Friday 11 November 2022

A First! Wireless mobile infrared camera.

The FLIR ONE® Edge Pro is a wireless thermal-visible camera for mobile devices. Unlike previous models, the reimagined FLIR ONE Edge Pro doesn’t need to be physically connected to its companion mobile device nor does it have separate models for specific operating systems, providing maximum flexibility for thermal inspections.

“The FLIR ONE Edge Pro is the most versatile and advanced thermal-visible mobile camera yet thanks to its detachable form factor, designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It offers significantly greater flexibility by eliminating the need for specific connection ports or operating systems,” said Chris Bainter, vice president of marketing and business development, Teledyne FLIR. “In addition to the new hardware design, Teledyne FLIR is providing more software tools to empower new and untrained users to conduct thermography inspections, process images, and create reports. Common uses range from building inspection and auto repair to industrial maintenance applications.”

Flexible Yet Rugged Design.
The “RESNET” compliant and IP54-rated FLIR ONE Edge Pro has a spring-loaded clip designed to allow operators to attach the camera to many types of mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to the combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, users can operate the Edge Pro up to 30 meters away from their mobile device, providing the flexibility to effectively inspect hard-to-reach places or those scenarios requiring greater standoff distances to maintain operator safety.

Offering effective image quality and processing to deliver results, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro features a 160×120 resolution radiometric Lepton® thermal imaging camera paired with a visible camera. Along with VividIR, which combines multiple image frames to deliver one sharper, final image, the cameras are brought together via MSX®. The MSX patented image enhancement feature overlays the edge detail of the visible camera onto the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal data within the image, providing greater context and clarity to improve decision support.

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro has an extended battery life compared to previous generations of the FLIR ONE and an easily-recognized battery life indicator, making it ideal for more prolonged inspection situations including disaster restoration, home inspection, energy auditing, and industrial equipment diagnostics.

More image processing and reporting.
For cloud storage, imaging processing, and reporting, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro benefits from a rich set of Teledyne FLIR software including Tools Mobile, Ignite cloud, and FLIR Thermal Studio desktop software. This allows users to easily share Edge thermal photos with clients and seamlessly integrate them into professional reports.

App developers also have access to the FLIR ONE software development kit (SDK) to create custom applications for exclusive use with the FLIR ONE Edge Pro.

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