Friday 30 November 2018

Phone & tablet in industry.

The Ex-Handy 10 Featurephone and the ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21; Div. 1 version of the industrial tablet Tab-Ex 02 has been recently introduced by Pepperl+Fuchs.

The in-house developed Zone 1/21 certified 4G/LTE Featurephone Ex-Handy 10 with Android 8 operating system is the ideal enabler and companion for innovative industrial 4.0 applications in hazardous areas. The latest member of the ultra-robust Ex-Handy family, developed since 1994, enables the use of push-to-talk (PTT) solutions over 4G as well as private LTE and Wi-Fi networks. This ensures optimum network coverage in all areas and situations – with low network latency and excellent data transfer rates. Speakers positioned at the front of the mobile device provide optimal voice and sound quality – even in noisy environments.

Dedicated, easy-to-use side buttons – large PTT and red emergency button – allow quick access to PTT and alarm services via one-touch. In addition, the automatic, lone worker protection function can be implemented application-specifically and can (server-dependent) be integrated into the company's IT.

The high-resolution, brilliant display of the Ex-Handy 10 is protected by extremely resistant and scratchproof gorilla glass. It features protection class IP68 and withstands permissible ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C in harshest industrial environments. The feature phone offers maximum planning and investment security thanks to very long availability and support (5-year lifecycle) as well as global approvals (explosion-protection, country-specific product conformity and a wide variety of radio bands).

With the Android 8 operating system, continuous security updates via FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) and its own software development team, the Ex-Handy 10 is future-proof. In addition, its highly developed and powerful rechargeable battery paired with advanced energy management allows operating times above average. A consistent, compatible product ecosystem with its own 3.5 mm audio jack connector fixation concept and neues ecom Radio Speaker Microphone (RSM) as innovative PTT sets, scan applications and BLE beacons complete the offer.

The ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21; Div. 1 version of the new industrial tablet Tab-Ex 02 is successor of the world's first explosion-proof Android tablet Tab-Ex 01. The Tab-Ex 02 combines highest performance with innovative applications such as augmented reality. Equipped with an Android 8 operating system, the Tab-Ex 02, based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, features a powerful Octa Core processor with 1.6 gigahertz and 3 gigabyte RAM.

It is ideally suited for industry 4.0-capable applications and simplifies data exchange with SCADA/DCS systems, merchandise management systems (SAP, IBM Maximo), project management systems and computer-aided system planning. The compact Tab-Ex 02 is the perfect and worldwide approved companion for various tasks, including inventory, material tracking, maintenance, supply chain and asset management up to a professional solution for lone worker protection.

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Thursday 29 November 2018

Surge protection.

Harting has developed a protective circuit housed within a modular connector in order to protect common signals in the instrumentation and control area. This means that both digital and analogue circuits are securely protected.

Since these signals can be of different types, in addition to a modular combination for I&C signals with common reference potential (generally digital signals), Harting also offers a combination for differential signal transmission or for transmission without a common reference signal.

These signals are generally differential types such as bus interfaces up to 5 MHz or analogue signals such as 0/4-20 mA or 0/2-10 V. Both types – two-channel types for differential signals and four-channel types for signals with common reference potential – can transmit nominal 24 V DC and up to 0.5 A. The protection level is approximately 50 V, depending on the type.

Transients, which can disturb signal circuits and destroy electronic devices, are discharged to the ground via an appropriate spring element and the grounded Han-Modular® hinged frame. This ensures interference-free transmission of the signal.

When used correctly, the surge protection modules reduce the number of operating faults, increase the service life of the production line and ultimately increase plant uptime. Additional costs are avoided and the profitability of the production plant is maintained.

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Optimise measurement and transaction speed.

Get fast, quality measurements without a large data acquisition (DAQ) mainframe system in this new paper from Keysight Technologies. There are tips about how to select the right hardware and how to configure it to increase reading speed. Optimize they DAQ system for throughput, scanning speed, and accuracy with help from this white paper.

An optimised DAQ test solution can help to realize cost savings in the long run, higher throughput, higher sales revenue, and better equipment utilisation.

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The Rittal energy-efficient Blue e+ cooling units are now also available in a roof-mounted version for the very first time. The units, which are suitable for enclosures from a size of 800 x 600 mm (W x D) upwards, have a cooling output of 1.3 kW. This means that cold air can also flow from above around the devices installed inside the enclosure, such as frequency converters. Alternatively, cooling can also be provided in combination with the new VX25 large enclosure system as a complete integration solution.

Roof-mounted cooling units are the top choice in control and switchgear engineering when heat has to be routed above the enclosures and then outside. This is the case, for example, when enclosures are bayed and there is enough space for the cooling units to be wall-mounted. Since ambient air is drawn in at the front of the cooling unit and then expelled again, there is no need to adhere to minimum distances to neighbouring appliances or to walls. The air routing within the enclosure is also optimal: The cold air is blown out in the front part of the enclosure and so ideally dissipates the heat from top-mounted components such as frequency inverters.

The new roof-mounted cooling units of the Blue e+ series, like the existing wall-mounted units, work with a combination of heat pipe and conventional compressor technology. Since neither a compressor nor a pump is called for when cooling via heat pipe, the energy consumption is very low. Only the fans, used to transport the air past the heat exchangers, need to be supplied with electricity. This cooling method works especially well if there is a large temperature difference between the inside of the enclosure and the surroundings.

The additional compressor in the cooling units only operates when a larger cooling output is required. The compressor cooling is also very energy-efficient: All the active components operate with speed-controlled drives. The cooling output is thus always exactly as high as required and less energy is consumed. Overall, depending on the ambient conditions and the application, cooling units of the Blue e+ series use 75 percent less energy on average than conventional compressor cooling units do. The lower temperature deviations within the enclosure mean that the service life of the components installed is extended.

The new devices also have a multi-voltage supply and are thus easy to operate at all common mains voltages and frequencies. This is a huge benefit, especially for those engineers who sell their machines worldwide.

