bit RGB colour data that enables a colour palette of up to 262K colours.

Key features of Wisechip OLED displays include compact mechanical dimensions, with display modules typically less than 2mm thin. OLED displays are fully emissive, with no internal colour filter and require no additional backlight. A further, additional benefit is low power consumption.

Wisechip OLED displays are suitable for a wide range of applications including instrumentation and operator panels, wearable devices, portable, battery-powered systems and handheld devices.

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Sensor for 800V 3 phase power modules.

Mechanically compatible with popular industry power modules.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 is a new compact current sensor designed for 800V three-phase power modules from LEM.

Developers of automotive traction inverters are increasingly using three-phase power modules such as the popular and widely proven Hybridpack Drive from Infineon. These modules are now adopting the more efficient SiC MOSFET technology, allowing vehicles to use 800V battery systems that offer faster charging and longer driving range.

The HAH3DR S07/SP42 three-phase sensor has been designed to fit these 800V power modules. Fully calibrated over temperature and stable over the unit’s lifetime, they enable a quick time to market with little R&D effort. This makes them ideal for companies developing small passenger vehicle platforms, trucks and buses while restrained by limited R&D resources.

Wide current range.
The new current sensor offers a wide selection of current measuring ranges from 700A to 1200A, and compared to existing units in the HAH3DR family, the package isolation characteristics have been upgraded to cope with the challenge of 800V power modules. As well as the new sensor, LEM also offers a large choice of packages and current measuring range options.

It features a unique enlarged aperture that can accommodate busbars up to 1.5mm thick, making it compatible with newest generation of power modules.

It is also compatible with power modules from various other suppliers, such as the Acepak Drive from ST Microelectronics, the SSDC from ON Semi, and others such as Starpower and CRRC.

As an upgrade of an existing well proven product family, the HAH3DR S07/SP42 is backwards compatible with the first generation HAH3DR S07/SP4 for 400V inverters, meaning no design changes are needed to use the new device.

is a suitable for ISO 26262 safety-relevant applications within specific conditions, for which LEM can provide a safety enabling customers to achieve up to an ASIL D at the inverter level.

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Software for autonomous machine development.

The software offering from Danfoss has been formalised for autonomous off-highway machinery. Designed for in-house engineering teams at original equipment manufacturers and distributors, A+ software reduces development time and costs.

A+ software consists of preprogrammed and pretested software blocks built into Danfoss’ XM100 autonomous controller hardware. Each block covers key areas such as perception, positioning, and navigation. A+ software enables users to add autonomous functionality by integrating the blocks into their machine applications, eliminating the need to develop software from scratch.

This software is offered in two tiers: A+ Essentials and A+ Advanced. Included with a PLUS+1 professional license, A+ Essentials provides basic software tools and blocks to get users started on autonomous machine development. A+ Advanced is a paid solution that provides advanced software blocks and access to future A+ Advanced features and updates.

“Autonomous functionality is improving machine performance and safety and helping relieve labor shortages across a number of industries, particularly specialty agriculture, animal husbandry and airport ground support. The benefits of autonomy are wide-ranging, making it a powerful solution,” said Peter Bleday, head of Autonomy, Danfoss Power Solutions. “OEMs that adopt autonomous functionality early stand to gain a significant advantage. With our new A+ software, we can help OEMs get to market faster with machines that stand out from the competition. Danfoss has both the solutions and the expertise needed to guide companies on the road to autonomy.”

In addition to software, Danfoss offers engineering services and a broad portfolio of hardware required for autonomous functionality. The company’s Autonomous Custom Engineering Services team can help OEMs by providing hardware selection support and full or partial machine programming. Danfoss components such as steer-by-wire, e-steering, electronics, telematics, machine interfaces, controllers, and hydraulics provide a comprehensive solution.

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Components for Europe without hassle.

The Anglia Live eCommerce platform is being enhanced to serve the European Union (EU) marketplace, following a major investment in its logistics infrastructure and website. It will offer a standard two day service from its British distribution centre, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipped by FedEx through its Paris hub, with invoicing available in multiple currencies. In the past 5 years Anglia has consistently grown faster than the market by offering exceptional service and stock levels. It aims to replicate this model in other EU countries via its Anglia Live service.

