Tuesday 27 November 2018

Smallest micro switch.

Their smallest ever microswitch with 5A rating has been introduced by Omron Electronic Components Europe

Andries De Bruin, Senior European Product Marketing Manager, Omron says,  “The D2F-5 microswitch will push designers to minimize their application size. With a rating of 5A, these subminiature switches are ideal for high current applications and have a minimum durability of 10,000 actions.”

The new D2F-5 switch offers great ratings benefits and is incredibly small at just 5.7mm x 12.7mm and a height from 5.5mm depending on the operating lever chosen. These switches incorporate a snapping mechanism with two highly precise split springs that ensure long service life. Flux penetration is prevented by using insertion moulded terminals. The switch is available in variety of terminal variations including self-clinching PCB, left angled, right angled terminals, solder terminals and compact solder terminals.

Applications include building automation, ventilation and temperature control, safety and security, smart meters, lifts and elevators.

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