Operation is comfortable and intuitive thanks to a modern touch display on the front, which is used to make the basic settings and to display the status messages. The touch display can also be integrated into the door of the enclosure as an option. Another option available is the IoT interface, which makes it simple to integrate the cooling unit in an Industry 4.0 (IoT) environment.

The Blue e+ cooling unit is also employed in the new Rittal integration solution. In this plug & play solution, the cooling unit is installed directly in the upper section of the VX25 enclosure. Instead of retrofitting a standard enclosure with a climate control solution, this integrated unit provides the user with a complete system consisting of an enclosure including climate control. Operation is easy via the touch display built into the enclosure door. The cooling unit can be easily withdrawn for maintenance purposes when the door is open.

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Miniature microstepping drive.

Applied Motion Products’ STR2-nano microstepping motor drive, available from Mclennan, delivers advanced features for open loop motion control in an extremely compact package measuring just 34 x 35 x 16 mm (length x width x height). With selectable current control from 0.3 to 2.2 Amps/Phase and with a 24 VDC supply voltage, the STR2-nano is aimed at OEM machine and automated positioning applications where space is at a premium but performance cannot be compromised.

The STR2-nano has 16 selectable microstepping emulation/resolution settings from 200 to 20,000 steps/rev. Step + direction or CW/CCW pulse control is available and advanced digital current control technology features include automatic idle reduction for improved efficiency and lower heating as well as electronic damping through smoothing and step filters for enhanced anti-resonance and quiet performance. A 30-pin header connector and multiple dip-switches enable easy set-up and installation with no need for software. Built-in safety includes under-and over-voltage protection.

The tiny drive has an operating temperature range of 0 – 40 °C and may be heat-sink mounted or fan-force cooled for use higher current and more demanding start-stop performance. A wide selection of compatible permanent magnet microstepping motors from NEMA size 11 to 23 are available with full support from Mclennan.

The STR2-nano is a cost-effective drive solution for linear or rotary positioning for use in medical/laboratory equipment, small mechatronic and automated systems, power tools, battery portable instruments and many other industrial and research-based motion control applications where space saving and/or high performance is required.

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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Smart IIoT co-operation.

The HMS Solution Partner Program has been launched. This is a global program where HMS and its Solution Partners join forces to meet the growing need for smart IIoT-solutions among customers in all industrial fields.

Staffan Dahlström, CEO of HMS Industrial Networks commented: “HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software™ and this is really the essence of HMS’ Solution Partner Program, where our long experience in industrial data connectivity meets our partners’ ability to use the industrial data to deliver innovative IoT-solutions to customers all over the world. This new ecosystem of partners is an important step for HMS related to IIoT.”

By integrating their IoT software to HMS proven hardware, HMS’ Solution Partners help customers acquire, monitor, process and analyse data from industrial devices, machines and systems in an easy and secure way, solving business-critical challenges for the customers. Partners who join the program benefit from working with products from HMS’ leading brands Anybus®, IXXAT® and eWON®.

“Thanks to HMS Solution Partner Program, our customers will benefit from IIoT solutions that help improve their insight and business. The combination of HMS' hardware and our partners’ IoT software is a perfect foundation for smart and secure end-to-end solutions for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Together with our competent partners, we make it easy for customers to extract value from their industrial data,” says Hans Larsson, CCO at HMS Industrial Networks.

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Best performance recognised.

Bourns rewards Anglia’s demand creation focus*
Anglia  has been named 2018 Best Performing Regional Distributor in Great Britain by Bourns, the leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components.

Bev McKnight, Distribution Sales Manager North Europe at Bourns, said, “What really sets Anglia apart in our network is their unremitting focus on demand creation. As a result, they have tripled their funnel of projects, which means that they are not only doing well now but are also in a position to maintain that performance in the future. Achievements this year include delivering the first European design win on a strategic new range of circuit breakers (Komatsulite products) for battery pack applications.”

Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia, added, “We are proud to receive this award from Bourns, one of our longest standing franchise relationships and our partnership is exceptionally close. This award is a tribute to the whole team working on Bourns, and especially the Field Application Engineers who identify and develop the opportunities and the internal and field sales teams who support the customer and turn the design-wins into business.”

*In the picture are from left: Jaqui Fretwell – Anglia, Business Development Director, John Bowman – Anglia, Marketing Director, Michaela Senior – Anglia, Sales Director, Andre Dey – Bourns (back row), Distribution Manager EMEA, Debbie Marriott – Anglia, Asset Manager, Steve Rawlins – Anglia, CEO, Ferdinand Leicher – Bourns, VP EMEA Sales, Bev McKnight – Bourns, Distribution Manager North Europe, Diana Heizler – Bourns, Inside Sales Rep – UK & Ireland, Achilles Chiotis – Bourns, VP Consumer Market Director 

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Faster wiring!

Wiring is one of the most labour-intensive processes in control and switchgear engineering. In order to improve automation in this area, Rittal Automation Systems is offering the new Wire Terminal WT. The innovation can deliver an eight-fold acceleration in wiring processing speed for control and switchgear engineers.

Numerous steps are needed to wire control or switchgear units; the wire must be cut to length, stripped, crimped, labelled and finally, the finished cable must be routed and connected. Wiring accounts for roughly 50 percent of the total work required in creating an enclosure, the lion’s share of the operation in other words. Thus, a great room for improving efficiency, which can be achieved with automated processes.

The new Wire Terminal WT, a compact and fully automatic wire assembly machine, available in WT24 and WT36 variants, helps make wiring more economical and efficient. As many as 24 or 36 different wires can be produced fully automatically in cross sections ranging from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm², without any retrofitting. The appropriate wire bearings have to be selected, depending on the number of wires. Cutting to the required length, wire stripping and crimping operations are carried out without an operator having to intervene. The printing system (optional) can print the wires black or white. Wires processed in this way are optimally transferred to the downstream process steps by the controlled classification system, which consists of a 13-fold storage system with wire rail magazines that can accommodate up to 1,300 wires.

