Monday 19 November 2018

Safe automation: Learning how to do it.

A modular training system has been launched on the market by Pilz.  The Pilz Education Systems (PES) allows institutions of training/further education can improve the practical training in the field of safe automation technology.

In total, there are nine different control panels that can be combined with one another from the sensor technology, control, operation and maintenance sectors as well as a board that simulates a real plant. Thanks to the use of "genuine" industrial components, the safety and automation functions of a plant or machinery can be realistically simulated.

The modules of the training systems can be used straight away and combined in different ways without any further installation work. The documentation supplied is presented in such a way that the exercises can also be completed by self-study, without instruction. With this offer, Pilz addresses institutions of training/further education such as industrial companies or vocational schools and universities, for example in the fields of electrical engineering and automation.

With the Pilz Education Systems, apprentices can learn the practical basis of safe automation, for example. With the help of wiring examples, they execute their own projects and solve tasks based on predefined sample exercises. The level of difficulty can be varied: By way of an easy entry point, the trainer can for example use the modules with the basic sensor technology functions and relays. That enables them to explain the basics of machinery safety engagingly without any programming knowledge being necessary.

As the tuition progresses, modules with more complex controllers are then used (for instance, a panel on the subject of logic where students can learn how to compile more complex safety circuits with fixed or free configurations). The “conveyor belt actuator technology” control panel offers maximum focus on practicality because it represents a complete machine and its safety and automation functions.

Students should be able to commission the system using a variety of programming languages so that the workpiece on the conveyor belt is set in motion and the appropriate safety functions are triggered as necessary.

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