Karen Ward
Karen Ward, Commercial Director commented, “Anglia can compete on price, availability and delivery with any of our competitors, and we have identified there is a gap in the market for a Europe-wide digital distributor offering a competitive service from locally held inventory. Invited by major franchises to bring our service to Europe, it was an opportunity we simply could not say no to.”

She added, “We invest heavily in inventory supported by smart AI algorithms which have been developed by our team of in-house software engineers. Now customers throughout Europe can experience the benefits of our approach.”

Anglia’s premier delivery partner FedEx will deliver duty paid throughout Europe within two days offering a service with a lower climate impact. Customers can place orders in Euros or US Dollars. Orders placed before 17:00 (CET) Monday to Thursday and 12:30 (CET) on Friday will be despatched same day, there is no minimum order value and orders over €50/$60 will have free DDP delivery, orders below these values attract a €20/$30 service charge.

Customers will enjoy real-time visibility of stock and stock due in, which is not already committed – something which some competitors are unable to do. Other features are a comprehensive parametric search engine, industry standard cross-reference and all product change or termination notifications (PCN / PTN). Products have full lot traceability back to the manufacturer’s pack, even in broken pack quantities such as cut tape and ready reel formats.

Anglia currently supports more than 10K customers and its recently unveiled £2 million expansion of its British distribution centre will allow it to reach a further 150K customers. The new facility increases the overall inventory storage space by 40%. Anglia plans to hit £100 million turnover this year with a strategy to grow organically by 50% in the next five years, excluding of course any acquisitions.

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Friday 24 November 2023

Robots help reshore production and address workforce shortages.

Dual-armed cobots reduce assembly time, increase productivity by 20%, and increase flexibility.

ABB’s YuMi® cobots are enabling the reshoring of production and helping to address challenges presented by workforce shortages for SUS Corporation, a major supplier of aluminum frames and die-cast aluminum components for the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

“Reshoring is increasingly viewed as a way to address the challenges of disruptive supply chains and uncertainty, but it can introduce complexities of its own,” said Joerg Reger, Managing Director of ABB Robotics Automotive Business Line. “Our range of flexible automation solutions can help resolve these, and we’re delighted to see that SUS is benefiting from significant time-savings, enhanced production efficiency and the ability to quickly adapt to changing supply scenarios. This demonstrates how automation is no longer the preserve of large OEMs alone.”

In the wake of significant disruption to global supply chains in recent years, SUS Corporation chose to return to domestic production in Shizuoka, Japan to better manage its lead times and introduce greater flexibility. However, the manual and repetitive nature of the production process, coupled with mounting labor shortages, has made it difficult for the company to recruit and retain sufficient workers to achieve the required production volumes.*

The solution – a series of YuMi dual-armed collaborative robots – has reduced the assembly time, increased productivity by 20 percent, and introduced much-needed flexibility in response to fluctuations in demand. The company expects to achieve payback on its investment within two years.

The automated solution was developed using ABB’s RobotStudio® simulation software to design and optimize the operation in a virtual space, ahead of deployment in the real world. The simulation verified that YuMi’s seven-axes of movement per arm were able to replicate the complex twisting actions needed during the assembly process. RobotStudio’s accurate calculations for achievable production volumes also made it easy for SUS to make informed decisions about their investment. The company is now investigating adding further cells for other products and automating other processes.

“The robots have taken on monotonous, repetitive jobs, enabling workers to be reassigned to more rewarding tasks such as operation management. The new system has also made it possible to operate at night with fewer workers, with the number of dedicated assembly machines in operation reduced from 11 to five,” said Akihiro Taki, Team Manager, Die-casting Team, at SUS Corporation’s Shizuoka site.

*ABB’s recent Automotive Manufacturing Outlook Survey discovered that nearly a third (31%) of all respondents listed labor shortages among their top three challenges, while 35% ranked labor as their most concerning area when it came to rising costs.

