Monday 11 March 2013

Preventive maintenance platform

"Analysing and Troubleshooting – Always one step ahead!"
Fluke has launched a Preventive Maintenance platform on its web site to help industrial maintenance personnel to maximise plant uptime and minimise downtime. Constant condition monitoring maximises component life, tracks equipment wear trends and reduces downtime by identifying problems before they occur. From precision analysers to troubleshooters, loggers and recorders, Fluke tools provide the information to help cut plant energy costs and minimise downtime and production stops. Aimed primarily at industry service and maintenance engineers, process industry engineers, power quality engineers and industrial consultants, the preventive maintenance platform will help grow expertise for best practice in maximising uptime, saving costs and optimising processes.

To meet new challenges in analysis and troubleshooting of industrial machinery, automation and process controls or power conversion electronics, Fluke tools can provide the solution. Recognising, identifying and solving power quality problems are increasingly important to businesses. Whether calibrating instruments, troubleshooting a problem or carrying out routine maintenance, proven Fluke tools bring the understanding to get the job done well and quickly.

Support is provided by a range of media available on the platform. Application Notes and Case Studies of best practices can be downloaded; video testimonials showing the benefits from customers’ successful application of Fluke products can be viewed online; online virtual product demonstrations show the capabilities of Fluke tools; applicable Fluke tools are listed, with click-throughs for more detail on each product; and to ensure that Fluke tools are used to their full potential, classroom seminars, online webinars and training are all available to members of the Fluke Academy, which is free to join via the web site.

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