Thursday 21 March 2013

Connector with crimp termination

Harting has introduced a version of its established Han® HC Modular 650 high-current connector contacts with crimp termination. The new contacts are plug-compatible with existing variants with axial screw termination, and create greater design flexibility for customer applications.

The contacts are fixed in a plastic insert, which creates a single-pole high-current contact. This can be inserted into the existing connector module frames, which means that various interfaces with between one and four contacts can be created in connection with the Han® HPR housing series.

The crimping tools to create the termination between the new Han® HC Modular 650 crimp contacts and the appropriate cable cross-sections are included in the Harting product portfolio.

High-current contacts are used predominantly in the railway industry. By introducing the new crimp variants, Harting is responding to requests for alternatives to axial screw termination technology. Assemblies of large cable cross-sections can now be produced in ideal configurations using either crimp or field-assembled axial screw technology.

The contacts can be used with cable cross-sections of 70, 95, 120, 150, 185 and 240 mm2, and the crimping zone designed for crimp geometry according to the DIN 46 235 standard. Current and voltage ratings are 650 A and 4000 V, respectively.

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