The Wire Terminal can be equipped with a ‘lift’ option that enables a quick changeover to a variety of different automatic crimping machines if different crimping machines are used for dissimilar cross-sections. The standard version incorporates the RC-I insulation stripping and crimping machine. This enables five different wire cross-sections from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² to be processed without having to change the wire end ferrules.

Consistent data management is an important cornerstone for the maximum efficiency of automated workshop processes. The new Wire Terminal WT possesses the right interfaces for this. The data from construction planning with EPLAN Pro Panel can therefore be used seamlessly for wiring pre-assembly. Alternatively, the data can be directly entered into the machine by hand. The pre-assembled wires, which the Wire Terminal stores in the classification system, are available for wiring. This way, the wires are sorted according to need so that work can be optimally performed with the EPLAN “smart wiring” tool.

The Wire Terminal WT can speed up wire processing in control and switchgear engineering eight-fold. At the same time, fully automatic manufacturing guarantees a consistently high quality. An investment in automated wire processing of this nature also makes sense for small and medium-sized control and switchgear engineers. The investment can quickly begin paying off with as few as 300 enclosures per year.

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Multi-purpose monitor.

The F190 is a versatile General Purpose Indicator from Fluidwell,  with continuous monitoring feature. Besides the focus on level, temperature and pressure applications (e.g. °C, °F, Bar, L, m3), the F190 can also work with other measuring units, like %, mA, RPM and more. Therefore, the F190 is a versatile system that suits many applications. Moreover, F190 allows the possibility to create your own custom unit with max. 8 characters.

The F190 accepts (0)4/20mA input signals from any type of analog measurement device. It offers the facility to set two low and two high alarm values. The F190 combines the functionality of the F090, F143, F153 and F170. Thanks to its ruggedness, the F190 withstands extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, sun, sandy deserts, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40°C/-40°F and +80°C/+178°F without the need for expensive protective cabinets. All products from the F-series are robust by design: a truck can even stand on them.

The F190 has extensive mounting possibilities. Simply attach it to panels, to walls or on pipes. In fact, mounting, installing and programming the F-series is unparalleled easy and user-friendly. Your own commissioning crews can swiftly execute installation themselves, saving the cost, time and hassle of hiring external specialists.

The configuration of the F190 is done via a simple, logical and menu-driven structure, instead of complex hardware changes or actions. The alphanumerical descriptions enhance the understanding of the system and its settings, in contrary of regularly seen confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. F190 is, like all products in the F-Series designed according the ‘Know one, know them all’ – principle. Once familiar with an F-Series product, users can program ALL models in ALL series without the need for a manual. Fluidwell allows users to save on programming time and costs, during installation and with each setting modification.

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Investing in calibration & training in Saudi Arabia.

Endress+Hauser has invested around  €3 million euros in a modern, state-of-the-art calibration and training center in the industrial city of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, thus strengthing direct contact with customers in the Middle East while supporting the country’s economic development.

Saudi Arabia wants to expand the private business sector and become less reliant on oil production, two key goals of the Vision 2030 program. “It was this vision that inspired us to create the new calibration and training center,” said Mohammed Abdellah, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser Saudi Arabia, during the inauguration ceremony. “With this new center, we are supporting the country to achieve these reforms and can also increase the local added value by offering local solutions.”

The training center features a classroom with interactive technology, an extensively equipped workshop and a field bus training lab. It offers practical, hands-on training programs designed to impart knowledge on measurement technologies and process control systems that are in demand by the hydrocarbon, power and water & wastewater industries. Young Saudi engineers and university graduates will be able to use the facility to acquire technical know-how in accordance with the latest international standards. Local technical resources can enhance their knowledge and stay competitive with the customized trainings offered in the center.

The 2,700-square-meter facility houses a modern calibration center, the only vendor-managed gravimetric calibration facility in the region, from which the company will offer manufacturer-independent calibration services for measurement instruments. Endress+Hauser also offers reliable on-site calibration, leading to cost savings and a reduction in production downtime. “For us, it’s important to be able to address our customers’ needs in a flexible manner and to ensure that they are optimally managed,” said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group.

The new calibration and training center is part of the Group’s strategy. For almost two decades Endress+Hauser was represented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a local representative, Anasia Industrial Agencies. To optimize customer support in the region, Endress+Hauser entered into a joint venture with Anasia in 2012, enabling the Group to be directly present and close to the customers in the region. Endress+Hauser Saudi Arabia currently has 50 employees. The goal of the new investment is to strengthen the Group’s presence in the important Saudi Arabian market, as well as across the entire Middle East.

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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Hall-effect sensor IC.

Allegro Microsystems Europe has announced the release of its A17301, a new Hall effect sensor IC ideal for two-wheeled vehicles, particularly in position and timing applications like speedometers and tachometers for engine control.

Integrating electromagnetic capability (EMC) components into a small SIP package, the A17301 is a robust solution for digital ring-magnet sensing or ferromagnetic target sensing when coupled with a back-biasing magnet. This new device eliminates the need for external filter capacitors while improving reliability and reducing the cost of a final sensor assembly. The IC incorporates dual Hall-effect elements with 2.2 mm spacing and signal processing that switches in response to differential magnetic signals.

“The A17301 uses Allegro’s differential architecture, which inherently avoids the flatline and chatter issues that single Hall element solutions often face,” explained Bob Fortin, Vice President of Allegro’s Sensor Business Unit. “This part is ideal for obtaining speed and duty cycle information for position and timing applications.”

The A17301 contains sophisticated digital circuits to reduce system offsets, to calibrate the gain for airgap independent switch points, and to achieve true zero-speed operation. Running mode recalibration provides immunity to environmental effects such as micro-oscillations of the target or sudden air gap changes. The use of a digital peak detector for output switching control ensures that the input signal is continuously and accurately tracked, regardless of the amount of signal shift between output edges.

Allegro’s A17301 is available in a 3-pin SIP (suffix UC). The package is lead (Pb) free with 100% matt-tin lead frame plating and an operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to 160°C.

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Indoor air quality.

