Friday 29 October 2021

MedTech friction problem solved.

When a dental laboratory commissioned special-purpose machinery manufacturer, Jonas & Redmann, to design and build a highly automated production cell capable of producing and testing five million mixing nozzles per year the company’s 30 years mechanical engineering experience was well up to the task but the short cycle time of 1.5 seconds was a problem when it came to the essential 100% final testing.

The mixing nozzles, used to produce the casting compounds used by dentists, are made of four separate parts and are assembled in the production cell and, like many MedTech products, are disposable, use once items. Final testing, a mission critical part of the production process, had to be based on a friction coefficient test (< 0.5 Nm) on the mixing mechanism of the assembled nozzle. Having worked successfully with Kistler on other projects, Jonas & Redmann looked to the sensor company for a solution.

The solution Kistler proposed used a combination of a type 4502A torque sensor and the maXYmos BL evaluation system to check the torque curve for each individual product. The measurement value produced by the torque sensor is used to generate an OK/NOK signal transmitted directly to the control system so that any product with an out of spec torque curve is automatically rejected. This 100% testing ensures that only perfect products are delivered by the production cell.

One important factor in the successful outcome was the close collaboration of Kistler and the consulting engineers who were executing the project. The two teams quickly devised a test rig to verify the solution which, at the first attempt, confirmed that the transducer produced values for frictional torque that were within the tolerances allowed by the system specifications.

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Acquisitions strengthen position in electrification and battery test .

NI (National Instruments) has acquired NH Research, LLC, a leader in high power test and measurement applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and batteries. The transaction closed on October 19, 2021. NI is also announcing that it recently entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the EV Systems business of Rosenheim, German-based Heinzinger GmbH, a European leader in high-current and high-voltage power systems and this deal is expected to close in Q1 2022.
NH Research, Inc. enables electrification by accelerating innovation, validation and functional test of today’s technologies. Backed by over 50 years of experience in power conversion and power supply test systems NHR provides world class test instruments and systems for a wide range of industries. NHR solutions provide performance and safety that engineers and researchers desire to reduce test time and increase energy savings of their test systems.

Heinzinger is a leader in developing high-current and high-voltage power units for various industries globally. Their name is synonymous with high-quality and high-precision power supply solutions. Heinzinger's DC power units allow reliable use even under extreme conditions - whether as a single device, a series of them, a standard product or as OEM solutions.

These acquisitions will expand NI’s portfolio of electrification (EV), battery, and sustainable energy capabilities to provide customers with critical power level signal sensing, capture and analysis. NI, NHR, and Heinzinger serve highly complementary positions in testing components used in the automotive industry to rapidly innovate to electrify vehicles. We believe combining the strength of NI’s flexible EV test platform with these companies’ power conversion and power supply test systems expertise will optimize testing workflows and enable rapid responses to changing test needs, accelerating time to market for a broader range of customers.

The focus of the acquisitions is to accelerate NI’s opportunity in high growth EV applications. Due to the complementary nature of these companies to NI’s priorities of innovation and meeting customer needs, NI expects that there will be minimal cost synergies from these transactions. NI is funding both these transactions through a combination of its existing revolving credit facility and cash on hand. These two transactions will represent 3 percent to 4 percent of NI’s total revenue in 2022 and be accretive to earnings per share. Approximately 150 employees will be joining the company.

“We continue to be intentional with investments where we see high potential to accelerate our growth. The addition of expertise and complementary capability from these two leading technology companies will help strengthen and expand our systems offerings to shared customers in the fast-growing area of electrification.” said Eric Starkloff, NI President and CEO. “These companies demonstrate our continued commitment to delivering systems to our customers who are facing a once in a career technology inflection in electrification. We welcome the employees of NHR and Heinzinger as we collectively accelerate our long-term growth ambitions.”

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Appointment at non contact measureament leader.

AMETEK Land and AMETEK Surface Vision have appointed Nancy Bradbury jointly to the role of Director, Human Resources (HR), increasing the company's leadership development capabilities.

Nancy Bradbury
Nancy commented: "Investing in our people, so we can achieve great things together, is my fundamental aspiration. We can accomplish this by developing a coherent and progressive framework that attracts, retains, and develops 100% motivated and engaged talent and creates a culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement. Ultimately, this investment will support and drive the organisations’ long-term goals and ensure we are an employer of choice now and into the future."

Based in Dronfield,(GB), Nancy will support both LAND and Surface Vision, with full responsibility for all HR plans, development, and performance.

In this key role, Nancy will develop a common HR strategy across all the international locations of both businesses and support the management team in actively coaching and developing the future leaders in the organisations.

Nancy joins from Tecomet, a market-leading provider of manufacturing solutions for complex, high-precision products and services for the medical device, aerospace, and defence markets, where she held the position of HR Director, Europe & Asia.

She holds a Higher National Certificate in Business IT and an MSc in Human Resource Management.

She will report directly to David Mollish, Vice President HR of the AMETEK Process & Analytical Instruments Division. "I would like to welcome Nancy as she prepares for this new leadership responsibility. Her skills and experience will help us find, train, and develop the next generation of leaders at AMETEK Land and AMETEK Surface Vision, ensuring we continue to support our customers effectively. I wish her every success in her new position," he said.

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Thursday 28 October 2021

Weighing livestock and agricultural produce.

Pharmweigh load bars - portable weighing systems for all types of livestock, as well as feed mills and bagging etc. - are highly regarded for their exceptionally long life and high reliability. The same highly robust load-cell technology is widely adapted across many of the company's products which include drafting crates and platforms equipped with weighing scales, indicators, electronic ID and livestock auto markers.

The latest innovation, the Draft Master Auto Drafter, is a sheep and pig weighing and drafting (sorting) crate that includes a 4-axis motion control system from Heason Technology to enable automated 3-way gate operation. With successful project funding through Britain's DTI/EEDA SMART and Micro Project Development Award schemes, the portable and compact Draft Master is DC powered from electric bike-style batteries - and with autonomous operation can weigh, identify, and draft up to 600 lambs per hour by weight, daily liveweight gains or EID look up, as well as transmit recorded information to third party management apps.

