Monday 7 November 2022

Remote passes for wireless gateway.

Remote service passes for its PLUS+1 CS10 wireless gateway have been announced by Danfoss Power Solutions. Remote service passes allow machine technicians to connect remotely to a machine with a CS10 device installed to monitor machine behavior, debug, and update firmware over the air. This reduces machine downtime and eliminates technician travel costs, resulting in high savings potential.

“Our CS10 wireless gateway together with the remote service passes is an easy, inexpensive solution to digitalize mobile machines,”
 said Andrej Lawaetz Bendtsen, head of connectivity, Danfoss Power Solutions. “The remote service passes offer a fast and flexible entry point for remote machine servicing, helping OEMs and fleet managers experience the benefits of machine connectivity.”

CS10 remote service passes enable technicians to monitor changes in equipment or operation and set alert triggers to notify stakeholders when a change is detected. The passes also enable debugging. Technicians can access the machine’s CAN data bus over a remote connection to diagnose issues. Another capability is faster machine prototyping. Original equipment manufacturers can get a machine into the field sooner with the ability to remotely update firmware and software configurations.

Remote service passes work with Danfoss’ entry-level CS10 wireless gateway. With these passes, it is now possible to get a global connection by connecting the CS10 device to the internet through a local Wi-Fi hotspot. A single pass lasts for 24 hours and provides unlimited data for virtual service sessions from anywhere in the world using the company’s PLUS+1 Service Tool. The pay-per-use model offers flexibility, enabling companies to use a digital service plan as needed rather than pay for a monthly data plan.

The CS10 gateway and remote service passes are part of Danfoss’ PLUS+1 Connect ecosystem, which combines telematics hardware, software infrastructure, and user-friendly interfaces. In addition to the CS10 gateway, Danfoss offers the CS100 and CS500 devices, which offer cellular connectivity. Customizable and scalable, PLUS+1 Connect provides the insights for fleet managers, system integrators, and OEMs to reduce machine downtime, increase efficiency, improve performance, and optimize system design.

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