As a Health Safety and Environmental Consultant, Matthew Brown has experienced increased numbers of enquiries from organisations looking to investigate indoor air quality because of its effects on staff health and performance. Such work involves the monitoring of multiple parameters, and in a recent example Matthew rented a TSI QUEST EVM-7, one of the latest indoor air quality monitors from Ashtead Technology.

In response to health complaints from staff in a three-storey office complex containing approximately 800 staff, Matthew was approached and asked to investigate any possible effects from indoor air quality. “In the past, it would have been necessary to operate several instruments simultaneously,” Matthew explains. “But the QUEST EVM is able to monitor almost all of the pollutants of greatest concern, so the investigation work was significantly quicker and easier.”

With no natural ventilation in the building, air quality was controlled by a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and Matthew spent around 6 hours surveying the locations most likely to present air quality problems. Some of the staff had suggested that they may have received infections from the air, so in addition to the data provided by the instrument, Matthew also took samples for subsequent microbiological analysis.

The TSI QUEST EVM-7 is able to run from an internal rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours, monitoring Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Velocity, Particulates (PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP) Carbon Dioxide and VOCs. A separate toxic gas sensor provides the option of Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen or Sulphur Dioxide. The instrument also features an internal datalogger and a sampling pump if offsite analysis is required.

A large display with intuitive control enables rapid set-up; choosing logging and averaging rates for example. The display also allows the user to view trend graphing for measurements.

As a Gold Channel Partner for TSI Instruments, Ashtead Technology operates a fully equipped service and calibration laboratory from its facility in Sandy, Beds. As a result, Ashtead is able to ensure that these instruments, including the QUEST range, operate to their full capability.

Data from the instrument were compared with workplace exposure limits and were found to be acceptable; as were the microbiological results reported by the laboratory. However, Carbon Dioxide levels rose during the day, so it was recommended that flow rates should be increased in the afternoon. The building itself was 15 years old, so it was recommended that an assessment should be undertaken to check that the building management system was designed for, and able to cope with, the current level of occupancy. It was also recommended that the operation, maintenance and cleaning of the building management system should be better documented so that the organisation could demonstrate defensible processes if called to do so.

Commenting on the advantages provided by the QUEST EVM-7, Matthew says: “I know that Ashtead offers this instrument for sale, but for me it was more cost-effective to rent the unit for this small project.

“The instrument arrived clean, calibrated and ready for immediate use with an easy-to-use start-up procedure, and the ability to monitor such a wide variety of parameters with one lightweight instrument, meant that the whole job was simple to perform.

“With the benefit of the instrument’s data we were able to present a very professional report; appeasing the concerns of staff and recommending future actions for management.”

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Smallest micro switch.

Their smallest ever microswitch with 5A rating has been introduced by Omron Electronic Components Europe

Andries De Bruin, Senior European Product Marketing Manager, Omron says,  “The D2F-5 microswitch will push designers to minimize their application size. With a rating of 5A, these subminiature switches are ideal for high current applications and have a minimum durability of 10,000 actions.”

The new D2F-5 switch offers great ratings benefits and is incredibly small at just 5.7mm x 12.7mm and a height from 5.5mm depending on the operating lever chosen. These switches incorporate a snapping mechanism with two highly precise split springs that ensure long service life. Flux penetration is prevented by using insertion moulded terminals. The switch is available in variety of terminal variations including self-clinching PCB, left angled, right angled terminals, solder terminals and compact solder terminals.

Applications include building automation, ventilation and temperature control, safety and security, smart meters, lifts and elevators.

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Safe enclosure!

The new Rittal VX25 large enclosure system offers electrical engineering companies significant added value thanks to its technical features, ease of assembly and high levels of safety. Now, all the benefits of the VX25 are also available in stainless steel and NEMA 4X versions. This way, Rittal is making its innovation fit for the highest demands in terms of corrosion protection and to meet demanding conditions that involve dust, as well as splashes and jets of water.

This is now available in a 100% stainless steel version to meet the highest demands for corrosion resistance. In addition to the frame structure, doors, panels and the gland plate, all the external parts such as 180° hinges and comfort handle variants are also made of stainless steel.

While the sheet steel and stainless-steel enclosure types have IP 55 and NEMA 12 protection categories as default, the optional NEMA 4X version with its corresponding IP 66 category protection offers increased protection. This means that the electrical and electronic equipment in the VX25 is reliably protected against dust, water splashes and jets, even under demanding conditions.

In order to achieve the high NEMA 4X protection category, the enclosure had to undergo a water jet test, among other things. This procedure (“hose-down” test), in which all gaps with seals were examined for leaks using a jet of water with a flow rate of over 240 litres per minute for a test period of 40 min/30 s (6 mm/s per seal length), confirmed that no water could penetrate the enclosure under comparable conditions. Furthermore, the test procedure includes a check of the dust protection, corrosion resistance, and protection against damage caused by external ice formation.

The almost identical design of the two VX25 enclosure types means that the engineering of the interior can be transferred a 100 percent from the stainless-steel enclosures to the NEMA 4X enclosures. This way, electrical engineering companies can save both time and money in engineering.

When VX25 stainless steel enclosures also need to be equipped with energy-efficient cooling technology for applications in demanding environments, the new Blue e+ cooling units in stainless steel are now also available to electrical engineering companies.

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Measuring Brillion scattering.

Viavi Solutions is the only manufacturer which has developed a BOTDR system that is able to determine if a change in the Brillouin scattering* in an optical network has been caused by stress or a change in temperature. Even over long distances, these anomalies can be localized at an accuracy of a few meters. At Laser Components, these measuring instruments are available in two versions.

- As part of a stand-alone OTU-8000 or a comprehensive ONMSi system, BOTDR measurement is a welcome addition to 24/7 surveillance of critical infrastructures. A single fiber for the test signal is sufficient to monitor the entire cable over long distances (up to 200 km).

- In an MTS-8000 modular multi-test platform, the BOTDR solution offers additional measurement options for the deployment and maintenance of high-speed networks. The technician can check cables between 100 m and 200 km on site; at distances of up to 10 km, a resolution of just one meter can be achieved.

