Monday 29 October 2012

Power warranty!

Excelsys Technologies have increased the warranty on their market leading configurable Xgen power supply range to 3 years. Since its launch in 2006 this very flexible power supply family has demonstrated its field reliability in industrial, medical, scientific and hi-rel applications worldwide.
Dermot Flynn, European Sales Director, comments, “We have been able to offer our customers this increased warranty on our Xgen power supplies after observing six years of field demonstrated reliability since launching in 2006. The proven in the field reliability in a wide range of mission critical systems such as medical equipment communications electronics and 24/7 industrial applications, coupled with the high MTBF figures and extensive HALT (highly accelerated life test) report data, enable us to offer the longest warranty in this market segment.”

Excelsys Technologies are a progressive world-class power supply manufacturer providing quality products to OEM equipment manufacturers around the world and are market leaders in high efficiency, low profile, customer configurable modular power supplies.

Typical applications for Excelsys products include industrial and automation systems, medical, communications, lighting and Hi-Rel COTS applications, telecoms, instrumentation, n+1 and redundant power systems, test and measurement equipment, printing and IT power.

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