The essential specifications for the development of the Draft Master called for a motion control system that maintained the long working life and high reliability reputation that Pharmweigh has cultivated over several decades. As well the efficiency under battery operation and quiet operation, safety features to ensure that the gates would retract under any resistance caused by jamming were also significant requirements. Pharmweigh’s own expertise in electronic controls for load cell-based weighing, RFID identification, grading and data export would stand them in good stead for the overall control system and Heason’s proficiency in motion control would provide the essential technology and programming skills for a standalone motion control sub-system for gate operation.

Consideration for the most economical, portable, and robust motor technology centred on Lexium MDrive integrated stepper motors from Heason’s distribution partner Schneider Electric Motion (Now Novanta IMS). Bringing together stepper motors and integral microstepping drives plus an on-board programmable motion controller in a single package, the compact all-in-one MDrive was specified with options including an incremental magnetic encoder and packaging in an environmentally sealed housing with IP65 rated protection.

Selecting the RS-422/485 communication protocol version Heason programmed the NEMA 23 frame sized MDrives using Schneider’s Mcode script with the individual move parameters for operating the entry gate and the three exit gates. The intelligent drives’ software capability includes logic, branching, trip and maths functions, and in combination with its complement of on-board I/O various memory-stored move sequences are called by Pharmweigh’s host controller and coordinated with the weighing and RFID identification sequences. The control system also extends to an optional semi-automatic mode for grading and handling livestock using a smartphone or tablet.

As well as provide a precise datum reference for axis homing on set-up, the MDrive’s incremental encoder option enables the use of Schneider’s hMT closed loop control algorithm which accurately tracks and compares the encoder feedback position with the commanded motor position, correcting any loss of synchronisation. In addition, to further ensure operational safety, drive current sensing is used to detect and remove gate jams by branching to a sub-routine that immediately reverses the gate direction. The choice of a magnetic encoder, rather than a more fragile optical encoder, was an important factor for the durability of the motion system. And to ensure use in all weather conditions the IP65 rated version of the MDrive includes fully sealed M12 connector sets. With programmable motor resolution up to 51,200 steps per rev and encoder resolution of 4000 counts per rev, the MDrive exceeded the accuracy the application called for.

Without the need for a separate drive cabinet, the integrated and intelligent Lexium MDrive minimises the wiring effort required, simplifies maintenance, and helps reduce overall installation costs. Furthermore, their compact size was an important factor to maintain the desired dimensions of the drafting crate which is the same size as Pharmweigh’s industry-standard manual version. The MDrive’s quiet operational characteristics ensure calmness during the weighing process and their high efficiency and low power consumption meets the Draft Master’s battery powered throughput capability.

Schneider’s Lexium MDrive is also available in NEMA 17 and 34 frame sizes in a wide choice of stack length/power output ratings. In addition to the RS422/485 comms version used, other options include Ethernet for EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and ModbusTCP as well as CANopen. To facilitate flexible use across all types of motion applications, industries and environments, the comprehensive range of options and accessories include absolute encoders, high torque versions with 50% additional motor power, IP20 or IP65 protection and a wide choice of cordsets.

The development programme for the Draft Master ran during the Covid lockdowns and, despite the inconvenience of that period, successful field trials are now complete and the product is now fully launched.

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Call for bold climate policy.

Johnson Controls has joined a call on governments to work with the private sector to accelerate the race to net zero. Lending its support to an open letter issued by the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, Johnson Controls has urged world leaders to seize the opportunity presented by the upcoming UN COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow to set out bold policy agreements to give the world a chance of limiting the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C and achieving a just transition.

The Alliance is an informal group facilitated by the World Economic Forum, of which Johnson Controls is a member, consisting of Chief Executive Officers representing large multinational companies that collectively employ over 8 million people. All members of the Alliance have committed to set or have already set Paris-aligned targets across their value chains, which the Alliance estimates will mitigate over 1Gt of emissions annually by 2030. In its letter, the Alliance calls for “bold climate policy agreements at COP 26” and says leaders should use the summit as the best chance to agree on the steps that are required to halve greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2030, reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and build nature-positive economies.

“The recent IPCC report spelled out in no uncertain terms that the climate crisis is here and needs urgent action now. COP26 is the perfect opportunity for governments to set out the policies that can help the private sector to better support that effort,” said George Oliver, chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls. “Technologies exist today that will enable us to bend the carbon emissions curve to reach net-zero by 2050. At Johnson Controls we have been lowering the global carbon footprint of our customers, our supply chain, as well as our own operations through the use of technologies such as OpenBlue, which is playing a key role in decarbonizing buildings. Buildings are a major component of global emissions – as much as 40 percent of global CO2 emissions are from the building sector.”

Johnson Controls believes that taking meaningful government action would not only accelerate private sector investment in major carbon emitting areas such as buildings, industry and infrastructure, but would also bring greater accuracy and transparency to corporate emissions data, thereby achieving net zero faster and more reliably.

The Alliance letter follows a call in June on the G7 for greater collaboration between business and government on achieving net-zero ambitions, and also identifies several points that will enable businesses to accelerate emission reductions, scale-up innovations and achieve a net-zero world by 2050.

Technology and collaboration are key to meeting global net zero targets. With the capability to drive 50 percent and more in improvement in energy efficiency and corresponding carbon emissions, the OpenBlue platform is already at the cutting edge of technology for decarbonizing buildings. The company is now pushing innovation further through collaboration, such as the recently announced joint collaboration on data and services with Atos. This will accelerate clients’ net zero journey by marrying Atos’ Net Zero Transformation Portfolio and EcoAct advisory solutions with the OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings portfolio of sustainability offerings.

Johnson Controls is a signatory to The Climate Pledge, an initiative of business leaders co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism. Signatories to the pledge commit to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040 – ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement goal. The company aims to cut its operational emissions by 55 percent and reduce customers’ emissions by 16 percent before 2030. These ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. Johnson Controls also recently issued a Sustainability Linked Bond to support its commitment to achieving ambitious absolute GHG emission reductions by 2025.

The company is continuing to exercise its leadership in climate action through the Business Roundtable, with George Oliver joining the organization as chair of the Energy & Environment Committee in January. Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies. Its Energy & Environment Committee is dedicated to advancing policies that encourage innovation and support an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

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DIN-Rail Control PCs.

The latest addition to Advantech’s UNO-1 series of IoT gateway devices, UNO-148, bring Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake Core power to Impulse Embedded's range of compact DIN-rail mountable industrial computers.

Built to run Windows 10 IoT or Ubuntu 20.4 Linux, with industrial features like isolated serial and digital I/O, plus wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges, the UNO-148 is suitable for a host of true industrial applications including factory automation, traffic management, and robotic control.

