Friday 2 November 2018

Digital MES platform for Italian site.

Aegis Software tells us that Elettronica GF (EMS) has chosen Aegis’ FactoryLogix® digital MES platform, for their manufacturing facility located in Faenza (I).

As material supply issues in the market threaten the completion of schedules in many factories across the electronics manufacturing industry, Elettronica GF steps boldly forward, supported by Aegis’ FactoryLogix software, to ensure continuous accuracy for material allocation, consumption and spoilage accountability throughout the factory, enabling certainty for completion of planned work-orders, full traceability of materials and process, representing a critical enhancement of their ERP system in supporting fast and accurate material procurement for flexible manufacturing.

Gian Franco Argani, Senior Electronics Designer / owner, Elettronica GF commented, “Seeing the current market trends towards Smart manufacturing as well as for potential material supply issues, we immediately recognized the advantage of bringing in one solution that helps resolve both of these issues, keeping us ahead of competition in terms of meeting our customers’ expectations and requirements, both immediately, and long-term.”

Daniel Walls, European Managing Director, Aegis Software stated, “Being in control of all aspects of Production mandates complete visibility, including execution, materials and test. FactoryLogix provides active, intelligent interfaces, coupled with software intelligence to support immediate decision-making by manufacturing and supply-chain managers, engineers, and business systems.”

Antonio Grassino, President, Seica SpA commented, “Elettronica GF is setting a great example for companies across Italy, and the rest of Europe, demonstrating how the focus on the customer, leads business to success. Being proactive to quickly adopt the best solution, avoids unnecessary compromise.”

With Aegis’ FactoryLogix software as an integral part of their manufacturing and supply-chain technology, with full local support being provided by Seica, Elettronica GF and their customers are positioned to enjoy the rewards of genuine Smart factory values.

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