Tuesday 12 March 2013

Using Distributed I/O (Video)

Moore Industries has produced a new video detailing the advantages of using distributed I/O products such as the NCS NET Concentrator System® in plant settings. The video shows how a distributed I/O network provides a universal and modular way to connect a wide range of signal input and control output possibilities.

Hosted by journalist and industry expert Peter Welander, the NCS NET Concentrator System video shows the benefits of using a distributed I/O network to send information between instrumentation devices in their and control elements in a control room or on a factory floor. Connecting field devices to the NCS NET Concentrator System or a similar device saves time and expenses associated with the installation and repair of wiring. The modular nature of distributed I/O networks makes it easy to add expand operations or integrate legacy process sensors. In addition, peer-to-peer systems are redundant, meaning that a break in a wire pair will not affect signal transmission.

The NCS NET Concentrator System solves several challenges that engineers deal with when establishing communications between field instruments and control devices. Its universal design can handle a range of signal input and control output possibilities. It is also capable of establishing peer-to-host or peer-to-peer connections, with the ability to send signals through wireless, Ethernet or fiber optic networks in peer-to-peer communications.

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