The UNO-148 comes with a choice of the 11th Gen Core i7, i5, or i3 processors and features two SO-DIMM memory slots which come populated with 8GB of DDR4 3200MHz, but can be upgraded up to 64GB. In keeping with the fast memory and high-performance processing capabilities, the UNO-148 also features an M.2 2280 M-key slot for NVMe SSDs and an independent 2.5Gigabit Ethernet controller, capable of real-time communication for low latency applications like robotics and PLC control. Furthermore, the UNO-148 features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, an M.2 2230 E-key slot for the latest WiFi 6 wireless expansion cards, and an M.2 3042/3052 B-key slot that can be used to install high speed, low latency 5G cellular modules.

Like other UNO-1 series embedded computers, the UNO-148 is DIN-rail mountable, fanless, and compact in size. When combined with its flexible communication options and wide power input range (9V to 36V DC), the UNO-148 can be installed easily into control cabinets anywhere on site. With wide -20°C to +60°C operating temperature support as standard, the UNO-148 further shows its suitability for harsh industrial environments. Packed with I/O, the UNO-148 has four RS-232/422/485 serial ports, all with 2.5kV isolation, 16-channel DIO (8-in/8-out) again with 2.5kV isolation as standard, three 10Gbps USB3.2 Gen2 ports and two DisplayPort interfaces.

To further tailor the UNO-148 to the specific needs and requirements of any application, Advantech have provided a modular design function via a choice of two expansion plug-in modules:

The UNO-148-IS2EA features a 2.5" SSD storage bay and an iDoor expansion port. Advantech's iDoor Technology utilises a standard miniPCIe port to allow customers the flexibility of I/O expansion with a wide series of modules supporting a range of Fieldbus and other comms functions like serial and Ethernet.

The UNO-148-P11EA also provides PCIe x4 expansion slots for adding a PCI Express card for additional DAQ, comms and I/O capability.

Both of these modules allow customers to fully customise the base unit with the specific I/O for their application demands. This flexibility is key in making the UNO-148 a multi-use control PC for a wide range of industrial computing applications.

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Integrated stepper motors with wireless.

JVL Industri Elektronik has recently added a Wireless Industrial Ethernet communication option to its ServoStep™ integrated stepper motor series.

Application areas include battery powered AGVs , remotely operated machinery, theatre & stage automation systems etc, or where motion control from a tablet or mobile phone is required.

Available with full support from Mclennan, their British distribution partner, the new wireless option supports Profinet, EtherNet/IP and ModbusTCP/UDP protocols and is available across its MIS and MIL series integrated motors in NEMA sizes 17 and 43, offering output torques from 0.3 to 25 Nm. Industrial Ethernet brings added application flexibility for machine builders and OEMs and this option is particularly useful where wireless control is preferred or necessary for autonomous motion tasks.

JVL’s ServoStep integrated stepper motors combine a microstepping motor and drive with motion controls and a variety of interfacing and comms’ modules in a single compact unit. The single package integrated motor solution makes wiring straightforward and significantly reduces installation costs, and furthermore provides much better electrical noise protection compared to cabinet housed drives with long noise-prone, motor power and control cable runs. The same ‘built-in technology is applied to JVL’s wide range of integrated servo motors – also available from Mclennan.

ServoStep’s feature a Hall-sensor and an encoder in a proprietary control technology that produces higher torque and precision compared to open loop stepper motors. Options are available with rare-earth rotor magnets that produce up to 40% more torque in same housing size. Motor power through the range spans from 50 to 400 W with speeds up to 3000 rpm and a step resolution of 0.01 revs. An absolute multiturn encoder option boosts positioning resolution up to 409,600 counts per rev. Automatic current-control reduces heating and the quiet motor performance suits noise sensitive applications. The ServoStep MIS series is already available with wired Industrial Ethernet, which is compatible with all major Ethernet protocols - meeting the requirements for IIoT and Industry 4.0 with further options including STO SIL3 for machine safety. A built-in e-PLC™ with eight digital I/O points, or analogue inputs, adds additional application functionality.

Configuration, programming, and communication diagnostics is made straightforward with JVL’s MacTalk® PC application software which includes a graphical programming environment and a wide selection of motion control commands and machine I/O interaction functions.

Their new Wireless Industrial Ethernet option can equally accommodate use with an antenna equipped PLC or a wireless access point for long range communications. MacTalk takes care of set-up with a range of commands including SSID, encryption and credentials as well as signal strength. Two selectable operation modes are available: Station Client, which establishes wireless point to point control of individual antenna equipped integrated motors, and Access Point that allows a number of wirelessly-controlled motors to each be hard-wired to other ServoStep motors through a secondary Ethernet connection. Station Client mode is used where multi-axis synchronisation is not an issue, and Access Point mode should include a managed Ethernet switch of industrial grade in the wireless network topology for best axis and machine I/O synchronisation.

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Homecoming for test automation.

A virtual celebration event with workshops, interactive sessions with instructors, giveaways and more...

Test Automation University (TAU) has surpassed 100,000 enrolled students Applitools has announced. This marks the single largest free online education community for test automation in the world.

"It has been such a joy to witness the growth of Test Automation University. The community of students and instructors is remarkable," said Angie Jones, Head of Developer Relations at Applitools and Executive Director of Test Automation University. "Just two years after TAU began, we are thrilled to be celebrating this 100,000 student milestone with a virtual event for the community to learn and celebrate. Reminiscent of homecoming celebrations in traditional colleges, this event will be fun, interactive and unlike anything the community has experienced.”

