Monday 25 March 2013

Water Innovation Day

Mitsubishi Electric, in conjunction with partner DDC Ltd., will hold a Water Innovation conference on the 18th of April 2013, in the Mitsubishi Electric Irish headquarters in Dublin.

This in a one day free water conference that will showcase the innovations and solutions that are driving efficiency, productivity and data management in the Water/waste water industries.

Delegates will hear from industry leaders about the challenges facing the Water/wastewater industries and the innovative changes needed to address them.

One issue that faces owners and operators of water and waste water plants is the requirement for Data Logging in order to satisfy the needs of EPA Reporting. Mitsubishi Electric have devised a solution for this which has already been installed running across several treatment plants,

“We have installed a complete Mitsubishi Solution comprising of Mitsubishi’s Automation Process Suite (MAPS) alongside their range of PLCs and Variable Speed Drives in some of our Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants. The most attractive features for us are the ability to capture data and the facility to automatically generate EPA reports.”- Paul Olthof, County Council Senior Engineer.

Mitsubishi Automation Process Suite, or MAPS, is a fully integrated automation design, engineering and management solution that reduces the lifecycle engineering effort and costs associated with automation projects. The MAPS process suite, including the integrated SCADA package significantly adds value throughout the entire value chain and can offer engineering time-savings of up to 50%, among many other benefits.

The key feature of MAPS is its automatic EPA Report generation function. It is important for the plant operators of Ireland to be able to supply the EPA with this report in the prescribed format. In some instances beforehand this information had to be collected manually by engineers. However, MAPS can now offer engineers instant automatically compiled reports thanks to the Mitsubishi Business Intelligence System, which is available through MAPS.

As one of the biggest suppliers of Industrial Automation Control Equipment to the Water and Waste Water Industry in Ireland, Mitsubishi Electric Ireland recognise the difficulties facing water/wastewater treatment facility plants. As demonstrated across several plants, Mitsubishi Electric in conjunction with our partner integrator company DDC Ltd, have successfully implemented complete integrated automation solutions comprising of the Mitsubishi Electric iQ control platform, various frequency inverters and GOT series HMI’s. This solution was designed and visualised using the Mitsubishi Automation Process Suite (MAPS), an integrated documentation management application with diagnostic and maintenance tools. With this intelligent system, data can archived by MAPS and displayed clearly to the user via the Adroit SCADA Intelligence Suite (ASI). Communication between the local pumping stations and the central plant is conducted via a GPRS network.

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