Wednesday 24 October 2012

Promoting "The Internet of Things!"

Impulse to help deliver Intelligent Systems to the embedded marketplace

Advantech has selected Impulse Corporation Ltd as its first global partner to help promote the concept of The Internet of Things within the applied computing industry.

The Internet of Things, (IoT), is becoming more prevalent in today’s worldwide industrial market, offering scalable, future-proof and cost-effective designs in the next generation of industrial and embedded platforms. This is achieved through connectivity of intelligent devices and intelligent systems, and universal interconnectivity through IP networks and the Internet. Advantech and Impulse are now working together to deliver the promise of The Internet of Things. As part of this promise, Impulse is set to share its extensive product and system design knowledge with the industrial computing market.

Following Advantech’s launch event held in July 2012, in which they discussed and promoted the concept of The Internet of Things, Advantech identified Impulse as a key partner in the delivery of their intelligent devices and systems to Britain. Impulse’s experience in a wide range of industrial applications was key to Advantech choosing Impulse as one of the authorities in the industry.

Craig Wright, Operations Director at Impulse, speaks of their inclusion in this highly important development: “I am delighted that Impulse has been chosen to be part of Advantech’s vision for the future development of The Internet of Things in the industrial and embedded market. Impulse has over twenty years of experience in the applied computing industry and has seen and been part of the recent move towards global intelligent systems in the industrial marketplace whilst maintaining the traditional mythology of industrial computing system design and application.”

Craig continues “Our extensive knowledge allows us to give first class local product design, development and project support for all our customers whilst utilising the comprehensive range of Advantech eAutomation, embedded and industrial computing product and solutions. We continue to work closely and effectively with customers to help achieve their objectives, and with Advantech alongside us, we are confident in continuing to provide long-term, cost-effective and reliable products and solutions. Impulse believes that The Internet of Things is a gateway to a more efficient and intelligent way of connecting embedded and automation based industrial systems. Advantech clearly share this vision and together we are making the next steps toward 'Enabling and Intelligent Planet'".

Practical examples of where The Internet of Things concept has grown in the industrial computing sector include real time analysis and control of traffic monitoring systems, where sensors can remotely adjust highway signage dependant conditions such as traffic speed, weather conditions and time of day.

Another intelligent system example would be the collection and analysis of data from a factory or building automation system. Scalable analog and digital I/O devices, using a mixture of wired and wireless communication protocols, ensure important data such as device health, status and performance can be collected, stored and analysed on a single, centralised platform or cloud server.
The health and stability of such systems can be monitored remotely through various networked devices and remote I/O modules. Tasks like these, which would have originally required an engineer to check on-site, can now be done remotely from a single control centre. Such functionality can free up service engineer resources, and more importantly, save time and money.

Digital signage is another area where the concept of The Internet of Things has influenced the way next-generation signage hardware is designed. Traditionally, digital signage systems would have been updated locally. In the example of a chain of retail stores, each with locally managed signage, many companies found that signage was not being updated, often advertising inconsistent and out of date promotions. In modern times, with the influence of The Internet of Things, next-generation digital signage systems have been designed to be updated remotely, allowing for consistent, up-to-date and targeted marketing campaigns.

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