To celebrate this milestone, TAU will be hosting a virtual event beginning December 1, 2021 called, “TAU: The Homecoming.” This is a free two-day virtual conference where TAU instructors will teach live workshops and lead engaging sessions on critical topics in test automation. The event will also feature games, a live DJ, and more.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Angie Jones, Executive Director of Test Automation University
  • Jason Arbon, Chief Technology Officer at
  • Andrew Knight, Lead Software Engineer in Test for PrecisionLender at Q2
  • Carlos Kidman, Director of Engineering and Open Source Developer
  • Marie Drake, Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla
  • Julia Pottinger, Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks Consulting Group, LLC
  • Paul Merrill, Principal at Beaufort Fairmont, LLC
  • Beth Marshall, Staff Quality and Test Engineer at Smoothwall
  • Manoj Kumar, Principal Technologist at Thoughtworks
  • Mike Clark, QA Engineering Manager at
  • Corina Pip, Senior Test Automation Engineer at Sage Intacct, Inc.
  • Filip Hric, QA lead at Slido
  • Rudolf Groetz, Agile Engineering Coach / Guild Lead Test & Test Automation at Raiffeisen Bank International AG
  • Patrick Döring, Chief Architect Testautomation & Portfolio Manager Testautomation at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

TAU aims to help people of all skill levels advance their careers. Since announcing its first course in January 2019, the program’s 43 renowned instructors have produced a curriculum of 60 individual courses and 13 unique learning paths. The instructors of TAU help guide students on their upskilling journey with materials that cover web, API, mobile, and codeless automation frameworks and provide training in multiple programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby and Swift.

• See also Cookbook in Kitchen for automation & test. (9/4/2021)

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Wednesday 27 October 2021

Major contract with aerostructures manufacturer.

ÉireComposites, located a few miles from Read-out in beautiful Conamara, has secured a multi million contract with Spirit AeroSystems, the world's largest first-tier aerostructures manufacturer, to provide structural components for business jets and commercial airliners. The new contract will bolster 60 existing positions in Éire Composites and the company will look to create 40 new jobs over the next 3 years at their facility in Indreabhán (IRL).

Irish Minister Hildegarde Naughton
with CEO Tomás Flanagan
ÉireComposites CEO Tom Flanagan spoke of the investment and announcement of 40 new positions “Today’s announcement of the continuation and expansion of the relationship between ÉireComposites and Spirit AeroSystems is hugely significant, not only as a sign of confidence of the work of Irish suppliers post-Brexit but the massive role our company will play in the future of air travel." He continued, "I am proud of the work we do here as we are unique to the area along the Wild Atlantic Way with a very loyal and skilled workforce, and without whom today’s announcement and ÉireComposites’ bright future would not be possible. ÉireComposites would also like to place on record it’s thanks to Údarás na Gaeltachta and Enterprise Ireland as they continue to support the company and ensure it continues to work on exciting, novel news projects with industry partners across the world.”

The scope of the contract includes manufacturing and testing services for a number of aircraft and will ensure that Gaeltacht innovation will have a massive role in the future of Air travel.

Éire Composites are no strangers to innovative strides having recently secured a contract to design and produce stray light baffles which will form part of the European Space Agency’s ALTIUS satellite. The company which operates an accredited composites manufacturing and testing facility in the Cois Fharraige area currently employs 60 people. ÉireComposites is an innovative design, manufacturing and testing company involved in lightweight, high performance, fibre-reinforced composite materials, with an international customer base in space, aerospace, renewable energy and industrial composites.

Mícheál Ó hÉanaigh, Chief Executive Officer, Údarás na Gaeltachta of which Éire composites is a client company said that he was extremely pleased with the news that an additional 40 jobs will be created in ÉireComposites in the Conamara area. "ÉireComposites is one of our many successful client companies who have shown that innovation and creativity do not always occur in urban areas, the expance of space in the Gaeltacht clearly inspires the workforce here, further driving home the fact that rural Ireland is the perfect base from which to be connected with the world while enjoying world class worklife balance. The company has secured a significant contract which will indeed propel the company’s products and highly skilled staff further. We also welcome Spirit AeroSystems, whose involvement is a wonderful a sign of confidence in the work of Irish suppliers post-Brexit.”

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Conradh suntasach aimsithe le déantúsóir aerastruchtúir.

ÉireComposites tar éis conradh na million Euro a shíniú le Spirit AeroSystems, an comhlacht is mó déantúsaíochta aerastruchtúir ar domhan, chun páirteanna struchtúrtha a chur ar fáil do scairdeitleán gnó agus airlínéir tráchtála. Mar thoradh ar an gconradh déanfar an 60 post reatha atá in Éire Composites a bhuanú agus tá an comhlacht ag féachaint le 40 post nua a chruthú as seo go ceann trí bliana ag a n-ionad in Indreabhán i gCo. na Gaillimhe.

Tomás Flanagan
 “Tá fógra an lae inniu maidir le dul chun cinn agus leathnú na comhpháirtíochta idir ÉireComposites agus Spirit AeroSystems an-suntasach go dea, ní hamháin gur comhartha é maidir le muinín in obair sholáthróirí na hÉireann tar éis an Bhreatimeachta ach freisin ár ról tábhachtach in aerthaisteal amach anseo." Arsa Tomás Flanagan, Príomhfheidhmeannach ÉireComposites. "Táim an-bhródúil as an obair a dhéanann muid san áit faoi leith seo ar Shlí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin, le foireann dhílis agus ardoilte, agus murach iad, ní bheadh scéal an lae inniu tarlaithe.  Ba mhaith le ÉireComposites buíochas le leith a thabhairt d’Údarás na Gaeltachta agus d’Fhiontraíocht Éireann as a dtacaíocht leanúnach lena chinntiú go mbeidh muid in ann oibriú ar thograí spéisiúla agus nuálacha le comhpháirtithe earnála ar fud an domhain.”

Mar chuid den chonradh cuirfidh an comhlacht seirbhísí déantúsaíochta agus tástála ar fáil do chúpla aerárthach nua agus cinnteoidh go bhfuil ról lárnach ag nuálaíocht Gaeltachta i dtodhchaí an aerthaistil.

Tá sár-chleachtadh ag Éire Composites ar dhul chun cinn nuálach agus iad tar éis conradh a shíniú le gairid chun sciatha solais fhánacha a dhearadh agus a tháirgeadh le bheith mar dhlúthchuid de shatailít ALTIUS le Gníomhaireacht Spáis na hEorpa. Tá áis tástála agus déantúsaíochta ilchodacha creidiúnaithe á fheidhmiú ag an gcomhlacht i gceantar Chois Fharraige (mar atá Read-out féin!) áit a bhfuil os cionn 60 duine fostaithe faoi láthair. Is comhlacht iad ÉireComposites a dhéanann dearadh nuálach, déantúsaíocht agus tástáil ar ábhar ilchodach atá éadrom, ardfheidhmíochta agus snáithíntreisithe. Tá a mbunús custaiméirí lonnaithe in earnálacha an spáis, aeraspáis, fuinnimh in-athnuaite agus ilchodacha tionsclaíocha.

