Monday 13 November 2023

Reliability and hardware design - Report.

More than 750 system architects and design engineers across the globe discussed today’s challenges to reliability and what the future may bring.

The results of Molex's global reliability survey reveals the challenges facing system architects and design engineers for hardware, including devices, when balancing growing expectations for reliability with ever-increasing product complexity, diminishing time for testing, as well as constant cost and manufacturing constraints.

  • More than half of the survey participants assert that reliability drives brand loyalty
  • Top reliability challenges include adequate time for testing, supplier quality, cost and correlation of product design attributes to their impact on reliability
  • 46% of respondents believe AI, ML, simulations and analytics are best bets to boost product reliability
  • 92% expect to lose reliability experts to retirement over the next five years

“Reliability is a real ‘rubber meets the road’ topic with far-reaching implications across every facet of product development, manufacturing and ultimately, end-user experience,” said Scott Whicker, SVP and president, Transportation Innovative Solutions, Molex.

91% of the survey participants reported a strong correlation between their ability to deliver reliable products with having trusted, proven supplier relationships. To that end, 96% of the respondents have changed part suppliers due to reliability issues, with more than a quarter reporting frequent changes. Overall, these supplier relationships are becoming increasingly critical, as evidenced by 74% of respondents who believe reliability is at risk due to shortening design cycles.

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