Wednesday 27 March 2013

Line measurement

First of its kind in the world: this new sensor performs two-dimensional on line measurement with micron precision.

The new TM-3000 Series from Keyance opens new possibilities by performing high-speed on line two-dimensional measurements. It thus avoids off line controls which are expensive and introduce variability between operators. True measurement system, it also offers a much more accurate alternative to vision systems.

This 2D optical micrometer is equipped with a high-speed computing CPU and two dedicated image processing DSPs. Using a total of four processors for parallel processing, it allows for fast processing of 1800(images)/minute.

A stable measurement to micron precision
The 2D optical micrometer uses a dual telecentric optical system with a uniform collimated light beam. The two-dimensional CMOS array detects the light and dark edges in the received light, and measures the target dimensions. With the dual telecentric system the variations of the image projected on the CMOS according to the target position based on the receiver are suppressed. Thus high precision measurement is achieved by performing subpixel processing offering an accuracy of 0.5 µm to 3 µm according to the models for a repeatability of +/- 0.06 µm to +/- 0.2 µm.

Multi-point measurement without changing the target position
As the TM-3000 Series is two dimensional, it can measure up to 16 points on the target. This system combines more than 15 measurement modes, thus answering to the very large majority of applications including but not limited to: hole diameters, distances between centres, measurements of diameter, co-ordinates of points of intersection, measurements of angle, height, step, distances to a perpendicular, radius, outer diameter. Moreover, the TM-3000 Series position adjustment automatically corrects the target misalignment and tilting, performs an accurate measurement even when positioning is difficult or when objects move randomly. Thus, the adjustment is very simple and there is no need for an accurate repositioning mechanical system of the part.

Simple programming and visualization can be carried out with or without a PC. Thanks to the measured values history and shapes saved, the TM-3000 Series provides tracking data. The measurement range reaches 65 mm for a maximum distance of 270 mm between the transmitter and the receiver. The LED technology used offers an exceptional stability and a very long lifespan.

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