Thursday 14 March 2024

Temperature measurement solutions in metal mining and processing.

Advanced solutions for metal ore extraction

AMETEK Land provides advanced solutions to meet the intricate demands of ore extraction applications. Precise furnace temperature measurements using instruments such as AMETEK Land’s thermal imagers are essential to support safety, effective process efficiency and superior product quality in platinum and nickel ore extraction.

Non-contact infra-red thermal imagers provide critical temperature data which is used to produce consistent, high-quality products and inspect the condition and integrity of high-value assets, without putting operators at risk.

Madeleine Lake, Global Industry Manager - Energy & Minerals, said: “Metal ore extraction requires advanced process control and precise furnace temperature measurements for a superior end product. Our accurate, non-contact solutions deliver this and more, including emissions and safety monitoring in the mineral plant.”

For a continuous and clear view through heavy smoke and hot furnace atmospheres, the MWIR-Borescope-640 is a highly accurate radiometric infrared imaging camera with spectral filtering for continuous temperature measurement and furnace profiling applications. 

The NIR-Borescope-656 is a high-resolution short wavelength full radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera designed to produce continuous live high-definition thermal images. Measuring temperatures in the range of 600-1800C, it is suitable for a wide range of continuous process monitoring and control applications, providing high-resolution images and temperature readings in large furnaces.

Benefits of using the NIR-B-656 include optimised furnace temperatures leading to energy savings, increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

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