Monday 11 March 2013

Surge protector eliminates threat of power crossover

The new SSP self-healing surge protector from MTL offers state of the art surge protection with the additional features of AC fault withstand capability and current limiting protection to our traditional and proven hybrid surge technology, adding yet another layer of protection.

The product is suitable for all general Process I/O applications and higher voltage signal applications for SCADA run over private wire networks and is designed to eliminate the most common cause of surge protection device failures (continuous overvoltage/over current conditions) whilst adding current limiting protection to the circuit.

The use of Surge Protection Devices on communication lines has increased significantly over the last number of years. However if the communication lines are subjected to induced AC power or AC power-cross, the surge protector can pose possible safety hazards. In these circumstances, the SSP surge protector will respond and draw AC current providing over current protection to the wiring, the load and the loop equipment.

The SSP’s self-healing capability incorporates circuitry to mitigate the hazards of induced AC or AC power-cross up to 240Vrms by stopping the flow of current in milli-seconds to prevent surge protector and wiring damage. Once the AC power is removed, the SSP will automatically begin normal operation.

The single loop design makes the SSP series resilient to sustained over-voltages caused by earth faults and power faults and is packaged in the well-known IOP/SLP enclosure giving a wider range of performance offering.

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