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Funding announced for revolutionary technology projects.

Funding has been announced for 12 projects with companies from the south Connemara (IRL) as partners in four of those projects.

Tomás Ó Síocháin, Chief Executive of Údarás na Gaeltachta, has welcomed the announcement that three of the authority's client companies - Eirecomposites, HiTech Health Manufacturing and InverMed (all based not far from The Read-out Signpost location) are partners in projects which will receive a share of the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund.

This morning the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney T.D., the Minister for Higher and Further Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris, T.D. and the Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Dara Calleary T.D. announced an allocation of €58.8 million for proposals under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF). The aim of the fund is to support investment in the development and deployment of disruptive technologies and applications on a commercial basis.

Eirecomposites, based in Indreabhán, is a partner in the NSPCCA project, which is developing communication methods and satellites in space, jointly with the University of Ireland, Dublin, the company Mbryonics in Galway and other parties. Funding of almost €8 million has been announced for them today.

Eirecomposites, together with the University of Galway and Microfocus Galway Ltd, is also involved in the Digi-Stent project, which has received funding of €4 million, to create wireless digital stents.

HiTech Health Manufacturing has received €6.5m to develop CellConnect, a project that will capture data from every stage of the cell manufacturing process; the Gaeltacht company, located at An Tulach, is collaborating with the University of Galway and with Odyssey Validation Consultants Ltd.

Selio System, a pre-biopsy intervention device, has also received €4 million; Inver Med, based in Indreabhán, is jointly involved in this project with Trinity College, the University of Limerick and Selio Medical Ltd.

"This is great news for the companies involved in the projects that received funding today. It it notable that a company from the Conamara Gaeltacht is involved in a third of the groundbreaking projects which have been recognised as exceptional." said Tomás Ó Síocháin of the Údarás. "This is a great achievement for the companies themselves and also for this small Gaeltacht area. It shows that companies in Gaeltacht regions can be on a par with pioneering companies in Ireland and around the world, if they emphasize constant innovation, research and development."

"Our sincere congratulations to Eirecomposites, InverMed and HiTech Health Manufacturing. Údarás na Gaeltachta aims to ensure that the Gaeltacht is at the cutting edge of innovation; there are other companies emerging across the Gaeltacht regions, which will be just as creative and innovative as the ones we recognise today, and we at Údarás na Gaeltachta will be there to assist them."

The area in Ireland where Irish is spoken as a vernacular is known as "The Gaeltacht" 

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Thursday 23 November 2023

Maoiniú fógraithe do thograí ardtheicneolaíochta.

Fógraíodh maoiniú do 12 togra agus tá comhlachtaí as deisceart Chonamara mar pháirtnéirí in gceithre cinn de na tograí 

Tá fáilte curtha ag Údarás na Gaeltachta roimh an bhfógra go bhfuil trí cinn de chliaint chomhlachtaí an Údaráis - Eirecomposites, Déantúsaíocht Sláinte HiTech agus InverMed - ag fáil sciar den chiste DTIF do theicneolaíochtaí bun-athraitheacha.

D’fhógair an tAire Fiontair, Trádála agus Fostaíochta, Simon Coveney T.D., an tAire do Ard agus Breis Oideachas, Taighde, Nuálaíocht agus Eolaíochta, Simon Harris, T.D. agus an tAire Stáit do Chur chun Cinn Trádála, Digiteach agus Rialaithe Comhlachta, Dara Calleary T.D. , allúntas €58.8 milliún do thograí faoin gCiste do Theicneolaíocht Bhunathraitheach agus Nuálaíocht (DTIF) inné. Is ciste maoinithe é seo a thacaíonn le infheistíocht i dteicneolaíochtaí athraitheacha agus ina bhforbairt le gur féidir iad a úsáid ar bhonn tráchtála.

