Tuesday 30 January 2024

Appointments at pyrometer leader.

AMETEK Land has introduced a new industry team structure to transform its approach to its customers, products, and solutions. The changes will mean a continued focus on global industrial solutions, and a drive to help customers meet their industry challenges.

James Cross
James Cross has been promoted to Head of Industry Management following five years as Regional Sales Manager in the Middle East as then Global Industry Manager for Hydrocarbon Processing industries. This new position will see James working with partners and customers to demonstrate where LAND’s technology is solving their most complex challenges. Commenting on the changes, he said: “This new role will allow me to highlight to our partners and customers where our technology is solving their most complex challenges. This is particularly important with the shift in industry towards safer, more intelligent, more sustainable manufacturing processes.
“I love having the strategic freedom to focus on solving serious challenges that can be replicated globally and across multiple industries. This means I’m constantly learning about new processes and how we can contribute to a more sustainable industry.
“AMETEK Land has seen the industrial landscape change and evolve dramatically, from its primary focus towards digitalisation to decarbonisation, and now to an equal focus on both. This is underlined by a demand to make more from less, with a reduced risk to human operators and engineers in the plant.”

Manfred Hayk
In addition, Manfred Hayk has taken on the role of Head of Product Management. This role will be focused on developing high-quality, accurate products in line with the wider team to support all industrial applications. He said: “I’m pleased to be working in this important role, which will see LAND develop new products and software to meet our customers’ process challenges and innovate with new algorithms to improve accuracy, save time, and increase safety.
“But it’s not an individual role – I look forward to the collaboration and teamwork across the whole AMETEK Land team to continue the market-leading product and application support we are known for.”

These team changes are key to AMETEK Land’s ongoing development towards greater digitalisation and decarbonisation, which balances between reacting to customer process challenges and innovating based on an expert understanding of what can be done with its technology.

These developments include building algorithms built into the company’s smart pyrometers to improve accuracy while saving operators significant amounts of time, and software development kits (SDKs) supplied with camera technology to allow developers the freedom to produce features using the accurate temperature data output by AMETEK Land instruments. The company is also building closer partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, producing case studies and evidence showing the value of investing in advanced instrumentation

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