Thursday 22 November 2018

Better visibility to the cyber threats.

Arctic Security is helping companies reduce their cyber threats by utilizing a range of free and open source threat feeds*. The threat feeds collect and distribute up-to-date information about cyber threats.

Companies that use this data get a better visibility to the cyber threats around them and know which issues they need to fix in their network. This way they can remarkably increase the level of their cyber security. The problem is, however, that today only a few companies are doing this extensively and systematically, by using multiple independent sources for their threat intelligence.

"Cooperation with the open source threat feed providers is essential for our business as without proper threat feeds as an input it would not be possible for our customers to produce high-quality actionable threat intelligence as an outcome for their needs. We are happy that Arctic Hub and Arctic Node help companies leverage the threat feeds into a better visibility on cyber threats around them", says David Chartier, CEO at Arctic Security.

Arctic Security software products, Arctic Hub and the upcoming Arctic Node, help here by integrating those free and open source threat feeds that are most commonly used by national cyber security centers and CERTs. The products harmonize the threat data collected from multiple sources and process it to be immediately actionable for the companies. The enterprises get to know exactly which cyber threats they are facing and which issues, such as vulnerable services, they need to fix.

* Some of the open source threat feed providers Arctic Security is cooperating with are, Bambenek Consulting, Brute Force Blocker by Daniel Gerzo, DDOS- Tracker by CISPA, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus CERT feed.

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