Brillouin measurements are used to monitor gas pipelines, overhead lines, and bridges. The Viavi solution can be used, for example, to determine whether a fault in a district heating pipeline is due to temperature changes or mechanical influences.

Brillouin scattering, named after Léon Brillouin, refers to the interaction of light and material waves within a medium. It is mediated by the refractive index dependence on the material properties of the medium; as described in optics, the index of refraction of a transparent material changes under deformation (compression-distension or shear-skewing).

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Monday 26 November 2018

User friendly universal temperature transmitters.

With the new generation of universal temperature transmitters, FlexTop 2212 and 2222, Baumer is expanding its proven range of products. With integrated micro-USB port, automated cable compensation and a fast sampling time of less than 50 ms, it stands out from other commercially available products and is also suitable for demanding applications in a wide variety of areas.

The digital transmitters with 4 ... 20 mA analog outputs are powered through the current loop. The model 2222 also offers HART communication. The sensor inputs can optionally be configured for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance sensors and voltage signals. Depending on requirements, a 2, 3 or 4-wire input can be selected. This makes the transmitters very flexible in their application, keeps stocks low and saves costs. The integrated standard interface allows simple and direct programming at any time and in any place. An additional interface is not necessary.

The multi-colored indicator light provides a visual indication of the status of the measured values. This simplifies diagnostics and helps in troubleshooting. Automatic cable compensation eliminates complicated calculations, reduces the work involved in calibration and guarantees accurate measurements regardless of the length of the cable.

The FlexTops 2212 and 2222 are prepared for direct display connection using UnitCom cables. This allows for comfortable operation on site by touch screen and rules out conversion errors. They are molded in silicone rubber, which makes them insensitive to humid environments.

The two mounting screws with standard 33mm spacing and pressure springs guarantee reliable sensor contact in DIN 43729-compatible heads, even when there are vibrations.

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Draw wire Sensors.

Applied Measurements are now an approved draw wire sensor distributor of the high precision Micro Epsilon draw wire sensors in Britain.

They have two versions of the draw wire sensors readily available with fast delivery times.

The industrial, high accuracy & robust range and the compact, low cost range are ideal for OEM and high volume applications.

Industrial Draw Wire Sensors Key Features:
  • High Accuracy <±0.01% of Full Scale Output
  • Extreme Long Range of up to 0-50m!
  • Robust Aluminium Housing for Harsh Industrial Environments
  • IP65 Dust Tight and Water Tight Protection Rating
  • Absolute or Incremental Encoder Versions
  • Both Analogue and Digital Options
  • Customised Versions
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Business development at water industry supplier.

Ashridge Engineering provides control, protection and measurement solutions to the water industry. With a new range of data loggers, leak and burst detection equipment, level and pressure transmitters, valve controllers and specialist sensors and switches.

James Luckett
James Luckett has recently been appointed as Business Development Manager for the company.

He commented: “Ashridge have some exciting new products launching in 2019 and I am looking forward to bringing these to market. It’s a great opportunity for me to provide Ashridge’s existing and new customers with value through products and innovation.”

James has spent the last four years working as Key Account Manager for South West Water Business Services supporting public and commercial customers through understanding their water and waste water needs, challenges and opportunities. Prior to this, he spent twelve years working in the telecoms sector, firstly with Orange and then latterly with EE where James’ main focus was Business Development and Sales with the latest technologies and the emergence of M2M.

Mark Burnett, UK Director for Ashridge, adds: “We’re delighted to welcome James to the team. His sales experience and drive will be a great boost to our commercial activities in the UK and key international markets.”

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Friday 23 November 2018

The games continue...

Advantech has announced the expansion of its Advantech-Innocore facility in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (GB). The gaming division, Advantech-Innocore, who are a leader in embedded computer products, design and manufacture some of the market’s most advanced PC products tailored specifically for their industry.

“This expansion is excellent news for both Advantech-Innocore and the local community. It’s a direct result of the hard work and commitment by all of the gaming team, along with the loyal support of our customers, enabling us to post a 6-year CAGR of more than 30%” said Edward Price, Managing Director, Global Gaming and EU Displays Division at Advantech. “Some of our flagship products were created right here in the UK – including the best-selling DPX range of embedded boards which are approved in all major gaming jurisdictions, and running hundreds of thousands of slot machines and lottery terminals worldwide. Expanding our current facility was a logical choice for us as it helped minimise disruption.”

For its part, parent company Advantech is accelerating the deployment of branch locations globally, to better leverage its 25 years of local industry experience.

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Digital manufacturing in the life sciences industry.

Zenith Technologies recently conducted an industry survey that suggests the digitalisation of manufacturing is a top priority.

The company conducted a survey of business and operational leaders across the life science sector on the trends and technologies that may revolutionise the industry over the coming years.

The research suggested an increasing appetite for Industry 4.0 – which focuses on using data and information to revolutionise GMP manufacturing.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed believe that Industry 4.0 will drive the most change in life science over the next 5 years, with 75% of those aiming to invest in people to take advantage of emerging technologies.

It also uncovered the main motivators for technology investment were cost and time saving, with more than 70 % of respondents citing these reasons.

Following on from these findings, Zenith published a whitepaper ‘Industry 4.0: Revolutionising life science manufacturing through connected systems and data’ written by global services director, David Staunton and MES project manager, Ryan McInerney.

The paper examines technological advances that are driving the next phase of pharmaceutical manufacturing, improving quality and reducing waste.

David Staunton said: “The life science industry has used data and information to drive improvements in GMP Manufacturing for decades and there is now an opportunity to take it to the next level.”
“The foundation of life science GMP manufacturing is to know your process and industry 4.0 allows us to stay true to who we are, while at the same time revolutionising GMP manufacturing.”

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Thursday 22 November 2018

Educational training schedule for 2019 announced.

The well-known seminars on CAN for newcomers and CANopen for beginners are now announced for 2019. During the year CIA is to offer for the first time dedicated CAN FD and CANopen FD seminars.

