Monday 11 March 2013

Faster assembly and logistics for switchgear

Until now, the assembly of sheet steel enclosure base/plinths was a fairly time-consuming process. The new Flex-Block base/plinth system developed by Rittal can speed this up considerably.
Switchgear assemblers can enjoy significant time and money savings by using Rittal‘s new user-friendly Flex-Block base/plinth system, featuring enhanced, fast, more efficient, tool-free assembly of individual components and logistical processes.

Rittal’s new base/plinth system comprises of four identical corner modules and covers made of plastic, plus symmetrical sheet steel side trim panels. The modular design and increased assembly space allow the four corner pieces, which support the entire weight of the enclosure, to be quickly and easily fitted underneath the enclosure. Once the enclosure is configured, the trim panels are simply clipped into position on the base/plinth with just a few actions.

Designed for loads of up to 15,000 N, the robust, 100 mm high plastic corner modules additionally have hexagonal slots to accommodate adaptor sleeves for stacking 200 mm high base/plinths. Levelling feet or twin castors are also accommodated. The system accesso-ries permit tool-free baying of the base/plinth, and may be configured individually for each enclosure panel, for example with cable clamp rails.

Rittal’s new Flex-Block base/plinth system can combine for all sizes in the TS, SE 8 and CM enclosure series, the TP console systems, and the PC case systems. Rittal additionally offer widths in 300 mm for the LCP Liquid Cooling Package climate controlled enclosure.

In stock, the new Rittal Flex-Block quick-assembly system is offered alongside the existing range with sheet steel base/plinths.

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