Tuesday 26 March 2013

Ethernet to serial communication gateways

These gateways are a powerful, robust and cost effective solution for connecting devices on dissimilar networks.

ProSoft Technology’s new PLX30 gateways are powerful modules designed with both Client and Server support, enabling easy communication between EtherNet/IP, Modbus Serial, Modbus TCP/IP, ASCII devices, and Siemens Industrial Ethernet.

This solution is cost effective due to its modular design and use of state-of-the-art electronic components. Moreover, it enables a quick and user-friendly configuration.

The first six gateways released include:
• EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP/IP
• EtherNet/IP to Modbus Serial, 1 & 4 ports
• Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus Serial, 1 & 4 ports
• EtherNet/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet
• EtherNet/IP to ASCII, 1 & 4 ports
• Modbus TCP/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet

The module is a stand-alone DIN rail mounted protocol gateway that provides one Ethernet port and up to four isolated serial ports. Each serial port is individually configurable to provide a flexible host or device interface solution.

Designed for use in industrial environments, the PLX30 gateways come with a wide input power range (10Vdc-36Vdc), and an extended operating temperature range (-25°C to 70°C), and have agency approvals and certifications with CE Mark, UL/cUL Class I Div II, ATEX Zone 2, and CB Safety.

Our new line of gateways supports multiple I/O connections to EtherNet/IP-enabled Programmable Automation Controllers, providing real time transfer of up to 4000 words of data between various devices such as HMIs, SCADA systems, power monitors and flow computers.

These modules are compliant with the ODVA EtherNet/IP specification, and benefit from ProSoft Technology 20 years of expertise in MODBUS environment.

Another advantage: an SD card for storing configuration files is optional, and can be transferred to another gateway reducing downtime in the event of a disaster.

All the necessary cables required for communication are provided with the PLX30 gateways.
And a training video with step-by-step configuration instructions is available online www.prosoft-technology.com/PLX30

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