Friday 15 March 2013

Integral two-stage regulator family expanded

Emerson Process Management has expanded its integral two-stage pressure reducing gas regulator family with the Fisher® Type R232A and Type R632A, and has launched the industry’s first compact integral two-psig regulator – the Type R232E. The regulators are designed to perform at -40ºC and resist gas impurities, resulting in longer service life.
R232A integral two-stage pressure 
reducing regulator

The R632A, R232A, and R232E regulators are designed for 17.2 Bar (250 psig) inlet pressure and reduce pressure across two pressure drops (two stages), resulting in a final pressure of 0.014 Bar (2 psig). These regulator product families not only pass Emerson’s test specifications for operation at -40ºC, but they also operate reliably at -40ºC after being exposed to an environment simulating significant propane contamination.

Fisher LP-Gas integral two-stage regulators combine both first and second stages into one compact unit for easy installation on tight fit applications.

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