Tá Eirecomposites, atá lonnaithe in Indreabhán, mar pháirtnéir sa togra NSPCCA, atá ag forbairt modhanna cumarsáide agus satailítí sa spás, i gcomhpháirt le hOllscoil na hÉireann, Baile Átha Cliath, an comhlacht Mbryonics i nGaillimh agus páirtithe eile. Tá maoiniú de bheagnach €8 milliún fógartha dóibh inniu.

Tá Eirecomposites mar pháirtí freisin sa togra Digi-Stent, a bhfuil maoiniú de €4 mhilliún faighte aige, chun feistí leighis digiteacha a chruthú, i gcomhair le hOllscoil na Gaillimhe agus Microfocus Galway Ltd.

Tá €6.5m faighte ag an gcomhlacht Déantúsaíocht Sláinte HiTech, chun forbairt a dhéanamh ar CellConnect, togra a bhailíonn sonraí faoi chealla ón gcéad nóiméad a gcruthaítear iad; tá an comhlacht seo, atá lonnaithe ar Pháirc Ghnó na Tulaigh, mar pháirtnéir sa togra le hOllscoil na Gaillimhe agus le comhlacht i gCill Dara, Odyssey Validation Consultants Ltd.

Tá €4 milliún faighte freisin ag an togra leighis Selio System, a bhfuil Inver Med, atá lonnaithe in Indreabhán páirteach ann, i gcomhpháirt le Coláiste na Tríonóide, Ollscoil Luimnigh agus Selio Medical Ltd.

“Is iontach an scéal é seo do na comhlachtaí atá páirteach sna tograí a fuair maoiniú inniu agus is díol bróid don Údarás go bhfuil comhlacht as Gaeltacht Chonamara páirteach san tríú cuid de na tograí a fuair maoiniú," a dúirt Tomás Ó Síocháin, Príomhfheidhmeannach Údarás na Gaeltachta

“Is éacht í do na comhlachtaí féin agus éacht don cheantar beag Gaeltachta seo. Is cruthúnas é freisin gur féidir le comhlachtaí i gceantair Gaeltachta a bheith chomh maith le comhlachtaí in aon áit eile sa tír nó ar fud na cruinne, má bhíonn béim acu ar an nuálaíocht, ar an taighde agus ar an bhforbairt leanúnach.”

“Déanann muid comhghairdeachas ó chroí le Eirecomposites, le InverMed agus le Déantúsaíocht Sláinte HiTech. Is í an aidhm atá againn, go mbeadh an Ghaeltacht ceannródaíoch i gcúrsaí nuálaíochta agus cruthaitheachta. Tá mé cinnte go bhfuil comhlachtaí eile ag teacht chun cinn ar fud na Gaeltachta atá chomh cruthaitheach agus chomh nuálaíoch céanna leis na comhlachtaí atá ag fáil aitheantais inniu, agus beidh muidne in Údarás na Gaeltachta faoi réir le cabhrú leo. “

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Slag detection.

The slag detection system (SDS) from AMETEK Land, has been enhanced,leading to improved yields, higher-quality end products and reduced costly downstream processing.

Prasath Venkatasamy
- Global Industry Manager – Metals, from AMETEK Land, said: “The cost of additional downstream processing time and materials can be a significant burden on an operating plant. By controlling slag carry-over with the aid of the latest version of our SDS, this costly downstream processing can be reduced or eliminated, improving plant throughput, product quality and operating margins.”
The SDS V2 is ideal for use in a variety of applications across the steel-making process, including secondary steel-making vessels such as electric arc furnaces (EAF) and basic oxygen furnaces (BOF), argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) as well as specialty metals processes like stainless steel, copper, and platinum smelting.

The SDS uses an industrial high-resolution, medium-wavelength smart thermal imaging camera to detect the transition between steel and slag. This dedicated camera has been specifically designed to work in harsh operating conditions where smoke and fumes obscure vision, through utilising a particular wavelength path.

Real-time camera data allows operators to make informed decisions about the tapping process, with clear alarm notifications to stop the tap before slag is carried over.

The SDS has been shown to improve operator response time and consistency at the end of each tap. This typically results in a reduction in slag depths of up to 25% compared to traditional methods of stream monitoring.

