Friday 12 January 2024

Service and calibration assistance.

A service solution to ensure customers benefit from peak product performance and maximum return on investment over the life of their equipment is now being provided by AMETEK Land.

All thermometers, regardless of manufacturer, are subject to damage and deterioration over time. However, this can be limited proactively through their service and calibration support, providing ongoing confidence in the measurement accuracy of the instruments.

Service support, delivered through LAND’s worldwide network of regional accredited service centres, helps to maintain peak operating performance over time, while on-site calibration conformance testing maintains the accuracy of the temperature measurement being made.

“Many instruments are operated continually with little or zero maintenance which can affect their performance," said Victoria Jones, Team Leader - Aftermarket at AMETEK Land. "Our service and calibration adjustments restore instruments to ‘as new’, thus limiting their deterioration. This not only provides customers with the assurance that their instrument is working as it should but also protects the investment they have made in that equipment. It’s a proactive solution that maximises the availability and uptime of your AMETEK Land products.”

In addition to its service centres, AMETEK Land also operates three accredited ISO 17025 laboratories which provide certification to endorse the accuracy of temperature measurements being made.

ISO 17025 certification provides additional confidence through traceable independent testing and allows the thermometer operator to distinguish shifts in calibration and correct for calibration errors over and above the specification, providing a useful audit trail.

These ISO 17025 certification laboratories can also certify non-AMETEK Land thermometers/pyrometers within the scope of their approval, subject to the provision of necessary power supplies and cables.

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