Friday 8 March 2013

IR thermometer range extended

New features for a wider range of industrial applications

The IRCON Modline 7 series from Raytek, has been extended with two new infrared thermometers and a new processor box. The new 7V line has been especially designed for the semiconductor industry, while the 75 series now comes with a new high temperature model dedicated to heat treating & annealing.
Ircon’s Modline 7 Series includes eight specialized sensor lines for rugged applications. The new PROC-7 processor box enables remote configuration.
With these additions, the Modline 7 series includes eight distinct thermometer lines for various application fields including glass manufacturing and forming, ultra-thin glass production, semiconductor processing, and industrial furnaces. The modularity of the series helps users reduce installation efforts, since the installation hardware and application software is identical for all sensors and each model features an extended measured temperature range, with the entire series covering a -40..+3,000 °C range.

The common Windows ModView Pro software platform facilitates multiple product configurations. Users can set up and monitor sensors either via the rear panel of the sensor, the ModView Pro software included in delivery, or the new PROC-7 processor box. This optional self-contained control unit was designed to operate all Modline 7 sensors independent of ModView Pro software and enables remote sensor health check, for instance in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.

The IP65 (NEMA 4) sealed sensor systems provide high-resolution optics, very good repeatability, and fast response times. The stainless steel enclosure integrates motorised focus control and both through-the-lens and laser sighting. The thermometer´s sensing head can operate as a stand-alone sensor, provid-ing simultaneous analog and digital outputs of process temperatures.

All sensors are available with integrated water cooling to handle ambient temperatures up to 175 °C or with a WJ-7 water jacket for ambient temperatures up to 315 °C. An optional air purge collar keeps the lens free of debris in hot dusty environments and avoids unwanted condensations on the lens due to intensive cooling.

Combined with an extended five year warranty, the Modline 7 provides best-in-class solutions for demanding industrial environments. With this completion of the Modline 7 Series Ircon provides continuation over several years of the very successful Ircon Modline family

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