Designed for automatic operation, the system helps to ensure accurate, real-time detection of steel and slag independent of charge weight and without operator intervention.

The SDS also assists the de-carbonisation process in steel production by supporting continuous process control and optimisation, energy savings and carbon emission reduction.

Slag detection is a critical process during the early stages of production, as slag can negatively affect steel quality and increase costs. Detecting and analysing the composition and amount of slag in the steel melt helps manufacturers take timely corrective actions to ensure the production of high-quality steel with minimal waste, contributing to more sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes.

The SDS is supported by AMETEK Land’s powerful IMAGEPro thermal imaging process monitoring and control software. This includes the IMAGEPro SDS application, which allows users with the optional multi-camera licence to seamlessly integrate additional imagers into the system, enabling them to operate independently from the camera and continuous slag detection system.

By using additional analysing features, such as regions of interest (ROI), together with a secondary thermal imaging camera integrated into the system, optional features such as stream position or freeboard height can provide advanced process monitoring and control.

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Virtual power plants.

Virtual Power Plants are ready to revolutionise the way we generate, distribute and consume electricity but challenges remain, says GridBeyond’s latest white paper.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) have significant potential to enhance grid stability and reliability. By integrating various renewable energy sources, they can effectively balance electricity supply and demand in real time. But to access the full benefits of VPPs, there remains a need to understand and communicate VPP benefits, advance best practices, and shift policy and regulation to put VPPs on a level playing field with traditional grid investments says their White Paper.

In addition the complex coordination and control mechanisms required to manage diverse distributed energy resources pose engineering and operational challenges. But the use of AI and robotic trading in VPP operation can help mitigate risks. The next few years are a critical window for VPP market development. Coordinated and collective action over this time can set the VPP market on a path to delivering long term benefits.

“To reach net zero, distributed flexibility is not optional […] Flexibility is the primary tool at our disposal for reshaping the patterns of demand and generation to accommodate clean energy sources," according to GridBeyond Chief Product Officer and President North America Sean McEvoy. "By enabling flexible demand, we can optimize the utilization of renewable energy, accommodate a larger share of their output, and ultimately reduce reliance on gas during periods of low renewable generation. This approach is crucial for ensuring the resilience of our energy supply while moving towards a clean energy future and VPP’s will play an invaluable role in the energy system: offering distributed flexibility to balance energy demand and generation and helping keep energy affordable.”

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New CEO for supplier of zero-emission solutions.

The Board of Corvus Energy* has appointed Fredrik Witte as the new CEO, starting January 1st, 2024. Witte joins from his position as the Managing Director of Cargill Aqua Nutrition. Chairman of the Board, Mikael Mäkinen, is very happy to welcome him on board and looks forward to the start of a new phase for the company.

Fredrik Witte

Board Chairman, Mikael Mäkinen said "Corvus Energy is entering an important phase where the company will continue to build on a strong foundation and maintain its position as the market leader in a rapidly growing market. We are therefore very pleased that Fredrik has accepted to become the company’s new CEO. Fredrik brings extensive strategic and financial experience from companies in growth, something the Board believes is an excellent fit to lead Corvus Energy forward."

Based in Bergen(N), Fredrik Witte, has extensive international experience in leading growth companies. For the past eight years, he has been the Managing Director of Cargill Aqua Nutrition's operations in Norway, Scotland, and Canada, where he leads 450 employees. Witte has also served as the Chief Financial Officer for Rieber & Søn ASA in Bergen and has experience with Tomra Systems and DNB. He is excited to get started and to get to know the company better.

"Corvus is a unique global company," he said. "It is motivating to become part of a company that plays a key role in making the global maritime industry emission-free. I am therefore humbled to have been given the responsibility of leading the company and building upon a strong market position. First and foremost, I am looking forward to getting to know the business and the employees worldwide, where we together will continue to develop the company" 

Fredrik Witte starts January 1st, 2024, CFO Mette Rokne Hanestad will serve as the Interim CEO in the meantime.