The CANopen FD seminars are free-of-charge for CiA members. The trainers explain in detail the CANopen FD protocol as specified in CiA 1301. Attendees get familiar with the embedded network design options provided by CANopen FD. Additionally, they learn that most of already available Classic CANopen knowledge is applicable in CANopen FD networking, as well.

CiA will continue to provide CAN- and CANopen-related seminars and webinars. The dates are already scheduled.

The new CAN FD seminar will address attendees with some basic knowledge in Classical CAN. Part of the content will also design recommendations for devices and networks as well as standardization aspects. The trainers also will provide an outlook to future developments.

As usual, CiA will also provide some very specific seminars. One CANopen subsea (CiA 443) and one CANopen safety seminar have been scheduled. Further seminars will be organized, if there is sufficient interest.

Besides the regular seminars, CiA offers the possibility of tailored seminars, so-called in-house seminars. The content of such events are highly customized. Customers may also invite their customers or business partners to get trained in CAN technology.

CiA has also scheduled webinars with different agendas. These 1,5-hours on-line events are intended for CAN users and decision makers. They will provide general information about latest trends and further developments in CAN-based networking. The CiA webinars are offered with starting times that allow interested people to attend from all over the world. These webinars thus are another good opportunity to get in direct contact with CiA engineers.

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High humidity measurement.

The EE1950 dew point measurement module from E+E Elektronik is dedicated for OEM applications with continuous high humidity and condensing conditions, such as climate and test chambers. Excellent temperature compensation ensures high accuracy over the entire working range from -70 °C to 180 °C (-94 °F to 356 °F). The device is also particularly resistant to pollutants and corrosive agents.

The EE1950 employs the innovative, heated E+E humidity and temperature sensing element HMC01, which shows best long-term stability even at continuous high relative humidity. Besides, the proprietary E+E coating protects the sensing element from dust, dirt and corrosion. This improves significantly the measurement performance in harsh environment.

Together with an additional, external temperature sensor, the EE1950 allows for precise calculation of the relative humidity. It is therefore a perfect solution for climatic chamber control.

Thanks to the Automatic Sensor Recovery (ARC) function, the sensor copes well with chemical contamination. By controlled heating, the chemicals gaze out from the sensing element, which improves the long-term stability and service life of the device. The ARC mode can be triggered either via a push button on the board or an electrical signal.

The dew point measured data is available on the analogue output, which can be set to current or voltage with a slide switch. The output scaling and adjustment can be easily performed via the service interface and the free EE-PCS configuration software.

The choice of two board sizes (55 x 46.5 mm / 2.17 x 1.83 ʺ or 90 x 70 mm / 3.54 x 2.36 ʺ) and the high-quality, flexible probe cable facilitate the design-in of the EE1950. The stainless steel probe is available in 65 mm (2.56 ʺ) and 200 mm (7.84 ʺ) length.

• E+E products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Hybrid combustion analysis.

Servomex has co-operated with Danish gas analysis company FLO2R, which has created a unique measurement for combustion safety in high dust environments.

The innovative Hybrid 600 combines the benefits of in-situ and extractive gas analysis techniques into a unique gas analysis solution ideal for controlling potential dangerous conditions in applications such as cement production, power plants, waste incinerators and lime kilns.

Substituting a conventional extractive system with a laser-based hybrid bypass solution, Hybrid 600 uses Servomex’s SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Combustion analyzer as a key system component. Unlike extractive systems, which have response times of up to sixty seconds, require regular maintenance, and take up significant space, the Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology utilised by the Laser 3 Plus delivers a fast-response measurement, typically in less than five seconds, without the requirements of sampling system.

Operating in dust loads up to 200 g/m3, regardless of duct size, Hybrid 600 provides a system which eliminates many of the problems that face TDL analyzers in high dust environments. This includes an air knife to protect the optics from process gases, a protective optical barrier, and replacement of the dust-free process gas for analysis every three seconds.

Hybrid 600 is therefore able to all deliver the benefits of TDL analysis – speed, low maintenance, small footprint, lower project price, simple installation and operation – without losing the benefits of an extractive system.

Successful trials for the new system were conducted at Aalborg Portland Cement Plant in Denmark. A Hybrid 600 system was installed at the electro precipitator inlet, utilizing a SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Combustion analyzer as the control measurement for carbon monoxide (CO) levels. The unit operated at130°C, with a process-dependent dust load between 50 and 200 g/m3, with H2O at 30 Vol%.

The trials were highly successful, demonstrating the Hybrid 600’s capabilities in high dust load processes and verified the rapid response time. The efficiency of the air knife purging system in keeping the optics clean was also confirmed.

Karsten Brink Floor, MD FLO2R with 
Servomex's Stephen Firth
FLO2R Managing Director, Karsten Brink Floor said: “The fast response of the Laser 3 Plus makes it the ideal choice for our hybrid bypass solution.

“In addition to fast performance, the Laser 3 Plus is extremely compact, making it easy to fit into the overall system without significantly increasing the footprint. It also offers unique optics that minimize light loss in dusty conditions – essential to the successful performance of the Hybrid 600 system.”

Servomex Global Business Development Manager Stephen Firth said: “The trials at Aalborg proved the value of the Hybrid 600 system in high dust load environments. It also clearly demonstrated the performance benefits of using the Laser 3 Plus within that system.

“The Laser 3 Plus is designed for high particulate environments, and is easy to install and align. In addition, the analyzer is fitted with a line lock system to ensure it continues to measure the required gas accurately. This is crucial for safety system applications, such as detecting rapid CO build-up.

“Importantly, the Laser 3 Plus can also be optimized to measure both CO and methane, increasingly recognized as a key measurement for safety in combustion.”

Interface for rail interfaces.

The new Han® Gigabit Module from Harting is the first modular industrial connector designed to meet the rail industry’s growing need for high-speed communication based on the Cat.7A cabling standard on-board rail vehicles.

The digitisation of the railway sector accelerated as cable-based communication in rail vehicles grows in response to WiFi usage, new developments in passenger information systems, and the use of additional sensors and assemblies for electronic monitoring and control. The growing volume of data is becoming increasingly important for the various players in the railway sector.

