Monday 11 March 2013

Complex level detection a breeze

Baumer’s CleverLevel series LBFS/LFFS switch stands out not only by its reliability. Used in conjunction with the optional configuration software "FlexProgrammer", CleverLevel offers a great potential for use in a wide range of applications. Even more complex tasks can be completed very easily, and frequency deviation technology extends CleverLevel's application areas far beyond simple filling level monitoring. As an "all-rounder" the CleverLevel detects different media (e.g. foam and liquid) as well as contaminants (e.g. oil on water) in the same tank. In addition, the level switch prevents pumps from running dry even in viscous or sticky media.

Using FlexProgrammer, the switching range can be adjusted as required to ignore foams during maximum or minimum monitoring, for example. This function can also be used when the level switch is supposed to ignore adhesive substances, as for example in tanks with liquid chocolate. Even when the tank is empty, the sensor and tank wall are covered with chocolate. When configured accordingly, the CleverLevel will only be tripping when the tank is really full or empty. The graphic configuration software also increases user friendliness.

For example, it is possible to simultaneously monitor CleverLevel's internal signal while the thresholds are adjusted by mouse click within the graphic representation. This is also possible with extended setting methods that take into account other parameters when two media have the same dielectric constant value - such as medium conductivity.

Even different media in the same process tank can be detected to differentiate the final product. For this purpose a measuring signal can be output so that different dielectric constants can be differentiated by different media, foams, or adhesive substances in the control. This way it is possible to detect any media contamination, e.g. oil infiltrated by water.

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