Thursday 22 November 2018

Smallest 3 phase Book Style EMC filter.

Schaffner has introduced the new FN 3287 and FN 3288 series designed for motor drives, power drive systems and many other power converter applications. These innovative filters are not only optimised to best serve the requirements of machine tool and machinery equipment but will find wider application areas. Small is not just beautiful, but also very powerful.

When developed with appropriately sized EMC filters during the start of the design-in phase, machines and installations can be optimised to meet the EMC standards from the outset.

These latest Schaffner filters are based on a new design structure, resulting in a significant footprint reduction and have their connection terminals integrated within the filter enclosure.

With the new FN 3287 and FN 3288 product series Schaffner can provide very compact and widely usable solutions from 10 to 160A providing standard or high-attenuation performance requirements in addition to low leakage current fulfilment.

The FN 3287 and FN 3288 series are available with 11 current ratings from 10 to 160A. Both series are available for 480 VAC and the FN 3288 series also for 690 VAC and IT network applications.

All models are CE, UL and ENEC approved and RoHS compliant.

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