In order to meet the growing demand for communication on board trains, rail vehicles need powerful networks and interfaces that fit the specific requirements of the rail market. As one key requirement is high transmission speed, railway operators have decided on Cat. 7A as a future standard, allowing transmission in the frequency range up to 1 GHz.

The Han® Gigabit Module is the first matching modular connector to meet this requirement, offering signal integrity that is significantly better than the previous Cat. 6A standard. Shielding against interference also improves, as Cat. 7A cables consist of four individually screened wire pairs which are surrounded by another screen braid.

The new Han® Gigabit module enables Cat. 7A transmission in the train carriage area and offers advantages for interference resistance and frequency range. The interface is shock and vibration resistant according to DIN EN 61373, Category II, which makes it suitable for extreme loads in the railway environment. The module is also future-proofed, allowing the installation of an Ethernet backbone for future facilities, upgrades and conversion of rail vehicles.

Harting also supports flexible data exchange on the train with unmanaged switches and patch cables. In a chain comprised sensors, antennas, RFID readers and Harting’s MICA® industrial computer platform – the latter serving as an Edge computer for filtering, aggregating and compressing the sensor data – ambient data can be recorded wirelessly in the periphery and digitally processed for control purposes. The MICA® platform translates the sensor data from the RFID reader and makes it available to other participants in the bus system in both filtered form and reduced to the required extent.

Harting's open hardware and software platform thereby promotes digitisation in various directions: here, the MICA® acts as an intermediary between the data protocols of manufacturers of independent systems.

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Standards group names President and Operations VP.

Dr. Al Beydoun has been appointed as President and Executive Director of ODVA.  He currently serves as ODVA's Vice President of Technology and Standards, brings a wealth of experience in engineering management and electronic systems development to the organization.

Dr Al Beydon
Dr. Beydoun began his career at Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation working in the design and development of powertrain controls products, before moving to Lear Corporation. At Lear, he served most recently as Director of Software and Systems engineering, supporting global markets with various electronic modules. Dr. Beydoun holds an undergraduate and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering from Wayne State University, and an MBA from the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

Adrienne Meyer
The Board also announces that Ms. Adrienne Meyer has been appointed as Vice President of Operations and Membership. Ms. Meyer’s professional experience has focused overall on business operations for not-for-profit organizations and associations. She has held positions of increasing responsibility at ODVA, most recently serving as its Director of Membership and Operations. Ms. Meyer holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

"It is an exciting and dynamic time in the industry, as new technologies for IIOT and Ethernet are emerging that will enable customers utilizing CIP-based EtherNet/IP to adopt the technology in new applications and at new levels,” said Mr. Fabrice Jadot, Senior Vice President for Innovation & Technology and CTO, Industry Business for Schneider Electric and Chairman of the Board of ODVA. “With this leadership team, ODVA reinforces its strong organizational structure, which will allow it to continue to deliver innovative industry solutions.”

“The collective experience and knowledge that Dr. Beydoun and Ms. Meyer bring to the leadership of ODVA will enable the organization to continue to serve the vendor community and membership as we work to solve industry’s challenges,” said Dr. Jürgen Weinhofer, Vice President of Common Architecture and Technology at Rockwell Automation and ODVA Treasurer.

Ms. Katherine Voss, ODVA’s past president, is continuing to support the organization as an advisor in this transition. "Voss’s remarkable leadership of the organization served as a foundation for the growth of ODVA technologies, in particular EtherNet/IP. The Board recognizes her stewardship of the organization with deep appreciation."

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Better visibility to the cyber threats.

Arctic Security is helping companies reduce their cyber threats by utilizing a range of free and open source threat feeds*. The threat feeds collect and distribute up-to-date information about cyber threats.

Companies that use this data get a better visibility to the cyber threats around them and know which issues they need to fix in their network. This way they can remarkably increase the level of their cyber security. The problem is, however, that today only a few companies are doing this extensively and systematically, by using multiple independent sources for their threat intelligence.

"Cooperation with the open source threat feed providers is essential for our business as without proper threat feeds as an input it would not be possible for our customers to produce high-quality actionable threat intelligence as an outcome for their needs. We are happy that Arctic Hub and Arctic Node help companies leverage the threat feeds into a better visibility on cyber threats around them", says David Chartier, CEO at Arctic Security.

Arctic Security software products, Arctic Hub and the upcoming Arctic Node, help here by integrating those free and open source threat feeds that are most commonly used by national cyber security centers and CERTs. The products harmonize the threat data collected from multiple sources and process it to be immediately actionable for the companies. The enterprises get to know exactly which cyber threats they are facing and which issues, such as vulnerable services, they need to fix.

* Some of the open source threat feed providers Arctic Security is cooperating with are, Bambenek Consulting, Brute Force Blocker by Daniel Gerzo, DDOS- Tracker by CISPA, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus CERT feed.

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Powerful Connectivity Tools Unlock Valuable Data from Orphaned and Legacy Equipment.

The DA10D and DA30D Protocol Conversion and Data Acquisition devices have both been launched by Red Lion Controls. Unlike other gateways or protocol converters that rely on complicated scripting or additional server hardware to connect to enterprise systems, the DA10D and DA30D offer powerful connectivity options in a simple-to-use configuration environment, enabling companies to quickly unlock valuable data in orphaned or legacy equipment and cost-effectively connect, monitor and manage their systems with ease.

For factory automation customers who need to collect critical data from multi-generational or multi-vendor deployed systems, the DA10D and DA30D Data Acquisition protocol converters are new devices that offer standard Ethernet and serial ports to gather and share data from disparate systems. This new offering leverages Crimson 3.1 software, providing native support to over 300 industrial drivers, out-of-box OPC UA server capabilities and simple point-and-click configuration of MQTT cloud connectors for some of the industry’s most popular IIoT platforms from Amazon, Microsoft and Inductive Automation.

