Tuesday 19 March 2013


Rittal’s Cuponal busbar is a copper-coated aluminium busbar available in lengths of 2400m which can offer customers several advantages over traditional busbar systems. Suitable for installation in standard Rittal tested busbar supporting systems, the Cuponal busbar is available in the following sizes and current rating:

20 x 5mm 235A; 20 x 10mm 363A; 30 x 5mm 328A and 30 x 10mm 493A.

Busbars are usually made from copper, however, savings through lower costs, lighter weight and simplified handling can be made by the use of other materials such as aluminium and cuponal.

A core of aluminum is pressed with a coat of copper, so that both form an inseparable unit. This will allow the positive characteristics of electrically highly conductive copper with the light weight of aluminum combined optimally.

Cuponal is a bi-metal composite material for use as electrical connection in switch cabinets, switchboards and distribution boards.

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