Friday 1 March 2024

Energy harvesting saves heating energy!

The Energy Harvester from ZF, installed in applications for windows and doors, contributes to energy efficiency and building security. These monitor if a window is open or closed and prevents, for example, the waste of heating energy. 

By RF technology, the current status of a window will be reported to the building technology and when the window is open, the heating or air-condition will turn down. If a window or door has not been closed, this information can also be checked on a central unit. Thus, the effort for the guard duty of big commercial buildings will be reduced.

By each actuation of the ZF Energy Harvester, sufficient energy for the transmission of a RF protocol is generated. The connected radio electronics transfers the status information to a receiver unit. So, window handle, window latch or door lock inform with every opening and closing about the change of status.

The completely battery-free and wireless technology from ZF is free of maintenance and flexible in use. It can be realized with different RF protocols such as Bluetooth®, EnOcean® or customer-specific RF protocols.

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