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Network/device integration and asset promoter appoints MD.

Glenn Schulz, who has held the role of Managing Director of the FDT Group™ for 13 years, announced his retirement with effect at the end of 2021 earlier this year. Steve Biegacki has now been named as his successor and will begin the transition immediately, joining the organization as Vice President of Marketing from 1 November 2021, to undertake strategy, planning and collaborative work alongside existing leadership and working groups to ensure a seamless transition assuming the Managing Director role on 1 January 2022.

Steve Biegacki 
“I am very excited to join the FDT Group leadership team at a pivotal time for both industry and organization,”
 Biegacki commented. “My passion for industrial automation and industrial communication is evident. I know automation - customers’ wants and needs, suppliers and applications for the motion, discrete, process and safety markets. For my entire career, I have created alignment through building relationships and collaborating; and I’m thrilled to return to the standards-based community, working with FDT Group’s members and partners to drive a holistic approach to visionary manufacturing excellence focused on advanced automation initiatives.”

Biegacki’s 30+ year career has been in leadership roles working in and with manufacturing companies in the areas of sales, marketing, and business management developing and implementing strategies to deliver market awareness and growth. He was involved in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of technologies and solutions. Most recently, Biegacki has served as Director, Management Advisory Services for BDO, collaborating with industry clients to help them improve their business by helping them understand their market and opportunities, creation of goals and action plans, and KPI’s to measure progress and provide feedback, to ensure planned outcomes. Prior roles include CEO at Kramer Electronics, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Belden and Vice President of Global Commercial Marketing at Rockwell Automation. At Rockwell Automation he was also the Business Manager that led the creation, development and delivery of a single international networking standard known as CIP, the underlying protocol of DeviceNet®, ControlNet® and EtherNet/IP®.

“Steve is the ideal leader to achieve win-win outcomes for FDT Group through global partnerships and collaboration energizing harmonization in a time of revolutionary transformation for the automation industry,” said Lee Lane, chairman of the FDT board of directors. “We believe his expertise, knowledge and passion for industry, matched with FDT’s unifying position, will lead to continuous visionary focus; as we pass the baton to seamlessly deliver FDT 3.0, the platform for innovation empowering the intelligent enterprise.”

Biegacki resides in the United States. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Electronic Technology Institute in Cleveland, Ohio and participated in the Executive MBA program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

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AxialPower enhanced stepper linear actuator.

ElectroCraft enhanced series linear actuators have been available in a NEMA11 frame size for several years but are now being offered in both NEMA17 and NEMA23 frames for greatly enhanced performance capabilities. In addition to multiple frame sizes, motors can be configured in different lengths and winding options to produce the needed motor torque and speed output.

While the enhanced series offers 50% more output force than similar sized offerings, they also realize similar benefits in total life of product and ultra-long-term reliability.

“ElectroCraft’s unique motor and integrated leadscrew designs offer industry-leading linear force per frame size while providing superior precision, speed and efficiency,” notes Scott Rohlfs, Director of Product Marketing, “These new actuators are ideal for a wide variety of medical and laboratory applications including precision metering pumps, mass spectrometers, gas & liquid chromatography systems, medical imaging systems, sample handling and dispensing systems, allowing equipment manufacturers to reduce product footprints while significantly increasing performance.”

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Valve For clinical laboratory instruments.

The ASCO Series 062 Rocker Isolation Valve is designed especially for today’s most demanding fluid control manifolds in the clinical laboratory such as hematology and immunoassay analyzers, sample preparation and pre-analytical, as well as DNA sequencing instruments. The valves designed with 16mm compact size allows for easy integration into complex fluid-handling manifolds, resulting in a reduction in footprint, weight and power. It also offers two-way and three-way functionality, which maximizes flexibility and versatility.

“The new ASCO series 062 valves offer reliable and precise fluid control in a wide variety of analytical instrumentation and medical device applications,” said Sven Richter, vice president of analytical and medical at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “We understand that our original-equipment manufacturer customers are under pressure to get products to market quickly, while improving production and cost efficiencies that allow them to succeed in competitive markets. That’s why we bring this new Series 062 product to our customers.”

The rocker isolation valves control neutral and highly aggressive liquids used in nearly any type of analytical instrumentation. The easy to flush special rocker mechanism, combined with a separating diaphragm, prevents heat transfer to expensive in-vitro diagnostic reagents and eliminates the potential for sticking and clogging of the valve seat. Hermetic separation of the control mechanism prevents particulate contamination caused by the friction of moving parts, ensuring maximum purity of liquid samples.

The Series 062 valves have a smaller internal volume, reducing contamination risk, maintenance requirements and potential reagent waste. The valve also offers pad-mount and barb-fitting mounting options making installation easier, as well as a long lifetime of 10 million cycles that increases instrument reliability.

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Rail industry pressure sensor.

The range of pressure sensors from Variohn Eurosensor continues its range expansion with a new variant that meets the rigorous environmental and performance requirements of the rail transport industry. Tested to EN rail industry standards for EMC, vibration, shock, and corrosion resistance the new EPT3100R is available with IP66 or optionally IP69K protection. 

Twenty gauge-pressure range options from 0.6 bar to 2000 bar are offered with a +/- 0.5% full scale accuracy @ RT including nonlinearity, hysteresis, repeatability, calibration, and offset factors. With a 4 … 20 mA output from a 14.4 to 33.6 V supply, a wide choice of pressure ports in 17-4 PH stainless steel and a durable 22 mm diameter 304 stainless steel housing, the sensor provides durability, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 105°C.

The new EPT3100R is a development of Variohm’s well-established EPT pressure sensor series that has gained a high reputation over several years of production for demanding pressure measurement applications for gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel - in industries as diverse as autosports, process engineering, medical equipment, and agricultural machinery. These piezo resistive sensing element-based sensors employ the latest ASIC circuit technology to ensure excellent accuracy, a wide flexibility in the choice of electrical output and pressure port selection, and high measurement precision, linearity, and repeatability.

