Tuesday 30 October 2012

Portable Mag Flow meter

OTT Hydrometry has launched a new portable current meter for fast accurate flow measurements in open channels. The OTT MF Pro is robust, simple to use and able to provide accurate measurements in shallow or low flow conditions, even in turbulent, high sediment or at sites where weed growth is an issue.

As an electromagnetic current meter with no moving parts, the OTT MF Pro requires almost no maintenance and never requires recalibration. The instrument’s display guides users through the cross-section measurements and velocity data are graphed in real-time, allowing trends to be visualised quickly. Users can enter depth information manually during the measurement work or an optional depth sensor is available

At the end of the measurement, the instrument automatically calculates discharge employing recognised international standards for flow monitoring. All data is logged and can be transferred to PC at a later time.

OTT’s Robin Guy, a flow monitoring specialist, says “The MF Pro will be extremely popular with hydrologists because measurements often need to be taken quickly and many rivers and streams are difficult to access, so a lightweight, robust, fast instrument is ideal.”

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