From the plant floor to the front office, the DA10D and DA30D Protocol Converter and Data Acquisition platforms were designed to act as a key part of any plant’s industrial data collection, visualization and management system, allowing for operational decisions that have meaningful business impact. Providing real-time data from virtually any equipment, anywhere, additional options include a data, event and security logger with cryptographic signature support and SQL queries which can be executed periodically or on demand, ideal for both simplifying recipe and batch management while ensuring the highest quality standards. Further, the platform also offers an optional web server featuring mobile responsive design, a full-screen display ideal for tablet or mobile display, HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript support.

• Red Lion products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Smallest 3 phase Book Style EMC filter.

Schaffner has introduced the new FN 3287 and FN 3288 series designed for motor drives, power drive systems and many other power converter applications. These innovative filters are not only optimised to best serve the requirements of machine tool and machinery equipment but will find wider application areas. Small is not just beautiful, but also very powerful.

When developed with appropriately sized EMC filters during the start of the design-in phase, machines and installations can be optimised to meet the EMC standards from the outset.

These latest Schaffner filters are based on a new design structure, resulting in a significant footprint reduction and have their connection terminals integrated within the filter enclosure.

With the new FN 3287 and FN 3288 product series Schaffner can provide very compact and widely usable solutions from 10 to 160A providing standard or high-attenuation performance requirements in addition to low leakage current fulfilment.

The FN 3287 and FN 3288 series are available with 11 current ratings from 10 to 160A. Both series are available for 480 VAC and the FN 3288 series also for 690 VAC and IT network applications.

All models are CE, UL and ENEC approved and RoHS compliant.

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

DIN rail PSUs.

Foremost Electronics has introduced the IDEC PS5R Series of space saving DIN-Rail mounted switch mode power supplies offering 5V, 12V, and 24V outputs at up to 10A. The slim fitting enclosure sizes range from 22.5mm to 60mm with optional brackets for panel mounting. All models are CE marked, have UL and TUV safety approvals and are RoHS compliant.

Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “Introducing DIN-Rail power supplies is a logical move for us as we continue to become a one-stop-shop for complete enclosure solutions. We already supply enclosures, cable entry systems and cabinet accessories from major manufacturers and being able to provide power supplies continues to simplify and streamline our customers vendor base.”

Key features include 5 Year Warranty, spring up connection terminals, 6 mounting orientation options, operating temperature range from –25 up to +75°C (no freezing), EN 61204-3 EMC Class B and SEMI F47 Sag Immunity (208V AC Input).

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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Automation Competency Model assessment.

A review team of automation experts recently convened at the International Society of Automation HQ in North Carolina (USA) to perform the third critical review of the Automation Competency Model (ACM) since its inception in 2008.

The Automation Federation (AF) was invited by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) in 2007 to be the first industry-related technical society to create a competency model using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) pyramid framework for advanced manufacturing. To this day, ACM remains one of the most downloaded models from the USDOL Careers' site

Team Leader Huffman
In this third review, as in the original and two other previous reviews, USDOL representatives were on hand to assist in facilitation, scribe duties, and guidance on intent regarding certain definitions. Team leader Steve Huffman, AF Chairman of Government Relations and the driving force within AF behind the original creation of the model, remarked that this activity “was the best review of this important work yet thanks to the passion, attention to the details, respectful deliberation, and diversity of professional perspective in the way the team will view the application of the ACM finished product.”

Within this group are five professional engineers, three Certified Automation Professionals® (CAP®), two technology fellows, a doctoral degree holder, two senior educators, and four ISA Fellows. All team members expressed confidence that the improvements made to the ACM are consistent with the latest trends in the automation industry.

The primary task remaining is for all automation professionals to utilize this model to improve their own skills and to gain recognition by all for the inherent value of automation for production safety, efficiency, and capacity and, as opportunities arise, to help educational institutions realize the benefits of the model as a road map to effectively: prepare the next generation of engineers and technicians to embrace careers in automation; build a better path through the formal education process; establish improved job descriptions; better engage young learners early in their education; and connect with military veterans to map their existing skills into the profession.

Automation elevates the roles of all people involved in production, including design, operations, and maintenance by putting intelligence into action. The recognition of the benefits of the automation profession needs to start with parents, students, and teachers, and continue with professors, instructors and ultimately with plant and corporate managers, including those in Human Resources departments. The ACM is the perfect tool to support these activities.

The review team consisted of Steve Pflantz, P.E., AF Chair and Associate at CRB Engineers; Dean Ford, CAP®, P.E., Executive Vice President at Westin Technology Solutions; Steve Mustard, CAP®, P.E., AF Cybersecurity Chair and President of National Automation; Nick Sands, CAP®, P.E., Manufacturing Technology Fellow at DuPont and International Society of Automation (ISA) Fellow; Paul Gruhn, P.E., 2019 ISA President, Safety Systems SME at aeSolutions, and ISA Fellow; Greg McMillan, retired Senior Fellow in Process Control Improvement at Solutia, ISA Fellow, and 2010 ISA Life Achievement Award recipient; Scott Ralls, Ph.D., President of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA); Phil Mintz, Executive Director of Industry Expansion Solutions IES, the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) for North Carolina; Michael Marlowe, former Managing Director of AF; and Huffman, Vice President of Marketing at Mead O’Brien, Inc., and ISA Fellow.

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Technical director at cable group.

Dede Bülbül is Technical Director at Hradil since September 2018, strengthening the development team around the CEO Alfred Hradil. He was previously a technical manager at Hradil Spezialkabel.

Dede Bülbül
In this position he is responsible for customer-specific cable development, production monitoring and quality assurance. Mr. Bülbül is excellently suited for this position due to his 20 years of experience in production engineering.

Hradil Spezialkabel supplies over 2,000 variants of standard and special cables for fields such as mechanical engineering and canalisation engineering. Alfred Hradil sees particular growth potential in the manufacture of special cables for use in explosive areas. For this purpose, Hradil Spezialkabel GmbH offers the offshore control and signalling cable HB44®C — the first such cable to effectively prevent zone entrainment of gases within the cable.

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