The new EPT3100R sensor impresses with its rail industry standards and references. Thorough EMC tests according to EN 50121-3-2:2006 include conducted and radiated disturbances, surge immunity, radiated electromagnetic and electrostatic immunity. A full summary of tests and their relevant EN standard credentials are covered in a datasheet available for download. Similarly, the sensor’s rigorous mechanical properties for vibration and shock testing to EN 61373 are detailed in the datasheet. Furthermore, corrosion resistance and environmental aging tests are listed for salt mist and damp heat, and flammability protection is also included. A choice of electrical connection include M12x1 round connector or a 600 mm cable that can be supplied with as part of a moulded assembly for IP69K sealing. These characteristics combine for a rail industry compatible pressure sensor with performance specifications that also ensure excellent stability, fast response time, generous overpressure and burst pressure credentials for trouble-free operation.

Variohm EuroSensor also markets its own rail industry compatible temperature sensor based on the well proven PT100 measurement element. The 22 mm diameter ETP21R includes 17-4 PH stainless steel wetted components and has been tested to the relevant rail industry performance and environmental standards. With a measurement range of -40 to +125 °C and a maximum static operating pressure up to 160 bar, the sensor has a 4 ... 20 mA output and a total error of +/- 2.0% FSO over a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.

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Training & calibration on the Gulf Coast!

Endress+Hauser has invested US$34million (€29.33) in a modern campus near Houston, (TX USA). The 112,000-square-meter campus includes a large new training center, office space for 125 employees, a calibration lab and a repair facility. The new campus reinforces the Group’s presence in the Gulf Coast region of the USA.

The building is located in Pearland, Texas in the heart of the economically-strong Gulf of Mexico region. "This expansion is a reflection of our strong roots in the USA. It also illustrates our close proximity to customers and helps us to serve them even better in the future," said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group during the dedication ceremony on 26 October 2021.

The new campus offers the largest process training unit in the USA with 200 Endress+Hauser instruments and seven tanks as well as a laboratory for measurement technology and process analytics. Local customers and partners can take advantage of tailored training courses to learn how to utilize modern measurement and automation technologies.

The campus is also equipped for the accredited calibration of flow, temperature and pressure measurement instruments, which can be carried out in the Endress+Hauser lab or on-site at the customer location with a mobile calibration system. A service and repair shop rounds out the campus offering.

In planning the campus, Endress+Hauser placed a high value on sustainability. The building is the fifth Endress+Hauser facility in the U.S. certified for environmental construction in accordance with the LEED standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). In addition, the interior and exterior relies on regional materials to reflect the Texan architecture.

The campus offers space for 125 employees. Apart from Endress+Hauser teams, the new building also houses the gas analysis business area and lab specialists from the Analytik Jena subsidiary, as well as the Vector Controls & Automation Group, a regional sales and service partner.

Pat Irwin, Endress+Hauser's Area Vice President of the Gulf Coast region and Jared Boudreaux, Vector Controls’ President, both agree, “As we have grown our local market presence in the important Houston area, this investment further strengthens our position and reaffirms our growth strategies for years to come.”

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Tiniest camera.

The new XCP camera family of the uEye+ product series from IDS Imaging Development Systems not only combines industrial quality and a favourable system price, but also fills a gap in the market as the smallest camera with housing and C-mount. The models measure only 29 x 29 x 17 mm and have a completely closed zinc die-cast housing with a screwable USB Micro-B connector. Thanks to cost-optimised electronics and compatibility with common lenses, they are perfect for price-sensitive applications.

With the market launch of the camera family, IDS shows that cost-effective industrial cameras with C-mount can also be offered in the industry's smallest standard format. They are aimed at customers who value budget-friendly, extremely compact and lightweight camera models in industrial quality over extraordinary camera features. They are used, for example, for analysis tasks in the laboratory, as eyes in autonomously navigating vehicles in production or for visual support of robots in the field of automation.

Initially, the industrial cameras will go into series production with the 2.3 MP global shutter sensor AR0234 and the 5 MP rolling shutter sensor AR0521 from ON Semiconductor. Other sensors will follow. Thanks to USB3 and Vision Standard compatibility (U3V / GenICam), the cameras can be easily integrated into any image processing system. In principle, they can be used with any suitable software, but they are particularly easy to use with the modern software development kit IDS peak.

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Serving network security and intelligent edge computing in Europe.

The newly founded European subsidiary of Lanner Electronics is headquartered at the HSD Campus in The Hague (NL), further strengthens the company's presence by expanding its hardware design and manufacturing services of advanced and customizable network appliances and Intelligent Edge computers to European system integrators, value-added resellers, and software partners. In addition to this Lanner Electronics has also joined the community of Security Delta (HSD) as partner.

As the innovation center of the Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD), the HSD campus is an excellent operating base where we can collaborate and build working relations with institutions throughout the Netherlands and Europe,” said Geoffrey Egger, General Manager of Lanner Europe B.V. “We are excited to work closely with European partners to bring their offerings to the market by providing reliable hardware platforms uniquely designed by their specific requirements.”
Lanner have focused on providing the most innovative network platforms and rugged industrial computers that empower network security, virtualization, edge cloud, and industrial IoT applications. For over three decades, Lanner has become the leading hardware provider in these vertical markets and continue to drive new platform innovations. The establishment of Lanner Europe B.V. in Europe not only aims to fulfill the unique requirements of the networking, telecommunication, and IIoT industry from local partners, but also to deliver best-in-class ODM/OEM services for accelerating time-to-market solutions.

“It’s of great value that Lanner Electronics has chosen for the region The Hague and the HSD Campus to establish their European Office. We are also very pleased that they have joined the Dutch cluster Security Delta (HSD). This visionary with expertise on predictive simulation technology can make the difference in collaborations with other partners. By enabling smart dynamic businesses with smart dynamic processes as their mission. The partnership with HSD is a perfect fit and adds value to the (cyber)security domain,” says director Joris den Bruinen.

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Tuesday 26 October 2021

Filters protect generators.

Invenergy has selected Parker’s clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters for its new high efficiency gas turbines at the Lackawanna Energy Center.

Pic: Invenergy Lackawanna
The 1,480-megawatt Lackawanna Energy Center in Jessup, (PA USA) is one of the most efficient power plants in the United States. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including three of GE’s latest H-class gas turbines which provide net efficiencies greater than 60% in combined cycle mode and faster start-ups, this combined cycle facility is significantly more advanced than earlier generations of natural gas plants. The ability to generate energy more efficiently reduces environmental impact and improves the sustainability of energy production in the future.

The move to GE H-class turbines is a significant investment and includes the installation of Parker clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters. These highly innovative filters are specifically engineered to protect the intricacies of the latest high efficiency gas turbines. Based on decades of knowledge and experience with turbine installations for power generation, these filters have been tested far beyond standard requirements and were specifically engineered to ensure gas turbine performance, reliability and availability are not compromised and that the system is protected from damage caused by contaminates in the airstream.

