Monday 25 March 2013

Level Meter - Explosion-Proof, Loop-Powered!

Precision Digital's PD6801 is an easy to read, explosion-proof meter designed for safe or hazardous environments, such as oil wells or chemical storage. The 4-20 mA loop-powered input displays level in feet and inches; a second line shows volume, percent, or a custom label. The meter also features a 20-segment tank level indicator that displays height. The PD6801 is optimized for wide-angle viewing of about 80˚, nearly twice that of competitive models. The meter has FM, ATEX, CSA, and IECEx approvals and is housed in a rugged, cast aluminum NEMA 4X enclosure. Unique SafeTouch® through-glass buttons allow operation without removing the cover, ensuring the integrity of the unit.

"Unlike generic 4-20 mA meters, the PD6801 is designed specifically for level applications," said Jeffrey Peters, President, Precision Digital Corporation. "The easy-to-read feet and inches display delivers an intuitive, instantly understood reading of the level, superior to a standard decimal level readout. Users can display more information from their level transmitter using the PD6801's tank level indicator and second input scale for volume or percent full display."

The PD6801 features an upper display that is 0.6 inches high and shows level in feet and inches -- up to 399 feet, 11 and 15/16 inches. The lower display is 0.4 inches high and shows volume, percent, or a custom tag programmable for any seven alphanumeric digits. The backlit meter is easy to read from a distance, under various lighting conditions, and from wide viewing angles of up to +/- 40 degrees (twice that of competitive models).

Four sensors in the PD6801 operate as through glass buttons for programming and operation without removing the cover in hazardous areas. These SafeTouch® buttons are standard, and allow high or low level alarm acknowledgement while being designed to prevent unintended triggers.

A 20-segment tank level indicator provides a quick view of height and will flash to alert operators about alarm conditions. It can be scaled independently of the analog input scale. This means the PD6801 can display as full at less than 20 mA, for level transmitters that output less than 20 mA at the maximum height of the tank or pit depth.

For non-linear signals, such as measuring the volume of odd-shaped tanks, the PD6801 features multipoint linearization up to 32 points. The level and volume scales can use different numbers of linearization points.

The PD6801 is housed in a rugged, cast aluminum NEMA 4X (IP68) enclosure that provides two threaded conduit holes and integrated pipe or wall mounting holes. Operating temperatures range from -40 to 75 degrees C.

• Precision Digital products are marketed in Ireland by P J Boner & Co.

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