Thursday 21 March 2013

Proof of concept for LIMS applications

Autoscribe has adopted a novel approach to save time and money and minimise the risk for laboratories embarking on LIMS and sample management projects. Utilising the versatile configuration capabilities of Matrix Gemini, Autoscribe can offer a unique ‘Proof of Concept’ service, which will enable the laboratory to evaluate the system for up to a month, working on an agreed percentage of the laboratory’s needs.

This comprehensive service includes detailed discussions with all of the relevant departments and personnel in order to identify all mandatory items and the desirable but not essential items. This allows the creation of a User Requirements document including, where needed, flow diagrams related to the work patterns and responsibilities. Matrix Gemini is then configured to meet an agreed percentage of the requirements and the configured system is delivered to the customer for an agreed Proof of Concept evaluation period of up to one month.

Autoscribe’s founder and CEO, John Boother, said: “Although Proof of Concept is a chargeable service, the ease of configuration of Matrix Gemini keeps the costs very low making it a very attractive, low risk option for potential users. In addition, customers benefit from Autoscribe’s considerable experience of defining projects and developing a User Requirements Document. Not only that, we will credit 50% of the proof of concept fee if an order for a Matrix system is received within 3 months of the end of the evaluation period.”

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