*Corvus Energy offers a full portfolio of energy storage and fuel cell systems, suitable for almost every vessel type, providing power systems in the form of modular lithium-ion battery systems and Hydrogen PEM fuel cell systems.

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Compact, high quality and durable valve positioner.

The new TopWorx™ DVR Switchbox, an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators has been announced by Emerson. It combines a durable resin enclosure, compact size and a patented cam design that provides water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines and industrial utilities a reliable valve position feedback tool.

This switchbox uses a low-profile indication to provide easy-to-read local position feedback. This is vital real-time data that helps technicians and plant operators keep processes on target. Engineered for harsh environments, it features stainless-steel components to provide a reliable, corrosion-resistant valve indication solution to keep customer processes running smoothly.

Clear and highly reliable feedback of valve position helps process industry plants, platforms and pipelines operate with peak efficiency and safety without taking up additional production line footprint.

The TopWorx DVR Switchbox cam design enables swift position configuration for faster, easier installation and maintenance. For many process industry applications, the TopWorx DVR provides a compact and versatile design well suited for confined spaces.

In addition, its enclosure has an ultraviolet (UV) F1 rating, providing UV resistance that ensures the DVR performs reliably over the long term in outdoor conditions.

It is one more offering in the TopWorx valve intelligence and proximity sensing portfolio from Emerson, designed to help process industry plants manage and control operations more intelligently and efficiently under the most demanding conditions.

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Wednesday 22 November 2023

LIMS expansion moves.

Xybion Corporation has acquired Autoscribe Informatics (“Autoscribe”). This acquisition represents a significant strategic expansion in the Xybion’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) business globally.

Autoscribe, a globally recognized LIMS software provider, headquartered in Britain, with additional operations in the United States and Australia. Autoscribe LIMS provides multi-industry domain solutions, easy to use and configure software that is currently used by over 140 customers. This acquisition aligns with Xybion’s vision of fast-tracking lab digitization and information management SaaS solutions to simplify lab operations and speed up innovation.

Dr. Pradip K. Banerjee, CEO of Xybion, articulates, “The acquisition of Autoscribe marks a significant strategic milestone in Xybion’s expansive growth strategy. The inclusion of Autoscribe’s geographic presence, particularly in the United Kingdom, and its specialized talent pool will substantially augment the growth trajectory of Xybion’s LIMS business sector, encompassing an array of fully developed LIMS product modules across diverse global industries.”

John Boother, founder of Autoscribe, stated “I believe that Xybion is the right home for the next phase of Autoscribe’s development. I feel that the Autoscribe employees will be highly valued and respected, and our products and technologies will be a strong foundation for LIMS business into the future as part of Xybion.”

This acquisition ushers in a strategic and transformative opportunity for Xybion, its customers, and partners creating a unique and unparalleled LIMS offering for global enterprises. This will not only help expand Xybion’s existing position in the life sciences & health systems but also broadens its horizon into additional sectors such as food & beverage, manufacturing, petrochemicals, radio pharmacy, biobanking, veterinary sciences, environment & water, Materials & mining, among others.

Austoscribe and Xybion’s combined capabilities will help its customers with cloud enabled, modern LIMS software with embedded quality management, document management, data management, compliance, and safety modules.

This acquisition means that Xybion is strategically positioned to offer unprecedented value and innovation in the LIMS sector, reinforcing its commitment to excellence, innovation, and digital transformation of laboratories in these rapidly evolving industries.

“Autoscribe LIMS allows limitless configurations with no custom coding. Autoscribe and Xybion’s combined industry expertise, alongside our product and technological foundation, will be integral to driving lab digitization efforts for our customers to the next level,” stated Kamal Biswas, President and COO of Xybion.

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High-voltage connectors for E-mobility applications.

The PowerTube connector series from TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectors and sensors is now in stock from TTI, Inc. – Europe. Targeting e-mobility applications in industrial and commercial vehicles, the connector series is built to handle the large electrical loads found in e-motor, inverter and battery pack subsystems.

