Tuesday 19 March 2013

Software advances in data communications

Wonderware United Kingdom and Ireland, has released enhanced versions of some of its most popular software, making it even easier for customers to achieve operational excellence and optimise capacity, through improved data communication systems.

System Platform 2012 R2, InTouch 2012 R2 and Historian and Information Server 2012 R2 - have all been reinforced to offer new capabilities that maximise IT platforms and software systems to achieve real-time operational excellence.

System Platform 2012 R2 marks a new generation of Wonderware platform which now makes it possible to connect to multiple galaxies, offering heightened flexibility, scalability and performance as well as expanded supervisory control, information reporting and analysis, and a 300% increase in historian data capacity.

Users of InTouch 2012 R2 now have access to extensive support for new technologies and full product support. Other improvements include intensified ArchestrA Graphics and higher security – an important consideration for all users in today’s industry.

Advances in Historian and Information Server 2012 R2 have seen major boosts to storage performance and data retrieval. Security has also been strengthened with improvements being made to data encryption.

Sue Roche, Business Manager, Wonderware UK and Ireland, comments: “Ultimately we want to provide solutions that optimise availability and reduce costs. We believe that by raising standards in data security and reliability we can help our customers achieve operational excellence.”

Meanwhile, HMI Reports has been superseded by Dream Report which is the new reporting technology supplied by Wonderware. Complementing the 2012 R2 Releases, it provides a comprehensive, clear and convenient reporting tool, allowing reports to be created from a variety of data sources, including Wonderware and non-Wonderware products.

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