“The H-class turbines provide us with significant increases in performance and responsiveness to energy demands,” said Jason Carey, Plant Manager at Invenergy. “By producing energy more efficiently, we are also reducing the environmental impact of the plant. Having invested in this technology, the clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters give us peace of mind that this performance has optimum protection to ensure its ongoing performance, reliability and longevity.”

For the Lackawanna Energy Center, clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters compliment the upgrade to the latest gas turbine technology. The purchase of H-class turbines reflects the future of power generation in the greater Pennsylvania area and with clearcurrent™ ASSURE filters, Invenergy is protecting that investment.

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Monday 25 October 2021

Making automation easier.

Hubs and sensors enable high-performance systems to be implemented in the smart factory

Easy integration, flexible expansion and transparent data and processes at all times:
The new MD7 system from Leuze enables powerful automation

The new MD7 system from Leuze enables powerful automation. It is easy to integrate: IO-Link hubs are a cost-effective way for users to integrate additional digital sensors into the system as required and extend the system in a flexible and economical manner. This ensures that users benefit from consistently transparent data and processes. Thanks to the synchronized system of IO-Link masters and Leuze sensors, the connected machines have a high level of standardization. All of the IO-Link modules as well as connected sensors and actuators can be quickly and easily commissioned, configured and centrally monitored via a web browser. Future security is guaranteed with IO-Link: Backward compatibility means that, even years later, sensors with older dates of manufacture can be integrated into systems with the latest specification.

Flexibly integrated into the control and the cloud
thanks to its multi-protocol capability
IO-Link masters with multi-protocol capability
The IO-Link masters work with a variety of protocols. In a single device, they support the Ethernet-based fieldbus protocols for real-time communication. Communication via Modbus TCP is also possible. This can be used to connect to simpler PLCs, operating terminals or SCADA systems, for example. The advantage: Flexibility when choosing the modules and a high level of standardization with lower complexity. This reduces the stocking costs and streamlines maintenance. A Leuze device model facilitates communication via OPC UA. This variant can be integrated directly into cloud-based systems and, with its web-based configuration, it can also be operated as a stand-alone solution. The integrated web server with IODD interpreter allows all the connected IO-Link devices to be configured. The masters offer a multitude of ways to retrieve diagnostic and status information – either on the device or via a web server.

Easy wiring thanks to standard
M12 Power connectors
Flexible integration of sensors
IO-Link sensors integrated into the MD7 system transmit not only process data, device information, diagnostic data and event messages. Ethernet-based I/O modules combine the data and connect the machine modules to the control and superior systems. This allows modular expansion of the machine. Time-saving and practical for maintenance: If a sensor needs to be replaced, the master automatically uploads the configuration to the new device.

Integrated web server provides easy access
to diagnostics and configuration
Wiring made easy
The IO-Link modules have an M12 Power connector. This enables power connection of the modules irrespective of the used Ethernet protocol. The connectors deliver around 80 percent more power than 7/8" connectors. In daisy-chain applications – where hardware components are connected to one another in series – significantly more modules can be wired together without requiring any additional power. This reduces installation and wiring requirements and offers an advantage in cases where space in the machine is limited.

IO-Link components from Leuze are easy to integrate across manufacturers.

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Friday 22 October 2021

AI in the sewer.

Millions of litres of wastewater generated by households and businesses flow unnoticed through the sewer system to their destination, the wastewater treatment plant. Identifying and locating problems in the underground system has been challenging, but now a system created by the Finnish start-up, Neuroflux, generates automatic alarms when they detect sewage in the wrong place.

A small start-up is an exceptional operator in a field that has traditionally been only for water utilities and their large automation providers. Working simultaneously with many water utilities comes with certain benefits: good ideas spread quickly from one utility to the next.

"The small and agile team has also been our strength", Julia Kariniem smiles. "You can easily chat with us, and we are able to react to changing needs in stride. European water utilities do amazing work to keep water flowing smoothly for all of us, and it is very rewarding to be a part of it."

Inspiration for the idea was originally sparked by an innovation competition organized by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY in 2016. The event took place at a local wastewater treatment plant, where water engineers and programmers gathered to think about how to best take advantage of the utilities' network measurements, such as water flow and energy data.

"Data visualisations for water utilities began to take shape during the hackathon, and the results were considered so interesting that the development continued in a project with HSY", explains Julia Kariniemi.

Sewers go quiet at night
Sewer infrastructure consists of hundreds of pipe kilometres as well as pumping stations that push wastewater forward until it reaches its final destination, the treatment plant.

Even sewers follow our daily rhythms: morning showers increase the amount of wastewater, and at night the sewer goes quiet too. Because wastewater also follows these familiar patterns, visualisation is a useful tool for water utilities, offering valuable information about unusual events in the network.

Visibility under the ground
Analytics developed quickly alongside the visualisations, providing the water utility with automatic alarms for patterns that indicate problems in the network. "There are hundreds of pumping stations in the Helsinki region alone", Kariniemi points out. "It is impossible to monitor each measurement manually."

Growing interest from other water utilities led to the foundation of the new company. Today, almost half of the Finnish population is covered through the Neuroflux service through their water utilities. This year, the system was adopted by the 2021 EU Green Capital Lahti.

Problems in the sewers have direct consequences for the environment. If there is a blockage in a pumping station, wastewater does not move forward in the network and may spill uncontrollably in the surrounding environment. Sometimes it works the other way: water leaks into the sewer from rain, lakes, or other bodies of water, stretching the treatment plant's capacity and wasting resources. "Improving wastewater management is a motivating goal, because it has significance for both the environment and the community", Kariniemi describes.

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Twenty five years in sensors.

Originally founded by Scientist and Entrepreneur Paul Gotley OBE in 1996, Alphasense started life in small premises in Great Dunmow, Essex, (GB). Paul’s daughter, Andrea Gotley, soon took over day-to-day business operations with her father overseeing proceedings in his role as Chairman. A series of astute joint ventures and key research links with British universities enabled Alphasense to develop new technologies and sensor products that opened the door to opportunities in air quality and gas safety markets.