“In the race toward a more sustainable future, the industry for industrial and commercial vehicles is switching from internal combustion engines to hybrid and electric alternatives,” says Dermot Byrne, Industry Marketing Director - Transportation at TTI Europe. “With TE Connectivity’s PowerTube connector series, TTI can help ease this electrification transition for our customers.”

The connector system is available in multiple wire size options, between 35mm² and 150mm², and can withstand up to 580A and, depending on wire size and temperature, up to 1000V. The robust design withstands engine-level vibration and circular 360° shielding (shield current up to 30% of the main current) helps ensure high EMC performance.

Manufactured with scalability and modularity in mind, the PowerTube header is available in either 180° or 90° orientations, as well as up to 3 positions per connector. This is complemented by a unique cube-shaped busbar interface that allows connectivity independent of busbar orientation.

Along with its modularity, a refined circular design greatly simplifies cable routing and connector assembly, helping vehicle manufacturers to lower the total applied system cost. Thanks to IP6K9K dust and water ingress protection, Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and a High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) safety feature in each pin, the PowerTube connector helps ensure reliable, safe connectivity.

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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Strategic investment accelerates sustainability in shipping.

Emerson has made a strategic investment in Frugal Technologies, a Danish-based company that offers fuel optimisation technologies that reduce energy use and emissions in shipping fleets. The investment aligns with Emerson’s fuel management and propulsion control and optimisation expertise in its marine systems and solutions business.

“Frugal Technologies’ mission aligns very well with our commitment to drive innovation that supports our customers in their sustainability journey,” said Jon Stokes, group president of Emerson. “Our shipping customers demand the best fuel consumption measurements and data available to make better, more informed decisions, and Frugal, combined with our technologies, provides an unparalleled value proposition for fuel optimisation.”

On average across vessel types, fuel consumption accounts for approximately 60% of operating costs. Frugal’s cloud-based propulsion optimisation software uses AI technology to collect data related to dynamic conditions such as weather, cargo load and propulsion and develop optimal engine models for ships. Frugal estimates its propulsion solutions generate savings of up to 15% in fuel consumption, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

“Our propulsion solution supports two critical pain points in the market: optimising energy use to reduce fuel costs and helping ship owners comply with more stringent emissions targets,” said Peter Hauschildt, co-founder and chief executive officer of Frugal Technologies. “Our fuel optimisation technology complements Emerson’s marine expertise and automation portfolio, and together we are well positioned to help fleet performance leaders better manage their fuel costs and meet their sustainability targets.”

New global environmental regulations have sparked innovation to support shipping companies in their sustainability journey. The International Maritime Organization has stated its goals to reduce the carbon intensity of international shipping by at least 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050.

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Monday 20 November 2023

Component collaboration.

Anglia Components PLC recently celebrated 20 years of collaboration with Omron Electronic Components as the company’s distributor in Britain. The announcement comes as Omron Corporation commemorates its 90th anniversary this year.

LtoR: Tony Wilmot, Business Development Manager, David Liston,  European Distribution Manager, Jose Luis Gonzalez del Val, Chief Operating Officer, all Omron; John Bowman, Marketing Director, Anglia; Chris O’Neill, Senior Business Development Manager Europe, Omron.  

Commenting on the partnership, Jose Luis Gonzalez del Val, Chief Operating Officer for Omron, said, “As Omron celebrates 90 years of success, it’s important to recognise the external partnerships that have supported us in this journey. Anglia is vital to our distribution network as a reliable partner with outstanding relationships to its customer base. Anglia’s work has been recognised previously when they received Omron’s Best Distributor for Northern Europe award. We expect this long-standing partnership to continue for years to come.”

John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia, added, “We’re proud to be recognised by Omron as one of its long-serving distribution partners. It’s always exciting to see what innovations in the electronic component sphere Omron present to us to implement with our customers and countless designs have hugely benefitted from their products.”

Omron Corporation officially reached its 90th anniversary in May 2023. The company recognised the milestone with a series of events that included the support of global non-profit partners through volunteer events.

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