Tuesday 12 March 2013

Joint solution

Crouzet has decided to use HMS Industrial Network’s Netbiter as remote management solution for their latest generation of micro PLCs – the Millenium 3 Smart. This provides users of the micro PLC with instant access to data on their field equipment over the web.

An example of an early adopter is the Swedish-based company Triplesign who uses the solution to monitor alternating billboards. With Netbiter, they can see the status of each billboard and even remotely control which message to display. “I have been working with the Millenium 3 Logic Controllers for some time and the fact that the Netbiter solution had a ready-made template for this micro PLC was a great advantage,” says P-A Claveroth, Sales and Marketing Director at Triplesign. “We simply connect the Netbiter unit to the Millenium 3 and all parameters show up immediately in a web browser.”

How it works:
A Netbiter EasyConnect gateway is connected to the Millenium 3 micro PLC in the field. The Netbiter gateway communicates with a cloud-based data center called Netbiter Argos. This data center collects and stores the data from the field equipment. By logging in to Netbiter Argos, users can see the exact status of the Millenium 3 and thereby their own devices in a web dashboard. They can also get alarms and notifications whenever something happens.

“This combined solution will be very useful for applications in segments such as air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment and pump management,”says Henrik Arleving, Product Line Manager, Remote Management at HMS. “These segments are very suitable for remote management and Netbiter offers users and service engineers a quick way to improve control of the applications and reduce costs.”

André Chovin, Automation Marketing Manager at Crouzet comments: “In the frame of remote management, HMS’s Netbiter solution contributes to make the most out of the Millenium 3 Smart logic controller as it gets it connected from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. The main attribute of the Millenium 3 range is its easiness of use. Similarly, the Crouzet/HMS solution is easy to use and effective for remote management of automated systems.”

The joint solution is already available and distributed by Crouzet and HMS’s distribution network.

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