Tuesday 19 March 2013

End user training!

An affordable online training platform, End User Academy (EUA) can be delivered to process automation professionals anytime, anywhere.

Endress+Hauser has launched its new End User Academy (EUA),  which allows field technicians to gain the valuable training they need to run plant operations safely, smoothly and more efficiently—all without spending too much time away from their regular job duties.

Through its online training modules that cover theory and concepts as prerequisites, the End User Academy (EUA) gives field technicians the preparation needed to successfully begin on-site and classroom training. The online training module is easy-to-follow with narrated presentations complete with diagrams, photos and videos; and it offers instruction in the following areas:

• Flow - Electromagnetic, Vortex, Coriolis Mass Flow, Ultrasonic, D/P Flow, Thermal Mass Flow
• Level - Capacitance, Vibration, Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic, Radar, Guided Radar, D/P Level
• Pressure - Gauge/Absolute, Differential Pressure, Hydrostatic
• Temperature - Temperature Transmitter, RTDs and Thermocouples, Sensors
• Liquid Analysis - Conductivity, pH/ORP, Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chemical Analysers
• Recorders & Components - Paperless Recorders, Visual Data Managers, Displays, Power Supplies
• Solutions - Wireless Networks, Life Cycle Management, Plant Asset Management

According to Jerry Spindler, Endress+Hauser customer training manager, “The importance of investing in skilled workers is often overlooked by employers, so companies need to realise the value that online training can provide. This value can be measured in a number of ways including increased employee satisfaction and retention, higher productivity, reduced new-hire orientation time, and fewer process upsets and incidents.” 

Technicians that have an interest in enrolling in the End User Academy (EUA) have the opportunity to test drive a course for free. The goal of this “test drive” is to provide end users with firsthand experience with the interactive training material available on the Endress+Hauser End User Academy (EUA) to determine if this training product is right for the technician and/or organisation.

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