Tuesday 19 March 2013

Variable-wavelength modules for optical test system

Grid tunable light source modules enhance versatility of Yokogawa’s multi-application test system

Yokogawa has extended the range of plug-in modules for use with its AQ2200 Series multi-application optical test system by introducing two new tunable light source modules that allow the test wavelength to be varied to suit the user’s application.

The new AQ2200-131 (one channel) and AQ2200-132 (two channels) allow the user to tune the test wavelength to one of the preset DWDM (dense waveform division multiplexing) grid wavelengths. As a result, users require only one module to cover a variety of test requirements, with resulting economies in cost, space and lead time.

Target applications include the testing of optical fibre amplifiers and digital coherent systems, especially those involving DFB (distributed feedback) laser diodes.

Two versions of each module are available for different applications.. The standard type, targeted at optical fibre amplifier testing, is tunable to one of the 100, 50 or 25 GHz grids, and offers a line width of 3 MHz. The advanced type, aimed at digital coherent system testing, is tunable to an arbitrary grid frequency with 100 MHz minimum steps, and has a narrow line width of 100 kHz plus SBS (stimulated Brouillon scattering) suppression.

This multi-application test system is a modular platform that offers a solution for many optical test applications. With its broad range of available plug-in modules, it simplifies complex measurement setups with a single-box solution. A single system can handle multiple applications simultaneously, allowing different users to control the modules with resulting cost savings. The fast response of the instrument makes it an ideal tool in the manufacturing environment.

The system is available with 3- and 9-slot frames which allow “hot swapping” of modules, and combines fast command processing and programming capabilities with Ethernet, GP-IB and USB interfaces.

The broad range of available modules includes units for optical power sensing and measurement, light sources, optical attenuators, optical switches, and optical transceiver testers.

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