Tuesday 5 October 2021

Live smart manufacturing.

With the resumption of in-person trade fairs, in November 2021 SPS returns to its traditional venue of the Nuremberg exhibition centre. Analog Devices (ADI) will be there to showcase and discuss its comprehensive, industry-leading sensing and connectivity solutions that are driving the transformation to Digital Industry and enable increased productivity and enhanced efficiency for more sustainable and smart manufacturing – matching the SPS event’s tag line of“Smart Production Solutions”.*

Complete Ethernet Solutions for the Digitisation of Process Automation

A featured demonstration on ADI’s stand at SPS will focus on 10BASE-T1L connectivity. Digitisation of the process industry is reliant on seamless access to data from edge devices in hazardous locations, driving productivity increases and optimisation of raw material usage. ADI Chronous can give access to new insights, reduce system deployment time, and increase asset utilisation with real time configurability and direct IP addressability of each node. The demo will show a process automation network based on 10BASE-T1L connectivity, with multiple field instruments and sensor nodes connected to a fully featured field switch, with multiprotocol support. By interacting with diagnostics features live, visitors can experience how ADI’s solution can reduce system downtime and support optimised traffic management with its low power long reach connectivity spanning more than 1km.

Precision Magnetic Angle Sensing
Magnetic technologies have been progressively challenging the role of the optical encoder in detection of linear and rotary motion. ADI now demonstrates its latest AMR (anisotropic magneto-resistive) -based technology which makes that transition conclusive. Examples shown on the ADI stand will illustrate the simplicity, robustness, accuracy, and ease of deployment of this generation of angle-sensing capability, including meeting the needs of the most safety-critical applications.

Time-of-Flight Position Sensing
The fundamentals of ToF sensing are simple; nanosecond-duration light pulses are reflected from an object, and the round-trip time from emitter to detector yields a distance measurement. ADI has been at the forefront of transforming this “optical echo” approach into a practical proposition that is simple to apply and which delivers accurate depth/distance information. This demonstration will showcase ADI’s latest ToF offering, using a 1 Mpixel CMOS image sensor that can be combined with machine-vision systems for location of assets, verification of position in production flows, and in in-line quality inspection.

Vibration Analysis/Condition Monitoring
Another demo on the ADI booth will focus on condition monitoring featuring the company’s Galileo platform. Condition-based monitoring of assets reduces unplanned downtime, increases asset utilisation and lifetime, thereby significantly increasing productivity. The Galileo platform enables seamless Ethernet access to asset health data in a compact form factor mechanical enclosure for easy mounting to assets. The platform uses a MEMS vibration sensor for high performance, low noise, low power vibration sensing that is combined with ultra-low power processing and 10BASE-T1L single pair Ethernet connectivity supporting distances up to 1km, providing both accurate vibration data and power over two wires. The smart sensor can be deployed in remote, harsh industrial applications including intrinsically safe zone 0 applications.

Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Electric Motors
Combining leading sensing technologies with advanced analytics is enabling improved solutions for monitoring and diagnosing of electric motor health. ADI will demonstrate its OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor, a comprehensive hardware and software solution that enables predictive maintenance of electric motors by providing detailed tracking of motor health characteristics. Regular tasks required for reliable operation of industrial electric motors – such as bearing replacement – can be carried out on a planned basis rather than waiting for failure. These capabilities enable operators to forecast and schedule corrective maintenance to minimise disruption in production processes, increase machinery productivity, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and extend asset lifecycles. Once again, ADI’s range of technologies encompasses the complete task, from physical sensing, though networking, signal processing, analysis and the machine learning, adding a significant new level of utility.

* See also "Face to face automation highlight returns." (4/8/2021)

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