Thursday 16 November 2023

Field power supplies.

DIN-Rail power supplies and Field Power Supplies equipped with a fully integrated EtherCAT interface have been introduced by PULS (at SPS 2023 in November 2023).

The integration of the EtherCAT interface allows users to configure and remotely control the power supplies in an efficient and time-saving manner. In addition, it provides access to a variety of measurement data, which enables reliable monitoring and predictive maintenance of both the power supply and the end system.

Application data in real-time:
PULS power supplies with integrated EtherCAT ports can be directly connected to EtherCAT controllers – without the need for additional gateways, providing easy and rapid access to all application data and power supply functions. The real-time capabilities and high-speed transmission of EtherCAT is ideal for maintenance, logging and remote control in large-scale systems.

The power supply data can also be used within real-time control loops. Based on the data, drives or other high-energy users can be controlled in an optimal way to keep the dynamic power needs within the capabilities of the power supply system. This enables improved system efficiency as power supplies can be used at the optimal operating point.

Three models available:
• 240 W or 480 W DIN rail power supplies with EtherCAT
• Input: AC 100-240 V, DC 110-150 V
• Output: 24 V, 10 A or 20 A; 48 V, 10 A
• 2 x RJ45 EtherCAT ports
• Rated to IP20

• 600 W FIEPOS Field Power Supply with EtherCAT
• Input: AC 380 - 480 V
• Output: 24 V, 25 A
• 4 eFused outputs
• M8 A-Coded
• Rated to IP65/67

Key benefits of PULS power supplies with EtherCAT interface include:
Use real application data to improve the utilisation of end system.
Implement preventative maintenance and fix errors before they occur.
Reduce energy costs and speed up fault analysis and troubleshooting.

PULS offers all the documentation and tools required to integrate their smart power supplies with EtherCAT into customer’s automation networks, enabling direct access to the device data from the PLC or embedded controller.

This includes extensive documentation – from datasheets, data- and interface-description to quick start guides, enabling a fast and easy integration even for users with little experience. In addition, PULS also provides the relevant electronic data files such as IODD for IO Link or ESI files for EtherCAT. As part of their quick start quides PULS also provides sample configurations and programs for selected PLCs and control tools.

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