Today, Alphasense operates from a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Great Notley. The company is profitable, with an annual turnover in excess of £20m, largely due to the operational efficiency and global business development established over the last decade or so. The Alphasense product range still includes the company’s bestselling gas safety Oxygen and PPM toxic sensors but is now complemented by a suite of PPB sensors allied with Optical Particle Counters and Photo Ionisation Detectors for air quality applications.

Research and Development is led by Technical Director, Ronan Baron, whose passion for environmental air quality monitoring fuels much of the product innovation and technical strategy at Alphasense. One such air quality innovation project recently led to the launch of two new VOC electrochemical sensors, strengthening the company’s growing air quality product range and offering a lower-maintenance air quality sensor option at an affordable price.

Commercially focused innovation is just one of the reasons customers choose to work with Alphasense. Sensor performance and reliability are key focuses for the Operations team, whose ‘LEAN manufacturing’ approach prioritises efficiency without compromising quality. The ‘LEAN’ methodology allows the team to manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of sensor products. Customer orders are dispatched quickly to a global customer base by an in-house fulfilment team.

The Alphasense Technical Support team is always on hand to assist with further product support, offering a consultative service when customers enquire about a new product idea or adaptation to an existing product. The company’s growth strategy revolves around three core pillars: science, sales, and manufacturing. The fusion of these three elements will remain a foundation that current Alphasense CEO, Peter Saxton, who Andrea Gotley brought in to oversee and implement her succession plan, believes is key to the company’s continued success.

A recent recruitment drive is further evidence of Saxton’s confidence in the long-term success of Alphasense. As well as bringing onboard new members of the Sales & Marketing team to help service and grow the company’s global sales territories, the Technical team has also invested in several new in-house scientists who each bring their own specialist knowledge and expertise to the table.

Alphasense is a business very much looking to the future but with an appreciation of its past. Twenty-five years after Paul Gotley started the company, his daughter Andrea has total confidence that her father’s dedication to high-quality sensor products and excellent customer service is in safe hands. With public awareness of air quality issues at an all-time high, Alphasense is well-placed to continue supporting its customers by designing and manufacturing high-performance gas and air quality sensors that improve living conditions for communities worldwide and, ultimately, save lives.

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Dual on-line and face-to-face.

Face-to-Face Dialog at the Trade Show - Supplementary Content in a 3-D Environment.

Where the boundaries between the real and digital worlds are blurred, there exists a space for new ideas and hybrid concepts: Bolstered by this motif, Pepperl+Fuchs are now combining their exhibit at the SPS trade show in Nuremberg (D) with the company's free "Digital Expo" digital show for the very first time. The aim of the project is to establish an interplay between the respective advantages of analog and digital communication under the motto "Your Future Automation" and to transform both events into a holistic hybrid experience for visitors.

At both events, Pepperl+Fuchs will address three major focus points of automation technology. All content will be available in both German and English:
• E-Mobility—New Solutions for New Production Processes
• Functional Safety—from Extraordinary Products to Customized Safety Concepts
• Industrial Communication—Digitized Processes for Hazardous Areas
Interested parties can now register for the Digital Expo completely free of charge here. This one-time registration also includes access to all content from the two previous Pepperl+Fuchs digital fairs.
Free tickets for the SPS 2021 are available via this link.
  • SPS Show dates are November 23 – 25, 2021, Hall 7A, Stand 330.
  • Their Digital Expo is on-line is November 15 – 26, 2021.

To achieve its aims, the company is using the virtual, browser-based 3-D environment Digital Expo for new, detailed exhibits on its products and solutions for factory and process automation. At the same time, these 3-D models, supplemented by a few selected classic trade fair exhibits, will be presented in adapted form on digital "touch tables" at the SPS in Nuremberg.

Visitors can discuss the digital exhibit directly with experts from Pepperl+Fuchs. After visiting the SPS, they can then re-engage with the products they saw there at the virtual Digital Expo should they wish. The Digital Expo will also provide further digital content, such as brochures or 3-D animations. Additionally, live presentations from the SPS will as well be shown exclusively via stream within the Digital Expo.

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Thursday 21 October 2021

Many coloured sockets.

Industry standard jack sockets for audio, musical instruments, communications, data and instrumentation

A wide range of 2-pole/mono 3.5mm female jack sockets in a number of colour choices for ease of identification on control panels are offered by Cliff Electronics .

Dan Walker, General Sales Manager of Cliff Electronics, commented, “3.5mm mono jack sockets have a large number of applications in a very wide number of markets. Colour coding provides a simple and fast means for system installers and end users to make the correct connection without difficulty.”

Cliff 3.5mm mono jack sockets have single-pole spring terminals which provide simple, fast and reliable connection for a wide range of applications in the music industry, for amplifiers, sound systems and instruments such as electric guitars and keyboards, and are also found in domestic hi-fi for connecting headphones, headsets and smaller loudspeakers. Industrial applications include telecom, communications systems and nurse call systems as well as instrumentation.

Available in black, red, blue, grey, green, white, they also feature a plug actuated on/off switch. The 3.5mm jack sockets may be PCB or panel mounted with the option of using a recess plate for rugged or portable equipment.

Cliff Electronics can supply jack sockets in a wide range of sizes, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks, leads and waterproof connectors.

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Large area barcode reader.

Delivers unprecedented single-camera coverage in a compact hardware solution.

Cognex Corporation has released the High Speed Steerable Mirror, a patented technology designed for use with the DataMan® 470 barcode reader that supports large field of view applications with a single compact system.

“The High Speed Steerable Mirror changes the game for large area applications that typically require a multi-reader solution,” said Matt Moschner, Cognex’s Sr. Director of ID Products. “Now, e-commerce and logistics companies can get up and running more quickly, and achieve the same high accuracy scanning results with lower maintenance costs.”

The new steerable mirror attachment expands DataMan’s field of view both vertically and horizontally, giving 3MP and 5MP barcode readers an effective resolution greater than a 50MP sensor. Coupled with the latest in liquid lens technology, this system can both change field-of-view and depth of focus dynamically. A single DataMan system can now be used for pallet scanning, aggregation, and other large area applications that previously required high-resolution PC-vision or multiple fixed-mount sensors.

The steerable mirror arrives preassembled to the front of a DataMan 470. The unit is configured using a built-in web-based setup wizard, allowing operators to deploy an application in five minutes or less. The user simply enters their application specifications, and the wizard automatically calculates the optimal scanning pattern, ensuring the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times.

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