Tuesday 12 March 2013

Gas chromatograph update!

The Siemens Industry Automation Division is offering a new modular oven and a new operator panel with a color display for its Maxum Edition II gas chromatographs. Siemens is offering a small modular oven with space for an analysis module as well as a larger version designed for a combi-module or two small modules. This modular approach increases the average availability of the gas chromatograph, while at the same time reducing maintenance overhead and operating costs. The new operator panel has a large 10-inch color touch display, which makes it much easier to use the analyser. It is backward compatible and can also be retrofitted to older systems.

The new graphical interface provides significantly improved and intuitive menu navigation. This makes it simple and transparent to operate the Maxum Edition II, especially with regard to routine tasks. For example, users can enter data more easily in large pop-up dialog boxes, and all frequently used functions can be reached directly by additional navigation points. Chromatograms are easy to edit using the touch screen. The new operating structure is based on the familiar menus of the previous black and white displays, so personnel trained on the Maxum Edition II can convert easily. As previously, the user can still also operate all analyzers connected within the network with no restrictions using the new operator panel. The touch screen is also certified for use in hazardous areas according to CSA Div. I and ATEX Zone 1.

With its 'modular ovens' option, Siemens is presenting a second essential significant innovation for its gas chromatographs. This expands the previous oven configurations for analyzing gaseous samples with versions for exchangeable analysis modules. The design allows the new analysis modules to be quickly and easily replaced simply by releasing a screw, so that maintenance only takes a few minutes and modules are soon ready for use again. For users, this increases the average availability of the chromatograph for making measurements and, in turn, that of the entire system, while at the same time reducing maintenance costs. Another benefit is lower operating costs as a result of the high energy efficiency of the analyzer and low media consumption.

The smallest modular oven unit comprises a small, isothermal oven which is large enough to house a chromatographic analysis module. Configurations with one larger oven chamber for two separate modules or one double module are also possible. Both oven space types can also be combined in a single device. If required, maintenance personnel can service and repair the analysis modules on site themselves. Alternatively, Siemens can handle the entire service and maintenance work for the modules. The company also offers preset back-up modules for specific applications. The new design of the Maxum Edition II is fully compatible with existing Maxum networks, maintenance stations and plant control systems. Typical areas of use include natural gas applications as well as petrochemical processes involving the production of ethylene or olefins.

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